Jadon Sancho’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jadon Malik Sancho is an English professional footballer from Camberwell. He is known to have started his career at the Watford F.C. Under-23s and Academy in 2007. Currently, Jadon plays as a winger for German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the England National team. Sancho has got some beautiful tattoos on his body. Let us explore them and their meanings.

Jadon Sancho

1. ‘Simpsons’ Tattoo

Jadon simpsons Tattoo

Tattoo: Jadon’s right forearm is covered with the tattoo of Simpsons.

Meaning: Jadon Sancho revealed that he is a big fan of the has revealed his love for the longest-running American sitcom, The Simpsons. The tattoo shows

Homer and Marge dancing, along with pictures of the three children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

2. Spider-Man Tattoo

Jadon spider man tattoo

Tattoo: Jadon has got the tattoo of the fictional character, Spider-Man inked on the inner side of his right forearm.

3. ‘Weeping Geisha’ Tattoo

Jadon crying portrait tattoo

Jadon crying portrait with roses tattoo

Tattoo: There is a crying lady inked on Jadon’s right forearm. Under the portrait, there are a couple of red roses inked. Geisha tattoo relates to Japanese culture.

Meaning: Geisha is a symbol of pride and beauty. However, the tattoo here is the symbol of Silenced geisha with tears flowing from her eyes as her mouth is made to shut. This tattoo is the depiction of oppression and inequality in genders. The image of the lady in society who is just left as the symbol of beauty worth appraisal by the public however, she is not allowed to speak.

4. ‘Praying Angel’ Tattoo

Jadon praying angel tattoo

Jadon portrait on left arm

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Jadon has got the tattoo of a praying angel with wings inked.

Meaning: Praying angel is the symbol that the person is willing to be closest to God and wishes to seek his blessings. Angel and Angel wings are the symbol of good luck and also, messengers of God.

5. ‘Prayer’ Tattoo

Jadon prayer on arm TattooJadon prayer tattoo

Tattoo: Jadon’s left forearm is inked with a prayer and a pair of flying sparrows tattooed on the top and bottom of the prayer, respectively.

Meaning: The lines inked say, ‘You and I will stay together, you made us happy, you brought us joy, you were a special baby boy.

‘I couldn’t wait till you grew up, teach you football and win the cup.

‘But you’re gone what can I do? Baby brother, we love you”. 

The lines have been dedicated by Jadon to his baby brother who died at the age of five years. He claims that the prayer is written by him and is his tribute to his late brother. Jadon once revealed that he was too eager to have a baby brother and loved him way too much however, his demise left him all broken. The pair of flying sparrows represent love, loyalty, and connection to the souls gone forever.

6. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Jadon roman numerals tattoo

7. Roses Tattoo

Jadon rose tattooJadon roses tattoo

Tattoo: Jadon has got Roses tattooed on his inner left bicep. There is a letter ‘S’ inked above the roses.

Meaning: The roses are the symbol of love and romance. The letter S might be his display of love for his father, Sean Sancho.

8. ‘Sonic’ Tattoo

Jadon SonicTattoo

Tattoo: Under his Simpsons tattoo, Jadon also has the tattoo of a Hedgehog inked. It is not a normal hedgehog but, Sonic- The HedgeHog’.

Meaning: Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the video game series published by Sega and named Sonic-The Hedgehog.

9. Pair Of Eyes Tattoo

Jadon eyes Tattoo

Tattoo: Jadon has got a pair of eyes inked on his inner right bicep.

Meaning: Eyes are the way of reflecting what we preach and wish to focus our life upon be it a vision, success, foretelling,  clear thinking, the inner being, or smartness.

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