Kofi Kingston’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah is a Ghanaian-American professional wrestler presently contracted to WWE, where he competes under the ring name (Sir) Kofi Kingston on the SmackDown brand. After graduating from Boston College, he pursued a professional wrestling career and began working as a Jamaican wrestler, on the New England independent circuit, under the name Kofi Nahaje Kingston. Kingston, also known as Mr. 24/7, is a regular on fellow WWE wrestler Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel ‘UpUpDownDown.’ Just like other sportsmen and wrestlers, Kofi is also a tattoo lover. He has got some interesting inks on his body. Let us explore the number of inks and their special meanings for Kofi.

Kofi Kingston

1. Angel Wings on Shoulders Tattoo

Kofi angel wings tattoo
Tattoo: On the top of his back, covering his shoulders, is the tattoo of a pair of angel wings tattoo.
Meaning: Angel wing tattoos may represent liberty, faith, confidence, and safety. For some, they are a memorial to a loved one who has died, thus, acting as the tattoo wearer’s ‘guardian angel.’ Others see them as symbols of Christian faith and how trust in God needs to be maintained. Many people get it as a reminder to themselves of their own holy, angelic side.
Angel wings may also indicate purity and innocence or the enormous might of a warrior.

2. Wings on Ankles Tattoo

Kofi ankle wing tattoo
Tattoo: Kofi has got another tattoo of angel wings on his ankles. He revealed it through his Twitter post, where he also mentioned that this was something that he had longed for a long. The tattoo artist Greg Mosier did the tattoo.
Angel wings are a beautiful way to reflect happiness, peace, innocence, and positivity. However, the reason for having wings inked on his ankle is that it is reminiscent of the wings he wears on his wrestling footwear, as claimed by Kofi himself.

3. Symbols on Back Tattoo 

Kofi back tattoo
Tattoo: Some Adinkra symbols are tattooed vertically from top to bottom of his back.
Meaning: Kingston stated that this was all about bringing out his rebellious attitude and urge to stand apart. Alertness, bravery, adaptability, harmony, knowledge, understanding, and courage are all represented by the symbols on his back. Each one on his back is a traditional Ghanaian symbol, such as the ‘Nea Onmin No Sua A, Ohu’ one, which resembles a knotted number of ‘E’ letters facing in opposing directions. This sign, which represents life-long education, as claimed by Kingston is that it encourages Kingston to continue learning. Greg Mosier did the tattoo in a late-night session at Tattoo Machine Gun.

Adinkra are the famous Ghanaian symbols that express some proverbs, notions, or maxims. Adinkra is often used in textiles, logos, and ceramics.

4. Tribal Arm Band Tattoo

Kofi tribal arm band tattoo
Tattoo: On his left bicep, there is a tribal armband tattoo.
Meaning: Tribal tattoos are a way to represent your background, culture, heritage, and achievements in life. However, Tribal armbands, in particular, can illustrate authority, knowledge, and vitality, whereas, Knotted tribal armbands are often used to describe power, continuity, and wisdom.

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