15 Amazing KTM Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Ideas

KTM is a popular Austrian motorcycle manufacturer with its headquarter in Mattighofen, Upper Austria. It stands for Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. Previously, it was named as KTM Sport motorcycle AG. It was formed in 1992, although it was first founded in 1934. KTM AG is a parent company of KTM Group which comprises many motorcycle brands. It is widely known for its off-road bikes before it was only in the late 1990s; the company has switched to street motorcycle production. It also started developing sports cars. Since 2012, it remained the number one motorcycle manufacturer in Europe for four consecutive years. It is also among the leading off-road motorcycle manufacturers. This can be estimated from the fact that, in 2016, it sold 203,423 motor vehicles worldwide. Some of its popular models are the 1290 Super Duke GT, 1290 Super Adventure R, 1290 Super Duke R (Special Edition), and 690 SMC R.

KTM Bike Tattoo

Meaning of KTM Tattoo

KTM is one of the most popular brands in the market because of its unique design and exceptional performance. With time, it had a lot of competitor brands, but KTM proved its supremacy by manufacturing top-class motor vehicles. It is more prominent among youngsters. It comes with hefty prices, although this does not overshadow its popularity. The young generation likes to ink its tattoo on their body to flaunt it wherever they go. KTM holds many crucial meanings. One such meaning, why people ink these tattoos is because of their good taste in motorcycles. KTM manufactures various kinds of motorcycles like off-roaders, street bikes, touring bikes, racing bikes, etc. Interestingly, young people like to buy these bikes. They like to use these motorcycles as a style statement. Hence, many people ink the tattoo of these bikes on the visible part of their bodies. Other meanings which KTM tattoos hold are:


Style is the way of doing something, especially for a particular person, place, or thing. It means the distinctive manner of expression. KTM is one such bike that is known for its style. It comes in numerous designs like off-roaders, etc. These designs are widely popular among young generations. The reason is its style. People ink these tattoos on their bodies to showcase their style to everyone. It’s used mostly by skeptical people who like to show off with their clothing and tattoo styles.


KTM bikes are also known for their performance. Its engine is well refined with minimal noise. Hence, bike lovers like to ink KTM tattoos to showcase their performance. These people are ardent fans of bikes with the best performance engine, and KTM bikes never disappoint you. With its spectacular performance, young people like to tattoo it on their bodies. These tattoos are inspired by the motorcycle’s performance.


Showing off the KTM tattoo on their bodies is also a kind of attitude. People with this tattoo have more attitude about the way they look and for their style statements. KTM bikes are the brand with the most reliable engine. Thus, the people with this tattoo-like to show off much.


It’s not that people buy KTM bikes only for their style. One of the most crucial reasons people buy or tattoo these bikes is because of their looks. In many Asian countries, especially India, these bikes are seen on roads for their outstanding looks and beautiful designs. Orange and white are the most common colors seen on KTM bikes. Hence, you would most widely find orange color as the color of their tattoos.

Where Should You Get KTM Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Arms
  • Fingers
  • Rib Cage
  • Shoulders
  • Wrist

For Men

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Hands
  • Elbow

List of KTM Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • KTM Tattoo on the Rib Cage

KTM Tattoo on the Rib Cage

This beautiful KTM tattoo looks stunning on the left rib cage of the woman. The woman is trying to express her interest in this brand by inking this tattoo. The KTM logo is inked in orange ink, covering the entire logo with a black outline. It shows that the woman wants to own this bike someday. However, because of the lack of money, she has just inked this tattoo on her body.

  • KTM Piston Tattoo on the Leg

KTM Piston Tattoo

The piston is the medium that transfers the motion from the power generated in the engine’s combustion chamber to the wheels of the bike. Since bikes are four-stroke petrol engines, so, in a petrol engine, the power is generated through the spark plug, which ignites the air-fuel mixture inside a cylinder during a compression stroke. In this tattoo, the piston is shown in various orientations, which denote the V-twin engine. Other than this, the spanner is also shown in the horizontal direction, which symbolizes the mechanical or automobile engineering background of the wearer. This tattoo looks exceptional on the leg, and while he is walking, the person from behind can easily relate to his professional background.

  • KTM Duke 200 Motorcycle Tattoo

KTM Duke 200 Bike Tattoo

KTM Duke 200 is a 199.5 CC engine street bike manufactured by KTM. It comes with 6-speed manual transmission and a curb weight of 159 kg. Some of its other features include an angular headlamp with the LED DRL and an aggressively styled fuel tank with a 13.5-liter capacity. It’s a type of blackout tattoo, and such tattoos are hard to ink. It takes a lot of pain from the wearer to ink this tattoo. It symbolizes the ardent of the wearer with KTM Duke 200. Also, this tattoo is inked in a form of a bike number that starts from KA, which is an abbreviation of a state in India named Karnataka. The person who has inked this tattoo belongs to this state in the country of India.

  • KTM Supermoto Motorcycle Tattoo

KTM Supermoto Motorcycle

KTM Supermoto is a thrilling mixture of dirt bike’s aesthetics with a naked bike performance. It comes with a 654 CC engine and 6-speed manual transmission. It was one of the most popular motorcycles in India in the early 2010s. However, a few years later, it was discontinued to upgrade its design. Even in the 2020s, it’s liked by many because of its lighter weight and more user-friendly capability. This tattoo looks marvelous and denotes the true motorcycle taste of the wearer.

  • KTM with the Wing Tattoo

KTM with the Wing Tattoo

This KTM with the wing tattoo looks gorgeous on your body. The wing tattoo is usually referred to as someone whom you miss or having a spiritual connection. It symbolizes that the wearer loves that person. It also represents your passion and love for the KTM brand.

  • KTM Blackout Tattoo at the Back of the Neck

KTM Blackout Tattoo

This blackout KTM tattoo is very difficult to ink. It requires immense pain from the wearer. It is worn at the back of the neck, which represents your affection for KTM motorcycles. The way KTM is being written shows how artistic the wearer is.

  • KTM Chain Tattoo on the Leg

KTM Chain Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo has a distinct look. Here, a sprocket is inked with the chain. In the center of the sprocket, KTM’s name is inked. The chain is the device that transmits the motion of the motorcycle engine to the rear wheel. It represents the engineering background of the wearer.

  • KTM with the Heart Tattoo

KTM with the Heart Tattoo

This tattoo looks simple yet beautiful to the naked eye. KTM’s name is inked as a line tattoo, whereas the heart tattoo is inked as a blackout tattoo. It symbolizes your true love and dedication to this brand.

  • KTM Ready To Race Tattoo on the Arm

KTM Ready To Race Tattoo

This tattoo is for motorcycle race lovers. The wearer of this tattoo has an immense love for bike racing. In some cases, the wearer is itself a bike racer. This stunning tattoo has a unique look that compliments your personality. Here, a motorcycle handle is shown with the hand trying to hold it. Overall, the tattoo symbolizes your passion for moto racing.

  • KTM Racing Tattoo on the Upper Back

KTM RC Tattoo

KTM brand is no more a brand for motorcycle lovers; it’s an emotion. The KTM racing logo inked at the upper back gives an appealing look to its wearer. Above this tattoo, a bulldog is shown, which depicts that the wearer also loves dogs, along with the KTM bikes. The KTM is inked with the orange color, and this color is the most common color of KTM bikes. Overall, the tattoo looks more realistic to the naked eye.

  • KTM Enduro Racing Tattoo on the Arm

KTM S1 GP Racing Tattoo

KTM Enduro racing is off-road racing that requires skills and endurance over various terrains. The wearer of this tattoo has a deep connection with Enduro racing and is believed to take part in this racing, or he is passionate about this racing. Enduro racing is one of the most popular types of off-road racing globally. Several KTM bike riders take part in this tournament, which is held annually. The wearer of this tattoo symbolizes that he loves watching this racing as well.

  • KTM Orange Color Tattoo on the Arm

KTM Orange Color Tattoo

The wearer of this tattoo is not afraid to show his love for this brand, as this tattoo is inked on the forearm in bright orange, which can be seen by everyone with no problem. Also, orange is the chosen color of the KTM brand.

  • KTM Broken Skin Tattoo on the Forearm

KTM Broken Skin Tattoo

This tattoo has a different meaning when the tattoo is inked in a form of torn skin. Here, KTM is denoted as the brand name that is inked by tearing off the body’s skin. It has a deep meaning which symbolizes the immense love of the wearer for the KTM brand. He is also a fan of bike racing. The wearer is ready to bear any pain to get this tattoo done. He wants to own a KTM bike, but such bikes are pricey, so the wearer has inked this tattoo.

  • KTM Motocross Tattoo

KTM Motocross Tattoo

KTM has always been a youth’s favorite bike brand for showing off your style. This brand is renowned for off-road and motocross racing. Perhaps, the best brand for motocross racing. To show your immense obsession with this race, the person has inked this tattoo on his right abdomen. In this tattoo, no person is riding the KTM motocross bike, which means the reliability and trust of the brand by the person wearing this tattoo.

  • Burning KTM Tattoo on the Forearm

Burning KTM Tattoo

This KTM tattoo looks gorgeous on your forearm. You can complement this with a half-sleeve t-shirt to show off your style. It symbolizes your immense passion for the brand. The fire here signifies your love and dedication for KTM bikes.

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