Lucy Hale’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lucy Hale is popularly known for her role of Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars. Apart from acting what she is known for is her tattoos. Let us know further about her inks.

Lucy Hale

1. Bow On Her Back

Lucy Hale Bow

Lucy Hale has a tattoo of ribbon bow on the back of her neck. She got it inked by the Shamrock Social Club Artist Dr. Woo before he became a famous artist. She continues to be a fan of his works. She admits she is still in love with this tattoo, which she got inked in 2009. In an interview to the Maniac Magazine in 2012, she said-

“My most maniac moment was when I was 19 and I got my tattoo. It’s on the back of my neck. It’s a bow. Luckily I still like it. I got it after a break up and I wanted to do something rebellious, which is a kind of out of the norm for me.”

2. Taking “Light” Along

Lucy Hale Left Side lightLightLucy Light

Lucy Hale has “light” inked in cursives on her left side. She got this inked by Dr Woo at the Shamrock Club in Los Angeles in 2012. This tattoo is special to her as her name Lucy is derived from the Latin word Lucius which means “as of light”.

3. Sun To Her Left

Lucy Hale Left Side

Hale has a tattoo of Sun on her left side, also done by Dr Woo. She got this tattoo along with her sister Maggie. She dedicates this tattoo to her Grandmother as she believed her to be the sun that always showed her the way. In an interview with Refinery29 she told said-

“I have a little, tiny sun that I got with my sister in honor of our grandmother.”

4. Moon To Her Right

Lucy Hale Right Side Back

Lucy has a tattoo of a crescent moon on her left side. There is no particular meaning or reason for the tattoo, she decided to have it because she liked it the way it appeared.

5. A Tattoo Just Below Her Left Breast

Lucy Hale Left BreastCourage

Lucy Hale has “Courage, Dear Heart” inked just below her left breast which is a line from C.S. Lewis’s book “The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader” from Chronicles of Narnia series.

6. Another One On The Left Arm

Lucy Hale Left Arm LHBLHW

Hale has a tattoo that reads, “LOVE HER BUT LEAVE HER WILD” which is a quote from a poet Atticus.

7. Lighting On The Elbow

Lucy Hale Left Elbow

Lucy has a light bulb inked just above her elbow, which is also a symbol of light thus goes by her name. She got this inked in July 2017 by Dr Woo. She told People Magazine-

“My most meaningful tattoo is probably my newest, it’s my light bulb that I got on the back of my arm. My name Lucy in Latin means ‘as of light.’ I actually have light tattooed on me too, but this is a representation of my name. It was done by Dr Woo who is just so cool and so artistic and probably my favorite tattoo artist, so I feel lucky that I got an appointment with him.”

8. A Touching Tribute To The Grandmother

Lucy Hale Left Forearm

Amidst All the tattoos Lucy Hale has, The most meaningful tattoo and also the most emotional one is the one on her arm which reads, ” I love you” in cursives. What makes it most meaningful is the fact that it has been written in her Late Grandmother’s writing which tells a lot about the bond she had with her Grandmother.

9. Silent Initial

Lucy Hale FingerA

The Pretty Little Liar star has her Character’s initial ‘a’ inked on her index finger of the right hand. She did so along with all her co-stars.

10. Another Line On Her Side

Lucy Hale Right Side

Lucy Hale has a huge love for writings which is visible in her tattoos as she has another writing, “Catch the foxes for us”inked on the right side of her ribcage. This line is taken from the Bible.

11. Taking An Elephant Along With Her

Lucy Hale Right Arm ElephantElephant

On her visit to Cambodia, lucy hale couldn’t find any Elephant but she got an elephant inked on her right forearm at BAYON tattoo which is named after BAYON temple in Angkor Wat.

12. The Evil Eye

Lucy Hale Right Ankle

Lucy has a tattoo of Evil Eye inked by Dr Woo on her right ankle which she believes is for warding off the evil spirits.

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