20 Infamous Leo Constellation Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

The universe and its doings are truly magical, which is why most of us are so curious to know what happens up there in the sky. It is only after so many decades of research by astronomers and scientists that we’ve been familiar with the movement of objects and stars in the sky. Not only do they move but also form certain patterns that demand a lot of attention from beings on earth. Although it’s been quite a popular study now, did you know that stars, constellations, and galaxies represent our zodiac signs in various ways? Well, it is not just that in fact, they also represent mythological creatures, Gods, and each of them has a deeper meaning to convey. So here in this piece, we’ll be making you acquainted with the meaning and relevance of the infamous Leo constellations. Knowing about them might just make you feel so connected that you’d want to get them inked on yourself. PS: Special piece for all my Leo friends out there!

Meaning of Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs

Constellations can be appealing and aesthetic, especially when you think from an inking point of view. It is quite likely that people who believe in astrology and zodiac signs have a higher tendency of liking constellation tattoos. Varying on every zodiac sign, constellation tattoos can have multifarious variants, and quite promisingly, each of these would carry a meaningful message for you to comprehend.

Ideas For Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs

Leo constellation tattoos in particular are more suitable for you if your zodiac sign is Leo. If not, you may still find them enlightening and aesthetically appealing. Depending upon your preferences, you can choose to keep it subtle, loud, minimal, or maybe all over the place. For real, it’s all about your vibe.

Where Should You Get Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Minimalistic Leo Constellation Ankle Tattoo

Leo Constellation

The Leo constellation is situated in the northern sky and is one of the largest constellations. The ankle can be a very attractive point to get this tattoo. It’s a subtle and minimalist take on showcasing the spectacular display.

  • Heroic Lion Arm Tattoo

Leo Constellation

This one is an alluring representation of the vivid Leo lion and the dotted lines of the constellation. 10o points for creativity while keeping the Leo essence intact. From the paws to its flipping tail, this masterpiece is all about attention to detail. When getting it inked on your arm, it is always suggested to go to a recommended and expert tattoo artist. If done right, this one is going to attract a lot of curiosity amongst the onlookers.

  • Shaded Constellations Foot Tattoo

Leo Constellation

With little stars in between connecting the lines, this tattoo is a treat to the eyes for those who love geometrical tattoos. One must assure to keep this tattoo towards the length reaching towards the ankle bone so that the design is not disrupted.

  • Paint Brushed Front Shoulder Tattoo

Leo Constellation

With a touch of color, the Leo constellation would look so dreamy and captivating. You can place this on or around the shoulder since the ink when added with color needs more space to flow freely and make the tattoo look aesthetic.

  • Cute Wrist Tattoo

Leo Constellation

This one right here is yet again a minimalistic take on the beautiful zodiac tattoo. It is ideal to have it delicately placed on your wrist by an artist who’s brilliant with precision.

  • Calming & Subtle Elbow Tattoo

Leo Constellation

If you’re someone who loves gazing at the moon in awe of its beauty while pondering upon the movement of the zodiac star then yes, this beauty right here is for you. Representing the calm nature of the moon along with the firm standing lines of the constellation, this could be the right pick for a place near your elbow bone.

  • Colorful Floral Constellation Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Adding a floral touch does add charm to your tattoo and it’s a safe bet most of the time. This might not be a very promising design choice for men but for women, it is most likely a good combination.

  • Detailed Sleeve Tattoo

Leo Constellation

When you’re so inspired by your zodiac sign, you might just want to dive all in for making it a part of you in physicality. This sleeve tattoo is a bold choice and one must consider getting it inked by an expert tattoo artist.

  • Subtle Geometric Tattoo

Leo Constellation

An ideal choice for men and women, geometric tattoos are capable of driving attention just the right way. If you’re looking to combine uniqueness, meaning, and creativity altogether, then the geometric Leo constellation can be a suitable option for you.

  • Dotted Rib Tattoo

Leo Constellation

If you’re ready to endure some pain for a tattoo that means a lot to you, then you must choose to get this constellation inked on your rib. The pain might be worth the gain and give you a much-awaited tattoo that could be your masterpiece!

  • Floral Dotted Back Shoulder Tattoo¬†

Leo Constellation

Yet again a highly suitable choice of tattoo for women. A subtle take on your zodiac that is going to grab the attention of so many people. Oh and also, if you’d want to show it off, don’t forget to wear a halter neck or off-shoulder to turn up the heat.

  • Adorable Collarbone Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Moon, stars and the dotted lines would look very elegant around the collarbone. Well, it will not just fulfill your purpose of getting your zodiac inked but also add creativity to it while making sure that it makes room for attention. If you’re someone who would want to flaunt their collarbone, then this could be the right option for you.

  • Precise Finger Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Here’s a tiny Leo zodiac sign placed on the finger and we think it looks cute and unique. However, with the smaller placements, one should be careful to keep an appropriate size that is not too small nor too big for the finger.

  • Star-Studded Abstract Tattoo

Leo Constellation

With the elements of space, this is a beautifully illustrated Leo constellation tattoo. Giving a clean outlook, this tattoo would look amazing on the foot, neck, or forearm.

  • Abstract Phases of Moon Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Combining the phases of the moon along with the Leo constellation is a win-win for those who want to create a cosmic connection between the two concepts. Depending upon your preference you can get it on any part of your body but since it’s a widespread tattoo, you can also try to get it on your arm or maybe like a ring covering your wrist.

  • Blended & Shaded Stars Tattoo

Leo Constellation

This one is all about getting experimental with shading, gradient, and a tint of color. You could choose a suitable color for filling up the stars and doing so will make the dotted lines stand out, giving the complete tattoo a very crisp look.

  • Magnificent Butterflies Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Getting a tattoo that combines meaning with aesthetics is no easy task. Hence, here’s another colored option that’ll be highly preferred by Leo women out there. You could add some butterflies swirling around the zodiac sign, giving a firm yet liberating outlook to your tattoo.

  • Bold & Roaring Chest Tattoo

Leo Constellation

Showing a magnificent and gigantic-looking lion, this tattoo is a somewhat different version of something you might have seen above in the list. Well, the roaring lion does make a difference in the tonality of this tattoo and it imparts a message that people with the Leo zodiac signs are fierce, bold, sharp, and determined. While all of these characteristics are true about Leos, you could make a fierce and bold decision of getting it inked on your chest and keeping it close to your heart. A highly recommended option for men.

  • Galaxy & Lion Geometrical Tattoo

Leo Constellation

This eye-catching work of creativity will make your tattoo experience an everlasting one. Well, you must make sure to keep all the features intact – constellation dots, linear lines, geometrical shapes, galaxy theme, and Leo the lion. Don’t forget to research well and find an expert tattoo artist who can ink it with precision for you.

  • Space Themed Back of the Neck Tattoo

Leo Constellation

This is a minimalistic Leo constellation tattoo showing dotted lines, stars, moon, along with a splash of color. Simply put, everything you’d want to make it look space themed while keeping it low-key and creative.

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