Lil Wayne’s 89 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Along with Lil Wayne‘s astounding musical career, many conversations about this famous Rap star have focused on the stunning tattoos that brand his body. In the realm of tattoos and body art, he is an example of this modern medium at the most awe-inspiring. The mixed imagery of his chosen body art is both beautiful and full of meanings. Are you curious about Wayne’s tats and ever wondered what they mean? Well, we got all the tats snaps of his tattoos and their meanings. Check ’em out.

Lil Wayne


1. 9 Stars tattoo on the Left Side of his Face

Lil Wayne 9 Star Tattoo Lil Wayne UV stars

Tattoo: 9 stars Tattoos in two rows.

Meaning: Lil Wayne got 9 stars tattooed to the left side of his face. Some of the stars are done in the ultraviolet. These are real UV or glow-in-the-dark tattoos done for a special use in his MTV videos, ‘I am Not a Human Being‘. He seems to have taken to this new tattoo style, so it would not be surprising to see more in the coming years.

2. Flower inside of his Left Ear

Lil Wayne Flower tattoo inside his ear

Lil Wayne has the flower inked inside of his left ear.

3. MISUNDERSTOOD Tattoo on his left side of his face

Lil Wayne Misunderstood tattoo


Meaning:  Lil Wayne has inked his left side of the forehead with the word “MISUNDERSTOOD” which is dedicated to his song, “Misunderstood” from the album “The Carter III” released in 2008. It is also one of his UV tattoos.

4. Young Money Entertainment logo on Left side of Neck

Lil Wayne young money entertainment tattoo

Tattoo: Young Money Entertainment logo

Meaning: Lil Wayne inked the logo of his foundation of Young Money Entertainment and joined Cash Money Records when he was just a young teenager. The label is an imprint of Cash Money Records, which is distributed by Universal.

5. Word “TUNE” near his Left Ear.

Lil Wayne TUNE tattoo

Tattoo: TUNE

Meaning: Lil Wayne has “Tune” tattooed near his ear because it is a nickname his Grandma gave him before she passed away.

6. “Soo Woo” under his Left Ear

Lil Wayne Soo Woo tattoo

Tattoo: “Soo Woo”

Meaning: This tattoo is inked under his left ear in honor of his blood. Lil Wayne is perhaps the most famous Bloods member, and he is never afraid of showing his loyalty to the gang publicly. As you may know, Soo Woo is a kind of gang slogan used by the Bloods members. This tattoo also reminds us of the lethal side and the shady past of Lil Weezy! He was once an active and influential member of the gang, but little do people know about the things Lil Wayne had done as a gangster.

7. Power symbol on his Left face

Lil Wayne power tattoo

Lil Wayne has a Power symbol inked on the left side of his face.

8. Lucky Me Tattoo under his Left Ear

Lil Wayne lucky me tattoo

Tattoo: Lucky me

Meaning: Wayne has “Lucky Me” tattooed on his neck because it’s the title of his favorite Jay-Z song.

8. 5 Lightning strikes tattoo on His left side of Neck

Lil Wayne lightning tattoo

Lil Wayne added a 5 strikes tattoo and lightning coming from a cloud tattoo under his sideburn. This tattoo is done by Tattoo Artist, Dow Hokoana.

9. Numeral “17” on his left side of Face

Lil Wayne 17 tattoo

Tattoo: “17”

Meaning: Lil Wayne has inked 17 on the left side of his face. It represents the 17th ward of New Orleans, where Wayne grew up.

10. Arabic Script Tattoo above his Left Eyebrow

Lil Wayne Arabic script tattoo

Tattoo: Arabic words

Meaning: Wayne has got his upper side of his left eyebrow inked with the Arabic script. It’s supposed to read “momma’s boy,” and is tattooed by the Tattoo Artist, Spider.

11. Eye of Providence on his Chin

Lil Wayne eye of providence tattoo

Wayne got his chin inked with “an eye of Providence” by the Tattoo Artist Spider.

12. W and Wizzy Tattoo on his Right Side of the Neck

Lil Wayne Wizzy tattoo

Tattoo: WEEZY

Meaning: “W” and the name “Weezy” inked on the right side of his neck which represents his nickname.

13. Fear God on his Eyelids and a “C” between his eyes

Lil Wayne Fear God tattoo

Tattoo: “Fear God” and a “C”

Meaning: Lil Wayne has “Fear God” tattooed on his eyelids and a “C” between his eyes. The “C” represents the initial of his mother’s first name – Cita and his last name – Carter.

14. Tribal Symbol on his Left side of Face

Lil Wayne Tribal symbol tattoo

Tattoo: Tribal symbol

Meaning: Lil Wayne replaced a teardrop on his face with a tribal symbol. This was because Wayne’s mother told him he had too many tears on his face, so he had to cover one up.

15. 4 Tear Drop on his face

Lil Wayne 4 tears drop tattoo

Tattoo: 4 Tear Drops

Meaning:  Possibly Wayne’s most controversial tattoo, he says that they represent four people in his family who have died.  They’re controversial because a teardrop on the face usually represents someone you’ve killed.. but Wayne has avoided this fact.

16. Numeral 999 tattoo behind his left ear

Lil Wayne 999 tattoo

Wayne has inked numeral 999 behind his left ear.

18. “I M MUSIC” above his Right Eyebrow

Lil Wayne I M MUSIC tattoo

Tattoo: “I M MUSIC”

Meaning: Wayne believes that he is music so he got a tattoo reading ‘I AM MUSIC’ above his eyebrow. Amidst all the other louder and angrier tattoos scattered around his body, it’s easy to miss one of his more subtle statements. With three very simple words, he reminds us of his real purpose in life: to entertain.

19. Smiley emoji inside of his Lower Lip

Lil Wayne inner lip tattoo

Tattoo: Emoji Smiley “:)”

Meaning: Lil Wayne has an inner lip tattoo too. “The Carter” star inked a small smiley face on the inside part of his lower lip. He got the tattoo sometime back when inner lip tattoos were a popular fashion trend

20. Cracks coming from his Hairline 

Lil Wayne crackhead tattoo

Tattoo: Crackhead

Meaning: The tattoo also looks like veins protruding out from his forehead or cracks coming from his hairline, indicating a headache or stress. In one of his videos on YouTube, he said that this tattoo is inspired by Frankenstein’s monster.

21. “Fleur-de-lis” Symbol tattoo on his Right Side of Face with Orleans above it.

Lil Wayne Fleur-de-lis tattooLil Wayne Orleans tattoo

Tattoo: “Fleur-de-lis” symbol with Orleans written above it

Meaning: Wayne has inked ‘Fleur-de-lis’ New Orleans symbol tattoo on the right side of his face. It is the symbol of the city, New Orleans.

22. Three Dots on his left side of the forehead

Lil Wayne 3 dots tattoo

Tattoo: 3 Dots in a triangular manner

Meaning: Lil Wayne has 3 dots tattooed near his left eye, which represent “Laugh, Think and Cry”

23. I M PIMP behind his Right Ear

Lil Wayne I m Pimp tattoo

Tattoo: I M PIMP

Meaning: Lil Wayne has “I Am Pimp” tattooed behind his right ear.

24. A Gun Tattoo on his Neck

Lil Wayne Gun on Neck tattoo

Tattoo: Gun tattoo

Meaning: Lil Wayne feels a connection to guns.  It is unclear whether these references refer to his arrest and subsequent jail time in 2007 for illegal gun possession, him shooting himself with his mom’s gun when he was a kid, a mix of both of these traumatizing experiences, or something about guns we don’t even know about!

25. Death Wish Skateboard, Heart, and an Emoji 

Lil Wayne Death wish Skateboard and Heart tattoo beside his right eye

Wayne has inked a Deathboard and a little heart beside his right eye.

26. “Imperfect” on Right Face and “hear no evil” inside of Right Ear

Lil Wayne No evil and Imperfect tattoo

Wayne has inked him inside of the right ear with “Hear No Evil” and his right side of the face with ” Imperfect.”

27. Word “BAKED” on his Left side of Forehead

Lil Wayne BAKED tattoo

Tattoo: BAKED

Meaning: Wayne has tattooed the word “BAKED”  on the left side of his forehead. He tattooed “Baked” in 2013 to represent the Baker skateboard brand.

28. 5Boro Pigeon Tattoo beside his Right ear

Lil Wayne 5Boro Pigeon tattoo

Lil Wayne got the 5Boro pigeon tattooed next to his ear on the right side of his face.

29. Word “Blessed” (Covered)

Lil Wayne Blessed Tattoo

The word ‘Blessed‘ is one of his neck tattoos that has since been covered with the word ‘You’.

30. LIPS on the Left side of Neck

Lil Wayne UV lip

Lil Wayne tattooed lips on his neck, which only show under ultraviolet light.

31. ‘Map of Africa’ tattoo on his forehead

Map of Amfrica-Tattoo-Lil Wayne

32. Heartline Tattoo

heart line tattoo of lil wayne

Tattoo: ‘Heartline’ tattoo near his hairline.

Meaning: Heartline tattoo symbolizes passion, feelings, emotions, love, power, and strength.

33. Tattoo on his forehead

Lil Wayne-Head-Tattoo

34. Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo of lil wayne

Tattoo: ‘Cross’ tattoo on the center of his head.

Meaning: Cross tattoo symbolizes faith and respect for Christianity. It also represents the event of the crucifixion of Jesus. On March 12, 2021, he got this tattoo restored by the tattoo artist, Ivana Belakova.

ivana-lil wayne tattoo

Lil Wayne getting his ‘cross’ tattoo restored by the tattoo artist, Ivana Belakova, in March 2021


35. “Life’s A Gamble” On His Left Shoulder with the pair of Dice


Tattoo: LIFE’S A GAMBLE with the pair of Dice

Meaning: Lil Wayne has inked a tattoo on his right shoulder. Sometimes the simplest statements speak the loudest. One can only imagine what kind of horror in Lil Wayne’s life must have inspired this tattoo. But it was probably something that made him realize that life was too short to worry about pleasing everybody. Especially those who don’t like tattoos.

 36. Words “A GUN” on his Left Palm

Lil Wayne A GUN Tattoo

Tattoo: A GUN

Meaning: This probably as close to violence that we’ll see Lil Wayne get in public. Whether he was making a statement about the prevalence of gun violence in hip hop or simply being cool, his point is made crystal clear.

37. Words “THE WORLD” on his Right Palm

Lil Wayne THE WORLD tattoo


Meaning: Wayne has inked his right palm with the word “THE WORLD” but as always with Lil Wayne, the meaning may be left as a mystery. Interesting that the left-hand tattoo shows him with “a gun” in his hand and his other hand says “the world” meaning he has a gun in one hand and the world in the other!

38. “ESPN” tattoo on the backside of his Left Arm

Lil Wayne ESPN tattoo

Tattoo: ESPN

Meaning: The logo of ‘ESPN’ is on the backside of his left arm. ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, an American cable company that airs sport-related programs 24 hours a day.

39. Word “Steel” on the back of his Left Hand

Lil Wayne steel tattoo

Lil Wayne has inked “Steel” on the back of the left-hand in cursive handwriting.

40. Word “Concrete” on the back of his Right Hand

Lil Wayne Concrete tattoo

Lil Wayne has inked Concrete on the back of his right hand with cursive handwriting.

41. “SQAD” and “SHIT” on the back of his Right and Left Fingers respectively

Lil Wayne SHIT tattoo Lil Wayne SQAD tattoo 1

Tattoo: SQAD and SHIT

Meaning: Wayne has inked words SQAD and SHIT on the back of his fingers of the right and left hand respectively. “Sqad” tattooed on his fingers is for the hip hop group “Sqad Up”, which he joined early in his career.

42. Alien on his Left Tricep

Lil Wayne alien tattoo

Lil Wayne has got some sort of alien on his left tricep.

43. “HOT BOY” tattoo with a Star and Fire on his Right Arm

Lil Wayne Hot Boy tattoo

Tattoo: “HOT BOY” with a star and fire on it.

Meaning: Lil Wayne “Hot Boy” tattoo with a star and fire, which means you are “hot” from Uptown, New Orleans.

44. Red Swirl Tattoo on his Left Arm

Lil Wayne red swirl tattoo

Lil Wayne has a red swirl inked on his left forearm.

45. Cross in Right Tricep

Lil Wayne Cross tattoo

Tattoo: Cross

Meaning: This tattoo shows that Lil’ Wayne is a religious man, which has been confirmed by him several times although he rarely raps about his faith

46. “In memory of Rabbit: It’s up to me” on his Right Forearm

Lil Wayne Rabbit tattoo 1

Tattoo: “In memory of Rabbit: It’s up to me”

Meaning: this tattoo is for Wayne’s step-father Reginald “Rabbit”, Wayne’s step-father is the man who first got Wayne into drug dealing as a young man.  He was the only successful role model Wayne had in his life until he met Birdman,

47. Slim and Baby on his Shoulders

Lil Wayne Baby tattoo Lil Wayne slim tattoo

Tattoo: SLIM and BABY

Meaning: Lil Wayne inked  “Slim” and “Baby” tattoos on his shoulders in red. Baby and Slim are the CEOs of Cash Money Records, who also brought Wayne up from an early age.

48. Rolls Royce Logo in his Left Front Arm

Lil Wayne Rolls Royce tattoo

Wayne has inked the logo of Rolls Royce on his front side of the left upper arm.

49. “Nae” on each Arm

Lil Wayne Nae tattoo

Tattoo: “Nae

Meaning: “Nae Nae” on each of his forearms which is his daughter, Reginae’s nickname.

50. Green martian on his Left Arm

Lil Wayne Green Martian tattoo

Tattoo: Green Martian

Meaning: Wayne has inked green martian cartoonish tattoo on his left arm as he says in his song “3peat,” “I am not the same I am a martian”

51. Numerals 504 is his Right Forearm

Lil Wayne 504 tattoo

Tattoo: “504”

Meaning: Lil has tattooed  numerals 504 as this is the area code of his hometown, New Orleans

52. Numeral “92782” on the Right Arm

Lil Wayne 92782-tattoo

Tattoo:  Numerals”92782″

Meaning: Lil Wayne tattooed his date of birth over previous tats on his right arm. The bold numbers on his arm represent the date September 27, 1982, the day Weezy was born.

53. “Trina” on wedding finger covered with the Chinese symbol.

Lil Wayne Trina Tattoo Lil Wayne Chinese tattoo

Tattoo: Trina (covered with the Chinese symbol now)

Meaning: Lil Wayne has inked his ex-name Trina on the wedding ring but now has covered with some Chinese symbol after they parted their ways away.

54. “Shake Junt !” on his Hand and “Skateboard” on his Wrist

Lil Wayne skate junt and skateboard tattoo

Lil Wayne tattooed “SHAKE JUNT !“ on his hand and a skateboard on his wrist.

55. TRIGGER on his Right Index Finger

Lil Wayne trigger tattoo

Lil Wayne has inked TRIGGER on his index finger of the right hand.

56. “HOT BOY” on Backside of Each Hand

Lil Wayne HOT BOY Tattoo (2)

Tattoo: “HOT BOY

Meaning: Lil Wayne has “Hot” and “Boy” tattooed on his hands for the hip hop group he was part of early in his music career called “Hot Boys

57. Bird for a Birdman on Right Biceps

Lil Wayne bird tattoo

Tattoo: “Bird”

Meaning:  Wayne inked a Bird on his right biceps in honor of Birdman, who signed him to Cash Money records.

58. “THUGGED” on Right Arm

Lil wayne THUGGED Tattoo

Wayne has inked the word “THUGGED” on the right bicep near his Rolls Royce Tattoo.

59. A Microphone on his Left Arm

Lil wayne microphone tattoo

Tattoo: Microphone

Meaning: Wayne has inked a Microphone on his left arm which represents his music love and rapping.

60. “Loyalty” & “I Be Power” on his right bicep

Wayne has tattooed “Loyalty” and “I Be Power ” on his right bicep.

61. A marijuana leaf near the wrist of his left arm

Wayne has inked a Marijuana leaf on his left wrist which intensifies his addiction or to weed in his past and present.

62. “Lauren” on his Right Forearm (Covered)

Tattoo: Lauren

Meaning: Wayne has inked “Lauren” to show his love for Lauren London that has a very long history that was later covered up with “Carter

63. A star on his Right Forearm

Lil Wayne has a Star tattooed on his Right Forearm

64. Barbed wire in his Upper Right Bicep

Lil Wayne barbed wire tattoo

Tattoo: Barbed wire

Meaning: The rapper has several barbed wire tats all over his body, including his upper bicep.


65. Wings on his Each Side of the Chest with stars above the wings

Lil Wayne Wings tattoo

Tattoo: Wings

Meaning: Wayne a tattoo of a wing on his entire side, starting from his chest and ending at his waist.

66. Red Star tattooS on the top of his Chest

Lil Wayne Red Star tattoo

Tattoo:5 Red Stars

Meaning: The rap artist has 5 red stars, which stands for ‘five-star blood’.

67. SIKK F**K tattoo on his Right Chest Area

Lil Wayne Sikk fukk tattoo

Lil Wayne has a SIKK F**K tattoo inked near to the red star on his ride side of the chest.

68. BM and JR on each side of the Naval

Lil Wayne BM JR tatttoo

Tattoo: BM and JR

Meaning: Wayne inked BM and JR on each side of his Naval.“BM JR” stands for Birdman Junior.  This shows Lil’ Wayne’s feelings toward Birdman, a New Orleans rapper who took Wayne under his arm when he was 11 years old.

69. A skull in the Upper Right side of his Chest

Lil Wayne Skull tatttoo

Wayne has inked a Skull on the upper side of the chest.

70. Bang Bang” the top of his chest

Lil Wayne bang bang tattoo


Meaning: Lil Wayne has inked BANG BANG on the chest in memory of his lost step-father who was shot to death.

71. CASH MONEY on his Stomach

Lil Wayne Cash money tattoo


Meaning: Wayne has inked CASH MONEY on his stomach which is the label of his record.

72. “17″ on his Abs

Lil Wayne 17 tattoo

Tattoo: Numeral 17

Meaning: Lil has inked 17 on his abs which represents the 17th ward of New Orleans where he grew up.

73. MOB on his Chest

Lil Wayne MOB tattoo

Tattoo: MOB

Meaning: Wayne has inked big block letter MOB on his chest which stands for Money Over b****.

74. “Cause They Breed Envyon his Chest

Lil-Wayne-Cause they breed envy-tattoo

Wayne has inked the writing”Cause They Breed Envy” below his MOB tattoo.

75. “DAMU” on his Chest


Tattoo: DAMU

Meaning: Wayne inked “Damu” (Swahili word meaning blood-like) in red ink between the letters in “MOB” representing his Blood gang ties.

76. “Piru” on his Chest

Lil Wayne piru tattoo

Tattoo: Piru

Meaning: “Piru” (first Blood set out of Los Angeles, CA) in red-inked above a red skull that’s placed overtop “Cash Money” & “17″ to show his affiliation with the blood gang.

77. “Apple & Eagle” on the Lower Left Abdomen

Lil wayne apple and eagle tattoo


Meaning: Wayne has inked Apple and Eagle on his lower left side of his abdomen representing the streets he grew up in New Orleans

78. “R.I.P TB” on his Stomach

Lil Wayne RIP TB tattoo

Lil Wayne has inked R.I.P. TB direct above the navel.


79. A plastic Army Man on his Back


Lil Wayne has a plastic army man tattoo inked on his back.

80. An outline of Louisiana on his Lower Back

Lil Wayne Louisiana map tattoo

Tattoo: Map of Louisiana

Meaning: Lil Wayne has a map of Louisiana tattooed on his back, which is the state he was born and brought up in.

81. A Skull on his Upper Back

Lil Wayne skull tattoo

Lil Wayne got some sort of skull tattooed on his back.

82. “BIBLE VERSE” on his Back

Lil Wayne prayer tattoo

Tattoo: Prayer

Meaning: Nothing says “menacing” as somebody with the word of The Lord inked on his back in strong powerful lettering. It symbolizes somebody who’s not afraid to die. But in Lil Wayne’s case it very likely also symbolizes somebody who’s not afraid to live.


83. “Young Money” tattoo on his Right Leg

Lil Wayne young money tattoo

Tattoo: Young Money

Meaning: Lil Wayne has “Young Money” tattooed on his right leg, which is the name of the label he founded.

84. “BELFAST” on his Left Leg

Lil Wayne BEFLAST tattoo


Meaning: “Belfast” is tattooed on Wayne’s left leg, which is for Belfast Street in New Orleans.

85. “Lucky Me” tattoo on his Right Leg

Tattoo: Lucky me

Meaning: Lil Wayne has a verse from Jay-Z’s “Lucky Me” song tattooed on his right leg.

86. Aliens on his Left and Right Knee

Lil Wayne Alien tattoo

Wayne got some sort of aliens on both knees.

87. “TRUKFIT” logo on his Right Leg

Lil Wayne trukfit logo tattoo

Tattoo: Trukfit logo

Meaning: Lil Wayne got the logo of his clothing line, TRUKFIT, tattooed on his lower leg.

88. Colorful Checker Board tattoo on his Buttocks

Wayne has inked his buttocks with a colorful checkerboard. This tattoo is done by Tattoo Artist, Dow Hokoana.

89. Undefined Tattoo on his Private Part

Wayne has also inked his Private part with an undefined tattoo which is again done by Tattoo Artist, Dow Hokoana.

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