Tattoos & Donating Blood: What is the Connection?

Tattoos & Donating Blood


Hey, are you one of those tattoo freaks out there? And at the same time, you want to stand one in good stead by donating blood but fear of transferring the infection? Well! Let me help you in that case.

Blood donation is a life-saving act wherein a person can save the life of another by donating blood to him. But did you know that you can be denied of donating blood even when you are fit, above 18 years of age, with a balanced BP Systolic and pulse rate? The reason might sound shocking but yes, you can be restricted from donating blood after getting a ‘NEW TATTOO.’


The good news for tattooed blood donors, however, is that they can donate blood after 6-12 months of having undergone any piercing or body art. “Donated blood, in any case, is subjected to mandatory testing,” as health concerns about tattoos are growing. This is done to take decorous precaution against cross-contamination and diseases like Hepatitis, HIV etc.

The one getting himself/herself tattooed should make sure that the artist uses new and clean needles each time to avoid blood-borne diseases. This is because, in India, each year, 10-30% cases of transfusion of Hepatitis B virus are due to use of infected needles.

But, on a good note, tattooed donors are allowed to donate blood even before 6 months of getting the art done if the tattoo is from a state-regulated or licensed tattoo shop because they surely use sterile unused needles and ink.

The tattooed donor is not abandoned from donating blood for a lifetime. The rules for such a donor vary from country to country. In India, a person can donate blood after 6 months of getting the body art done because it is assumed that till then, the body gets familiar with the chef-d’oeuvre.

For a noble job like blood donation, we all can wait for 6 months at least after getting the tattoo done, right? So that the infectious virus is not transmitted to the donee. Keep up the act of benediction and continue saving lives. But make sure you take a proper diet and there is a gap of at least 120 days between two donations.


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