Lil Gnar’s 72 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lil Gnar who is a Rapper, Clothing Designer and a Skateboarder is well known for his hugely tattooed body. Gnar is a skater turned clothing designer who has a fantastic rap career. He owns a streetwear brand known by the name Gnarcotic. Gnar calls his tattoos to be his prized possession and he is actually happy about each one of them. Let us see what he has in store for us to analyze.

Lil Gnar

“getting good tattoos is money,” and I have money now.

“I have a lot of neck tattoos, a bunch on my body and ribs, a bunch on my arm. I got a traditional Japanese phoenix and that went to my ass and that hurt, I don’t know how strippers do that shit. I have a Gnar life and I have flowers for my grandma on my neck. I have a Tibetan bat and crosses. I really like American traditional styles and big bold ones. Only like 50%-60% of them have meaning, the rest only I know or I just like the way it looks. I know where I want it and whatever pops out to me first is what I get. Whatever appeals to me, it’s the energy calling.”

“The pain doesn’t really bother me, it’s kind of calming in like a weird way. But Nah. I told my mom I wouldn’t get a face tatt and I won’t out of respect for her. The face tatt doesn’t make you stand out anymore and I was never really one to play into trends, I personally feel like I don’t need that for clout.”

1. Lotus on head

Gnar Lotus Tattoo

2. Rolling Dices with Flames Tattoo

Rolling Die on Right Arm

Gnar Dices Tattoo

Tattoo: Gnar’s right bicep is inked with the flaming dice tattoo. The dice’s display seven number, six on the first and one on the second. Seven maybe his lucky number because people usually get their lucky numbers tattooed on their dice inks. However, flames are usually a symbol of passion.

3. Faith Tattoo

Gnar Faith Tattoo

Gnar Faith

Tattoo: On his left eyebrow Gnar has got the word ‘Faith’ tattooed. Gnar got this tattoo to show his love and faith in God because he says that he is a very strong believer of God, God’s blessings, and thus his destiny.

“A constant reminder that I should have faith in God and keep going. I will not be whatever I am today, so a constant reminder.”

4. Fencing Wire Tattoo

Gnar Fencing Knot on Forehead

Tattoo: Gnar, on his forehead wears a tattoo of fencing wire right in the center.

Meaning: Barbed wire represents the crown of thorns that were worn by Jesus during the process of crucifixion. Thus, the tattoo tell us about his religious faiths and beliefs.

5. Tattoo on Finger of Right Hand

Gnar Finger Tattoo

6. Rose Tattoo

Gnar Flower on Head

Tattoo: There is a huge beautifully made rose tattooed over Gnar’s right ear. Rose, as we know, is the symbol of love and affection.

7. Flowers on Neck 

Gnar Flower on Neck

Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, Gnar has the tattoo of shaded flowers.

Meaning: Gnar got this tattoo as the tribute for his grandmother.

8. ‘g’ Tattoo

Gnar g Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a g tattooed right in the center of both brows. G probably represents the initial of his surname, Gnar.

9. ‘GNARCOTIC’ Tattoo

Gnar Gnarcotic Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his stomach is tattooed with the word, ‘GNARCOTIC’.

Meaning: Gnarcotic is the clothing company that Is started by Lil Gnar. Gnarcotic is also the name of one of the albums named ‘GNARCOTIC GANG’  produced by Lil Gnar.

“Yeah, I really just like making my own shit. I created the brand really just through skating and just wanted to make shit that I wanted to wear

10. ‘Gods Child’ Tattoo

Gods Son

Gnar Gods Son Tattoo

Tattoo: Over his eyelids, Gnar has got the word tattooed as, ‘God’s Child’.

Meaning: In an interview Gnar said that he was born and brought up in church and thus, he considers himself as God’s Child and his relationship with God is too different and close.

“I was born and raised in the church, and I believe in God.”

It was inspired by both Nas and Lil Wayne.

11. Half Skull Tattoo

Gnar Half Faced Skull Tattoo

We can see a half skull tattooed on Gnar’s left bicep.

12. ‘GNAR’ Tattoo

GNAR Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: Lil Gnar has got his own surname tattooed on the top side of his right hand. The tattoo as we can see, clearly says, ‘GNAR’ along with the barbed wire tattoo under it.

13. ‘WORK HARD’ Tattoo

Gnar WORK Tattoo Gnar HARD Tattoo


Tattoo: Across the knuckles of both hands, there lies a tattoo that can be read as, ‘WORK HAND’, on the left and right hand, respectively.

14. Skull with Heart Tattoo

Gnar Heart with a Skull on Right Bicep

Tattoo: On Gnar’s right bicep there is a skull inked which contains the shades of red and black inside it. The tattoo was originally a skull however, later he got the heart inked around it. The heart has been colored in red with shaded of black as the outline.

Meaning: The skull itself alone symbolizes death and also sometimes considered to be the means of overcoming difficulties. However, a skull within a heart is considered popular to be the trademark of the rebels.

15. Hearts on Face

Gnar Hearts on Head

Tattoo: There are two light outlined hearts inked near Lil Gnar’s right side of the face. One of them contains the letter ‘H’ inked inside it whereas the other one contains the letter ‘B‘.

16. Hissing Cobra Tattoo

Gnar Hissing Cobra Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right shoulder we can see the face of Hissing cobra tattoo.

Meaning: Besides being in the evil imagery always, Cobra is also considered as the symbol of strength and protection.

17. ‘Humming Bird’ Tattoo

Gnar Humming Bird on Left Shoulder

Tattoo: There is a hummingbird tattooed on his left shoulder.

Meaning: Humming Bird tattoos help the person to rise above difficulties and are considered as the symbol of continuous hope, joy, and love for the tattoo lovers.

18. ‘J D’ Tattoo

Gnar JD Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right arm, there are two letters tattooed in red, as ‘JD’

19. Tattoo on Cheek

Gnar Left Cheek Tattoo

There is a rocket launcher tattooed on his left cheek.

20. Globe on Left Hand

Gnar Left Hand Globe Tattoo

On his left hand, Gnar has got a colorful tattoo of the Globe.

Meaning: People are known to get Globe inked as tattoos as the symbol of peace and harmony.

21. ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

Gnar Left Hand Tattoo

Again, just like on his right hand, there is another barbed wire tattoo on his left hand. Barbed wire tattoos on his body tell us about his strong religious beliefs.

22. Tattoo on Left Hand

Gnar left Hand

23. ‘GNAR LIFE’ Tattoo

GNAR LIFE Tattoo on Neck

Gnar LIFE Tattoo

Lil Gnar is highly obsessed with himself. This is not what we say, but what he himself has accepted multiple times. In an interview, he said that the reason he wears his own name on himself is that he loves himself too much. He has lots of confidence in himself and the way he is leading his life, ie. Gnar Life. Thus the tattoo under his chin line says that too, ‘GNAR LIFE’.

“I have a Gnar life and I have flowers for my grandma on my neck.”

24. Map on Stomach

Gnar Map Tattoo

On the right side of his stomach, Gnar has got a map inked which seems to be the map of Africa. Below the map, there is a broken skateboard inked. The front portion of the skateboard contains the letter ‘A’ tattooed inside it.

“But like skating, I’ve been doing that shit for like eight years. I’ve torn ligaments, broken bones, you know? And I still go back for more.”

25. ‘NO LIFE’ Tattoo

Gnar No Life Tattoo

Tattoo: On his hairline, Gnar has got the tattoo which says, ‘NO LIFE’. After sometime Gnar had got it altered to G’GNAR LIFE’.

26. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

GNAR on Neck Tattoo

Cros tattooed on the right side of his neck.

27. ‘Parakeet’ Tattoo

Gnar Paraket on Neck

Tattoo: There is a parakeet tattooed on the right side of his neck. Parakeets are the symbol of freedom as well as to depict the intelligence because of their power of mimicry.

Meaning: Also, people take them primarily as a guardian because of their ability to protect, and warn them of any upcoming danger.

28. ‘Knife’ Tattoo

Gnar Right Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Gnar has got some words tattooed which are difficult to make out along with a big knife over them

29. ‘Sacred Heart’ Tattoo

Gnar Roped Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right arm is inked with a Sacred Heart. It is shaded from within and is roped with a rope full of thorns.

Meaning: It is known as the Sacred Heart. It tells us more about Lil Gnar’s religious beliefs again because the person wearing this tattoo represents devotion to the church and to Jesus Christ.

30. ‘Safety Pin’ Tattoo

Gnar Safety Pin Tattoo

Inked on the inner left bicep.

“I got it came home and showed my mother, she said, what the fuck, who gets the safety pin inked.”

31. ‘Shark’ Tattoo

Gnar Shark Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his lower abdomen there is a huge shark inked. The shark also carries the Anarchy symbol over it.

Meaning: Shark tattoo represents the strength and power of the person and also that Gnar owns a highly aggressive attitude towards living his life. However, the anarchy symbolizes a protest and the protection of Sharks.

32. ‘Skate Board’ Tattoo

Gnar Skateboard Tattoo

On his arm, there is a skateboard inked. This was the first tattoo which he got at the age of” 18 years.

“I got my first tattoo when I was 18, I had a fucking gun and I did it in my backyard, and it was a skateboard.”

33. Skull on Right Arm

Gnar Skull Tattoo

34. ‘Cross’ Tattoos

Gnar Small Cross Tattoos

Tattoo: There are two crosses inked on his right shoulder and collar line.

35. Smiley on Right Arm

Gnar Smiley Tattoo

36. ‘Dagger’ Tattoo

Gnar Sword on left side of Stomach

Tattoo: There is a designed and patterned dagger inked on the left side of Lil Gnar’s stomach. Gnar is undoubtedly a brave person and to add on he has got enough meaningful tattoos to show us that, this being one of them.

37. Tattoo on Left side Of Face

Gnar Tattoo on Face

38. ‘GNAR’ Tattoo

GNAR Tattoo on forehead

Tattoo: Below his hairline, he has got his surname inked again. The tattoo says GNAR, however, the letters have been written in different symbols depicting the alphabets of his name.

39. Airgun Tattoo

Gnar Tattoo on Stomach on Left Side

Leftside of his abdomen is tattooed with the tattoo air gun.

40. Bison Skull Tattoo

Gnar Tattoo on Stomach

Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach Gnar has got the tattoo of Bison’s skull inked.

Meaning: Bison’s skull tattoos are the symbol of strength and bringing the power of endurance in the individual.

41. Three Crosses over the left eyebrow

Gnar Three crosses Tattoo

Three colored crosses are tattooed on the top of his left eyebrow.

Meaning: Three cross tattoos are another way of depicting one’s beliefs in his religion, i.e Christianity. Generally, three crosses depict two meanings, Firstly, it can represent the three aspects of God in the Christian faith: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Secondly, it is also a way of symbolizing, Jesus Christ and the two others who were crucified with him at Golgotha. Tattoo lovers get this tattoo to pay a tribute and respect to Jesus Christ for his humanity.

42. Tiger with lady face Tattoo

Gnar Tiger with Lady Face

Tattoo: On the backside of his right forearm, there is a big tiger inked. The strange thing about the tattoo is that the center body of the tattoo includes the face of the lady with huge eyes.

43. ’96’ Tattoo

Gnar 96 Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his neck we can see the number 96 tattoo.

Meaning: 96 represents his birthyear, since, he was born on February 24, 1996.

44. ‘G 59’ Tattoo

Gnar G59 Tattoo

45. Barbed Wire

Gnar Barbed wire Tattoo

46. Bat and Moon Tattoo

Gnar Bat and Half Moon Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left shoulder there is a Tibetan bat inked and just below that we can also see crescent moon under it.

47. Pair of Sparrows 

Gnar Birds on Neck Tattoo

Tattoo: Near his collar bones there is a pair of sparrows inked with their faces towards each other.

Meaning: Two sparrows on shoulder mark a completed journey or an accomplishment in Gnar’s life. Besides, it might also mean that he has found his loved one.

48. The eye and flames Tattoo

Gnar Burning Eye Tattoo

49. Buildings and Castle Tattoo

Gnar Castles and Buildings Tattoo

50. Dagger piercing the skin Tattoo

Gnar Dagger piercing the Skin Tattoo

Exactly on the center of his neck, Gnar has a big dagger tattooed which is seen piercing through his skin.

Meaning: The dagger piercing through the skin tells about the pain that the person might have gone through due to break up or betrayal.

51. Date on Face 

Gnar Date Tattoo

There is a date tattoo which lies on his left cheek, it says, ‘5-16-16’.

52. Diamond Tattoo

Gnar Diamond Tattoo

Diamond of cards inked on the backside of his neck, below the hairline.

53. Tattoo on Face

Gnar Triangle with fire inside

This tattoo lies near his right eye and Gnar calls it to be his most favorite tattoo.

54. ‘TRUST NONE’ Tattoo

Gnar TRUST Tattoo


Tattoo: Below his cheek line, he has got the phrase tattooed, which says, ‘TRUST NONE’, on his right and left side, respectively.

Meaning: In an interview, he said that he is a firm believer in living an independent life and cannot trust anyone in this harsh world.

55. Word Tattoo

Gnar Word Tattoo

56. ‘AWG’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar AWG Tattoo

On his right bicep, there is a small tattoo that says, ‘AWG’.

Meaning: AWG is the name of Entertainment Records, All We Got.

57. ‘Japanese Phoenix’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Back Tattoo

Tattoo: Gnar’s whole back is tattooed with a huge Japanese Dragon ink.

Meaning: Traditional Japanese phoenix are considered to be the ferocious characters however, people regard them as guardians. They symbolize strength and wealth.

“I got a traditional Japanese phoenix and that went to my ass and that hurt, I don’t know how strippers do that shit.”

58. ‘Black Panther with Wings’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Chest Tattoo

“This shit is from yesterday,” Lil Gnar says, lifting his shirt up at the restaurant we’re having lunch at to show me his enormous chest tattoo featuring a black panther with wings sprouting from its head. It still has clear wrapping on it to help the tattoo heal.”

59. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Cross behind Ear Tattoo

60. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Dragon on Left Shoulder

61. ‘Fly Or Die’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Fly or Die Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach there lies a bandana tattoo that carries the words inside it which can be read as, ‘Fly Or Die’. Meaning: Gnar is known to be a very independent and courageous person. He claims to have got this tattoo as a continuous reminder to himself that he needs to accomplish all his dreams and continue hard to reach peaks of his life, else its just the death he can have.

62. Hand Tattoo

Lil Gnar GNAR Tattoo

63. Butterfly Tattoo

Lil Gnar Green Butterfly on Hand

Tattoo: His right wrist is inked with the green-colored butterfly. A butterfly is the symbol of new beginnings and hopes in life.

64. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

Lil Gnar Heart on Face

65. Humming Bird on Forehead 

Lil Gnar Humming Bird Tattoo

66. Knife on Right Arm

Lil Gnar Knife Tattoo
Lil Gnar Left Bicep Tattoo

67. Triangles on Right Hand

Lil Gnar Multiple Triangle Tattoos

Finger of his right hand are tattooed with tiny black outlined triangles. Triangle is another way of representing one’s religious beliefs. It is most common in the Christian people.

68. Rose on Left Shoulder

Lil Gnar Rose and Cross

69. Dragon and Snake on Right Forearm

Lil Gnar Sankes and Dragon on Right Arm

Lil Gnar Snake on Left Arm

70. Sailing Cruises Tattoo

Lil Gnar Stomach Tattoo

71. Two Roses on Right Arm

Roses on Right Arm

Roses on Right Bicep

Gnar’s right bicep is tattooed with two roses with long stems.

72. Dog Tattoo

Gnar Dog Tattoo

Gnar’s left arm is inked with the portrait of his pet dog.

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