Margaret Cho’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Margaret Moran Cho better known as Margaret Cho is an American stand-up comedian, Fashion Designer, Actress, Author, and a singer-songwriter. She reached heights of her career after creating and starring in the ABC sitcom All-American Girl. She has always been the supporter of LGBT rights and has also won awards for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of women, Asian Americans, and the LGBT community. She also founded the website known as “Love is Love is Love,” for voicing the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. Margaret is a huge lover of getting inks on her body. Let us explore her tattoos and their relevance.

Margaret Cho

Here is what she had to say about her inks: I love my Ed Hardy tattoo as well as my horse portrait by Eddy Deutsche, which was actually a tribute to my dog Ralph, who I believe always thought himself as ‘above’ being a dog– rather more a majestic creature. Eddy understood this perfectly as his dog Hadji had just passed away. I love memorial tattoos, and this is the only one I have. I also have Washington and Lincoln on my kneecaps from the amazing Craig Jackman at American Electric in Los Angeles. These, along with the Medusa head with 13 snakes of hair on my stomach, are my real favorites.

1. ‘Portrait’ Tattoo

Margaret Cho Knee Tattoos

Tattoo: Margaret has portraits inked on her both kneecaps, of Washington and Lincoln. These were inked by the amazing Tattoo Artist Craig Jackman at American Electric in Los Angeles.

2. ‘Bird, Rose, and a Swirl’ Tattoo

Margaret-Cho-Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: This black and white portion of her back tattoo was done by Kat Von D.

 “I just got an amazing tattoo from Kat Von D on her show ‘LA Ink,’” she blogged. “I have been a fan for a long time and I am so excited to finally have it done. Kat is incredible and totally nice and funny and fun. We had an awesome time and it didn’t even hurt because Kat is so pretty nothing she does could possibly hurt anyone!”

3. Branch, Flower and a Snake Tattoo

Margaret Cho Snake Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret has a very large tattoo which shows a snake on her lower back which elongates wrapping towards her hips.

Meaning: This was her first body tattoo featuring snakes and flowers starting in the centre of her lower back and wraps around both sides of her hips. The tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy in 2005 when Margaret was 37.

Snakes are magnificent creatures, like nothing else on earth. I don’t know why I am afraid of them. Possibly because they are so different, mysterious and unknowable, unpredictable. But on my back, they will be my protectors, my guardians, my cheerleaders and my friends.”

4. ‘Crane’ Tattoo

Margaret Crane Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret Cho has a Japanese-style crane tattoo on her right thigh surrounded by cherry blossoms.

5. ‘Garter and Gun’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Margaret Cho, which has a multitude of colorful tattoos on her body, gets a new tattoo – an old fashioned garter and gun on her left thigh.

6. ‘Eye’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Margaret has an eye inked on her upper right arm surrounded by beads.

Margaret explains: “This is a lover’s eye, which is Victorian jewelry they used to have. Secret lovers would give each other a Victorian kind of little charm and it had their eye — it didn’t have their whole face, just had their eye.  And so this was done for me by a secret lover of mine, so it all sort of works out.”

7. ‘ Feather and Phoenix’ Tattoo

Margaret Cho Pheonix Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret Cho has a tattoo of a huge colorful phoenix and peacock feathers inked in purple on her upper left arm.

“This is just kind of a cross between a phoenix and a peacock, which I just think is beautiful,” Margaret says.

8. ‘Peony’ Tattoo

Margaret Cho Peony Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret Cho has a large purple peony ink on the left side of her upper chest. Since her Korean name is Peony, thus she has few inks on her body as a tribute to the same.

9. ‘Branch, Cherry Blossom, and Peony’ Tattoo

Margaret Cho Arm Peony Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret Cho has another peony colored in pink and orange on her right upper arm.

“The reason I have a number of these flowers, peonies, is because my Korean name is Korean for ‘peony,’ so I have quite a few,” she says.  She has another on her chest and a third on her lower back.

10. ‘Cherry Blossoms’ Tattoo

Margaret Cho Calf Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret Cho has cherry blossoms inked on her right calf. It was done by Barnaby from Mom’s Tattoos at the Pomona Fairplex. A few more of these are inked are around her crane tattoo.

11. ‘Stomach’ Tattoo

Margaret-Cho-Medusa-Stomach Tattoo

Tattoo: Margaret has a huge portrait inked on her stomach.

Meaning: Medusa along with 13 snakes is inked on Margaret’s Stomach.

12. ‘Back’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Margaret has a huge tattoo covering the whole of her back.

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