John Stones’ 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

John Stones is one of the famous English Footballers. He currently plays as a center-back for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team. John is known to have begun his career as a golfer however due to unknown reasons he shifted to Football and here he is, one of the most professional football players. Stones has got some interesting body inks. Let us explore them.

John Stones

1. Wrist Tattoo

John wrist tattoo

John hand print tattoo

Tattoo: There is a hand-print and a feather inked on the inner side of John’s left forearm

Meaning: The hand-print tattoo represents the hand of his daughter with his childhood sweetheart and ex-girlfriend, Millie Savage. They parted ways in 2018. Their daughter’s custody (18 months old at that time) was given to Millie. Feather on the other hand is the symbol of independence, courage, strength, and wisdom.

2. ‘Petunia Flower’ Tattoo

John lilies tattoo

John flowers tattoo

John lily tattoo John lotus tattoo

Tattoo:  There are few petunia flowers inked on John’s left inner bicep.

Meaning: Petunia flowers symbolize anger and resentment. However, they are also the symbol of representing your feeling of experiencing comfort, love, and ease with someone or someone’s company. More like the token of showing your closeness and comfort to someone.

3. ‘Love you always’ Tattoo

John love you always tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Love you always’ is inked on his left bicep, just like a banner around his arm.

Meaning: The tattoo was dedicated to his now ex-girlfriend-Millie Savage. They separated their ways in the year 2018 following which, John had got Millie’s portrait removed from his body which earlier existed as a magnificent tattoo.

4. ‘Bob Runt’ Tattoo

John portraits tatoo

Tattoo: Out of the few portraits inked on John’s left thigh, this one is close to his heart.

Meaning: It has been revealed that the portrait is of ‘Bob Runt’ who was his guide and teacher and the source of his inspiration when he kick-started his career. It was revealed that:

#EngvsSwe RSPBNews BIRD NEWS: England’s John Stones confirms that the tattoo on his leg is Bob Runt: the teacher who turned him onto birding

5. ‘Norman Rimmington’ Tattoo

John thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On his lower left thigh, John has got a portrait of a mysterious man inked.

Meaning: As per speculations the portrait is of Norman Rimmington. He was a famous footballer who used to play for Barnsley and Hartlepool United. John got this tattoo because Rimmington played for Tykes and trained John and other players. Tykes is the place where John began his career. Rimmington was popularly known as Mr. Barnsley. The portrait is surrounded by roses i.e. tokens of love from all sides.

6. Writing on the arm

John writing tattoo

Tattoo:No matter what ill be always thinking of you‘ is inked on the corner of John’s left forearm. This was another tattoo dedication to the childhood love of his life.

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