Iggy Azalea’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Amethyst Amelia Kelly, popularly known as Iggy Azalea is an Australian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Model. Each tattoo on her body holds her significance in her life. Iggy Azalea is known to get her tattoos frequently changed, some of her tattoos have been either removed, covered up and also crossed. Anyhow, that doesn’t stop her from getting new inks. Let’s explore her Tattoos and their Meanings.

Iggy Azalea

1. ‘Colour me Free’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Colour me Free Tattoo

Tattoo: Colour me Free inked on her right foot.

Meaning: Iggy Azalea got the tattoo ‘Colour me Free’ inked which means “freedom and a fresh start.” It signifies her experience when she had decided to move to the U.S. from Australia for her career. It was one big step towards chasing her dreams.

2. ‘The New Classic’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea The New Classic Tattoo

Tattoo: The New Classic Tattoo on right-hand fingers.

Meaning: Iggy got her first album named as titled “The New Classic.” She got the title of her album inked on the three fingers of her right hand. The New Classic inked on her middle, ring, and pinkie fingers, respectively.

Iggy said about her album name, “I think people think of classic and they think of a Nas record or a Jay-Z record or The Chronic; what makes something classic is when you hear it and have that moment that is a time capsule.” However, she explained her meaning is different. “When I say ‘The New Classic,’ I just want to make records that give you that moment for fans that they can remember where they were when they heard it.”

3. ‘Flower’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Flower Tattoo

Tattoo: Flower Tattoo on the backside of her right hand.

Meaning: Iggy Azalea has a flower inked near her wrist of her right hand. The flower is a Waratah, that is the Official State flower of New South Wales, the same place where Iggy was brought up in her childhood.

She told 103.5 KISS FM, “I’m from New South Wales in Australia, it’s a state, and this is our state flower that I have tattooed on me. A little piece of home.”

4. ‘Blindfold Horse’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Blindfolded Horse Tattoo

Tattoo: Blindfold Horse inked on the inner side of her right arm.

Meaning: Iggy Azalea is well famous among her followers for her love for horses, and so is the reason behind getting this tattoo on her body.  In an interview with The People in 2016, she claimed that riding horses has been therapeutic for her.

“When you’re going over jumps or riding a horse, there’s nothing else that your brain can think about. You don’t have the time to think about those other things – you just have to think about staying on the horse,” Azalea explained. It helps to be able to mentally have space where you can go for an hour or two and really switch your brain off.”

5. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo: Butterfly inked on her right arm.

6. ‘Rose and Distorted Statue’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Rose arm Tattoo-

Iggy Azalea Distortion Statue Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose and Distorted Statue on her right arm.

Meaning: Iggy has a huge Rose inked alongside the elbow of her right arm along with the Roman numeral digits of a clock face, that spiral into the center of the flower. The tattoo extends followed by a distorted statue which includes the blurred lines on the left side as a cover up for her old tattoo, which included the words “Trust Your Struggle”. Distorted Statue is another representation of the name of her album, “Digital Distortion”.

7. ‘Birds’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea Birds Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo: Two Birds on her right arm.

Meaning: Iggy has got a pair of birds inked on her right arm right below her rose tattoo. She revealed this tattoo at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in Sydney on November 16, 2016. The birds’ tattoo contains Kookaburra birds that are natives to Australia. Iggy has a great love for her country, thus she decided to get this ink, besides the Waratah flower,  inked on her right wrist which also devotes her love for her hometown. This tattoo covers the major part of her Distorted Statue Tattoo.

8. ‘Birth of Venus’ Tattoo


Iggy Azalea Birth of Venus Tatoo


Tattoo: Birth of Venus Portrait inked on the inner side of her right arm.

Meaning: As a cover-up for her previous flower tattoo, Iggy in November 2012 had got a large portrait inked on her right forearm. It shows the head of the Roman goddess Venus from Sandro Botticelli’s famous 1486 painting The Birth of VenusShe calls it as Disnified because it is the cartoonish representation of the original art.

She told Power 106:

It’s a tattoo of Botticelli “The Birth of Venus,” Disneyfied, where Venus de Milo is born in a seashell…and it covers my old ugly tattoo.

9. ‘Number 7’ Tattoo


Iggy-Azalea-7 Tattoo

Tattoo: 7 inked on the pinky (little) finger.

Meaning:  As a cover to her older tattoo ASVP on the little finger of her left hand, Iggy got 7 number inked on the petty finger. Number “7” represents her birthdate i.e June 7th birthday.

10. ‘Flower on Butt’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Floral ink on the right side of her butt.

Meaning: Azalea has a floral tattoo on the right side of her butt. She had first revealed this ink to her Fans when she had posted a twerking video on November 2017, but Iggy had confirmed that she had it for a while beforehand.

She tweeted “It’s not new and I have zero plans to share in detail with the internet haha.” 

11. ‘STS’ Tattoo

Iggy Azalea S T S Tattoo

Tattoo: Iggy has ‘STS’ inked on the knuckles of her right hand.

Meaning: Iggy Azalea had announced the name of her album Surviving the Summer (the name was later changed to Survive the Summer) in November 2017 and thus in December, she had revealed her tattoo which included her album’s initials “STS” on the knuckles of her right hand.

I have my knuckles tattooed….and they say “STS” which stands for “Survive the Summer” which is the title of my album that I’m going to put out in summer — fingers crossed, or this tattoo is going to have to get changed. It’s just going to be super awkward. Or I may have to get my other hand tattooed.



Iggy-Azalea-DIGITAL DISTORTION-Finger-Tattoo

Tattoo: DIGITAL DISTORTION inked on the fingers of her left hand.

Meaning: Iggy Azalea has ink which carries “DIGITAL DISTORTION” written on her left-hand fingers. She got this tattoo in devotion for her sophomore album, which was never released.  She had got the tattoo from artist Rafael Valdez in March 2016. This tattoo is a coverup to two of her old “Live Love A$AP” finger tattoos which she had got removed through laser.  “DIGITAL” is on her ring finger and “DISTORTION” is on her middle finger.

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