Lance Thomas’ 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lance Thomas is an American professional basketball player who plays in the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets. He started playing college football with the Duke Blue Devils and was a part of the National Champion 2010 team. He has also represented the Austin Toros, New Orleans Hornets, and New York Knicks, before joining the Nets in 2020. Lance has many interesting tattoos on his body that show his interests and personality. Let us take a look at them and the meanings behind them.

Lance Thomas

1. ‘Mary’ Tattoo

Lance Thomas mary tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on the player’s left bicep. She has the sun behind her head, emitting rays of shine, and is holding roses in her hands.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the religious views of the player. Mary represents unconditional love, devotion, as well as purity.

2. ‘Fish’ Tattoos

Lance Thomas fishes tattooLance Thomas fishes tattoo2Lance Thomas fishes tattoo3 Lance Thomas fishes tattoo4

Tattoo: The rest of his left upper arm and forearm, inside and out are covered in tattoos of different types of fishes that include whales, swordfishes, and many more. The word, “slangmaglo” is also tattooed on his left bicep in front of the sun.

Meaning: The tattoos of fish on his left arm represents his hobby and love for fishing. The sea creatures intrigue the player and he has a whole lot of them on his body. There are a few more special fish tattoos on his body as you will soon find out.

3. Bird Tattoo

Lance Thomas bird tattoo

Tattoo: There is a silhouette of a bird, tattooed on his left hand.

4. Quote Tattoo

Lance Thomas quote tattoo

Tattoo: The right pec of the player contains a bible quote tattooed on it.

5. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

Lance Thomas lion tattoo

Tattoo: Lance’s left pec contains a tattoo of the face of a growling lion on it. The words, “HEART OF A LION” are also tattooed above the lion’s head.

Meaning: The tattoo represents how Lance feels like he has the personality of a lion. The phrase along with the tattoo shows how he thinks he represents pride, strength, and possesses the heart of a lion.

6. ‘NJ’ Tattoo

Lance Thomas NJ tattoo Lance Thomas NJ tattoo2

Tattoo: The entire right upper arm and shoulder of the player is covered in a large tattoo design. The tattoo contains a terrain along with the words, “Scotch Plains” tattooed inside it along with a star. Below it is a tattoo of the words, “King of NJ”. The whole design is completed with a crown over it and the letters, “WG” tattooed to the right of the crown.

Meaning: The tattoo design on his upper arm is a tribute tattoo from Lance, to the place of his birth, New Jersey. Scotch Plains is the name of the town he was born in. Lance is a visual art major from Duke and created this tattoo design himself. The tattoo represents his love for New Jersey and how he considers himself the King of the city.

7. ‘Serpent’ Tattoo

Lance Thomas serpent tattoo Lance Thomas serpent tattoo2

Tattoo: Lance’s right bicep contains a tattoo of a large serpent tattooed on it, emerging from the mouth of a little monster, moving through skulls and broken bones, and hissing near his NJ tattoo.

8. ‘Fish’ Tattoo

Lance Thomas fish tattoo

Lance Thomas fish tattoo2

Tattoo: There is a large fish tattooed on the outer side of his right forearm. There is another large one tattooed on the inner side of his right forearm too.

Meaning: The one on the outer side of his forearm is a tattoo of a Yellowedge Groper and the one on the inner side is a tattoo of a Yellowfin Tuna. Both the fishes are one of the largest that he has caught and the tattoo represents his triumphs. He is often seen fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in many of his posts and he uploaded the photos of the special fishes he caught on his social media. The images can be found below.

Lance Thomas yellowedge groper tattoo Lance Thomas yellowfin tuna tattoo

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