Lenny Kravitz’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rock music in the 1980s had completely lost the gritty feel of earlier eras until Lenny rediscovered the magic formula. He is of Caribbean Jewish-decent, Manhattan-born Kravitz grew up in LA where he fed on the rock tunes of the Rolling Stones, and the groovier Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley. Becoming a rocker himself, Kravitz won four Grammys, crowning him as one of the most influential rock musicians of the Nineties. Kravitz has a creative streak, which goes beyond the realms of music, and impedes on his personal style including his over-rockish, streamlined outfits, dreadlocks, nose rings and tattoos those are incredibly superb. Let’s check them out.

Lenny Kravitz

1. Japanese Style Dragon tattoo on his Chest, Shoulder and upper Left Arm

Lenny-Kravitz-Dragon tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Meaning: Lenny Kravitz has a Japanese style dragon tattoo on his chest, shoulder and upper left arm that connects to the rest of the artwork on his left arm. The dragon is a symbol of the supernatural, representing otherworldly powers. It’s done mostly in black and gray with just a touch of red ink to make the tattoo pop. Lots of wind water, waves, clouds, and smoke really compliment the piece.

2. Flowers on his Left Forearm

Lenny Kravitz Flower tattoo

Tattoo: Colorful Flowers

Meaning: Kravitz also has some tattoo flowers on his left forearm done in color. It fairly large patch flower tattoo, which appears to contain a number of lilies and daisies, among other types of flowers.

3. Writing “Free at last” on his Right Forearm

Lenny Kravitz free at last tattoo

Tattoo:Free at last”

Meaning: Lenny has inked a script ” free at last ” on his right forearm in a cursive manner.

4. Letter “Z” on his Finger of Right Hand

Lenny Kravitz Z tattoo

Tattoo: Letter “Z”

Meaning: Lenny Kravitz has inked his finger with the first letter of his daughter’s name, Zoe.

5. Cross on his Right Forearm

Lenny Kravitz cross tattoo

Tattoo: Cross with small triangles

Meaning: Lenny has an interesting style of a cross inked with small triangles on his right biceps in black and grey color.

6. African Tribal Wrist Band on his Right Hand

Lenny Kravitz African band tattoo

Tattoo: African Tribal Wrist band

Meaning: Lenny has inked an African tribal wrist band which is tattooed by the TattooArtist, Kervin Brecino.

7. Stars on the sides of his Both Hands

Lenny Kravitz star tattoo

Lenny has inked 5-5 stars on each side of his both hands.

8. A face on his Right Forearm

Lenny Kravitz Face tattoo

Lenny has inked a face on his right forearm.

9. Writing “MY HEART  BELONG TO JESUS CHRIST” on his back

Lenny Kravitz Face tattoo


Meaning: Lenny has inked his back with the phrase “MY HEART BELONG TO JESUS CHRIST” in bold letters which shows his belief in God.

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