Mei Pang’s (Meicrosoft) 55 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Mei Pang

Mei Pang, also known as Meicrosoft, is a pioneering Malaysian-Canadian makeup artist and beauty vlogger. She is easily recognizable by her extensive collection of symmetrical tattoos adorning her body. With a background in fine arts and experience as a part-time makeup artist, Mei carved out a unique space for women to express their creativity beyond conventional beauty norms. In her personal brand, Mei embraces a neutral aesthetic, predominantly dressing in blacks, whites, and greys. She finds joy in bold, graphic makeup styles, and her approach has evolved to become more daring, painterly, and realistic over time. In April 2021, Mei’s TikTok featuring her 80 fully symmetrical tattoos garnered widespread attention, propelling her into the viral spotlight once again. Among her tattoos is a significant chrysanthemum inked at the age of 18, positioned prominently on her stomach. This tattoo was inspired by Rihanna’s striking depiction of the Egyptian goddess Isis on her sternum. Mei’s tattoos hold personal significance and symbolism, and she proudly shares their stories with her audience. Exploring Mei Pang’s collection of tattoos offers a fascinating glimpse into her unique artistic journey and self-expression.

List of Mei Pang (Meicrosoft) Tattoos

Bridget Riley Inspired Wave Tattoo on Both Arm

Bridget Riley Inspired Tattoo on Both Arm

She got a Bridget Riley-inspired tattoo on both her arms which is done with black ink. Bridget Riley is an English artist known for her op-art style artwork. This was also Mei’s second tattoo.

Crying Heart Tattoo on Arms

Crying Heart Tattoo on Arms

She has a medium-sized crying heart tattoo on her arms which is done with bold black inks.

Teeth Tattoo on Wrists

Teeth Tattoo on Wrists

On both her wrists, Mei has a human tooth tattoo done. The tattoo is pretty small and has been done in a hand-poked manner.

Leaves on her Knees

Leaves on knees

She has got herself inked with small leaves around her knees in hand poke style.

White Ink Leaves Tattoo Near Eyes

White Ink Leaves Tattoo Near Eyes

She has got a hand-poked leaves tattoo near her eyes done in white ink.

Text Tattoo on Upper Chest/ Barbed Wire

Antichrist Tattoo

Barbed Wire tattoo

Mei has the text ‘I am the antichrist to you’ on the upper part of her chest. She got this tattoo because she felt rejected and outcast. This is because she fell in love with a girl during high school who was very religious. Once Mei told her about her feelings, the girl rejected her terming her as “sinner” and “antichrist.” However, she has covered up her antichrist tattoo ever since with a barbed wire tattoo going from one end of her neck to another. She covered her tattoo because she says that she has moved on and did not want any negative experience ink on her skin. She also revealed that the wordings were pretty harsh and she did not want people to have preconceived notions of her. Moreover, some of the brands that she endorses did not want to get associated with such anti-religious or controversial words. While the words are not completely covered but Mei says that it is intentional. She did not want her words to be completely gone but just illegible at first glance. The barbed wire is done in the fine line and dot work style of tattoo.

Chinese Dragon on Head

Dragon tattoo on head

Mei has a Chinese dragon on top of her head which she says is self-explanatory as it is linked to her culture.

Scorpion Holding a Rose on Head

Scorpion Holding a rose

Just below her Chinese dragon tattoo, she has a scorpion holding a rose. This tattoo she got for purely aesthetic reasons.

Mantis Tattoo on Side Head

Mantis tattoo

She has a medium-sized mantis tattooed on the side of her head. This is one of her first head tattoos. It represents the strength and power that women have

‘Heart Throb’ on Front Head

Heart throb tattoo

Mei has inked ‘Heartthrob’ on the front part of her head which is done with gothic font. She got this tattoo after getting inspired by the song Heartthrob by the rapper ‘Father.’

Spider Webs Tattoo Inside Ears

Spider web tattoo

She has spider webs inked inside her ears because it was inspired by a friend. Moreover, she says that it is kind of funny as she can tell her friends to talk about anything and she will absorb it because she has webs.

Floral Tattoo on Neck

Flower tattoo on neck

She has a bold neckpiece of floral design done in black ink. She got this tattoo simply because she loves flowers.

Foo Dogs on Shoulders

Food dogs on shoulders

She has foo dogs on both sides of her shoulders done in black ink. She got this design because of the power symbol it represents.

Oni Mask on Chest

Oni mask tattoo on chest

She also has an Oni mask inked right in the middle of her chest. She got this design because of its symbolic representations in its own culture. She revealed that she loves getting iconic tattoos.

Floral Tattoo on Stomach

Flower tattoo on stomach

Her first tattoo was a floral tattoo in the middle of her stomach. She got this tattoo when she was 18 years old and after getting inspired by a Tumblr trend.

Chicken Feet on Back Arm

Chicken feet tattoo

She has chicken feet on her arms which is done in black ink. She got it inked because of two reasons – the first is that it is one of her dad’s favorite dishes and the second one is that it represents Papa Peng, a snack brand, which has been a huge influence and strength in her life. She also said in one of her own videos that it is also a self-portrait because she is a chicken.

Rat Skeleton with Chinese Text on Back

Rat skeleton tattoo

She has a delicate rat skeleton with some Chinese words that say ‘Ghost Day’ underneath it. The rat is her Chinese zodiac sign as she was born in 1996 and in the Buddhist culture ‘Ghost Day’ represents a day where heaven and hell open up and which falls on August 28 which is also her birth date. This also represents a double of angel and devil.

Monster Hands on Back of the Ear

Monster hands behind the ear

She got monster hands inked in an ode to her favorite music artist, Keaton Henson who drew these monster hands in a written interview in response to the question what is the one thing he can not live without? She got this inked when she was in art school.

Petrichor on Ear

Petrichor on head

She has a petrichor below her scorpion tattoo which represents her favorite song by Keaton Henson, Petrichor. She says that she really relates to the smell that emanates after it rains which is also called a petrichor.

Dobermans on Both Thighs

Doberman tattoo

She has a Doberman on both her thighs which initially caused a lot of controversy because another tattoo artist claimed that she stole the design from them. However, it was a design that she got from a public domain platform.

Nails underneath Breast

Nail tattoo

She has some nails underneath both her breasts because she feels that they fit right into her aesthetic look.

Roses on Hand

Rose tattoo

On both her hands she has black roses inked.

Gothic Text on Hand

Gothic Text Tattoo

On both her hand, just near her rose tattoo, she has gothic text that says, “Be good tomorrow” which she got when she was facing a drinking problem. Thus the tattoo represents her struggles during that time as she would tell herself that she would be good tomorrow.

Spider on Back

Spider tattoo on back

She has a huge spider on her back done in traditional American style and in black ink. It has blood drops coming out of it. The significance behind this tattoo is not known.

Spider Web on Stomach

Spider web tattoo on stomach

Mei also has a huge spider web that goes on the center of her stomach.

Two Jaguars on Stomach

Jaguar on Stomach

Mei has two jaguars surrounding her spider web tattoo. All these designs are done in black ink with bold strokes.

Stipple Tattoo on Chest

Abstract tattoo on chest

She has a stipple tattoo done on her chest in black ink. The tattoo is an abstract work of art and covers almost all of her chest area.

Numbers on her Back

Number tattoo on upper back

Mei has two numbers – 60 and 62 on her upper back area.

Abstract Art on Head

Abstract tattoo on head

She has some abstract art done on her head in bold black ink.

‘Destroyer’ & ‘Creator’ near Elbows

Words on elbow

Mei has the words ‘Destroyer’  and ‘Creator’ written in bold on her elbow.

Traditional Design on Arm

Traditional symbols on arms

Mei has a beautiufl traditional deisgn on her arm. The significance of this design is unknown.

Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoo

She has some abstract design on her lower back which is done with bold black ink.

Flower on Hip

Floral tattoo on buttocks

Mei has a huge floral design that covers her entire buttocks.

Centipede on Wrists

Centipede tattoo on wrist

She has a centipede made on both her wrists done with black ink.

Snake on Upper Arm

Snake tattoo on arm

She has an ink of a snake with two heads on the upper part of her arm done in black ink.

Knife on Arms

Knife tattoo on arms

On her forearms, Mei has a knife tattoo done in the traditional American style.

Paper Plane Tattoo on Arm

Paper Plane Tattoo

Mei has a small paper plane inked in black on her arms.

Gun Tattoo on Chest

Gun tattoo on chest

Mei has got herself a gun tattoo made at the center of her chest.

‘Lucid Bliss’ on Upper Thigh

Lucid Bliss Tattoo on Upper Thigh

She has the words ‘Lucid’ and ‘Bliss’ written on the upper part of her thigh in simple fonts.

Chain on Arm

Chain tattoo on arms

She has a small chain tattoo on both her arms.

Flower on Arms

Flower tattoos on arm

Right in the middle of her arms, she also has a floral vine tattoo.

Leaves and Lines on Fingers

Finger tattoos

Her fingers are covered with some leaves and line tattoos done in black ink.

Butterfly on Shoulder

Mei's Butterfly tattoo

She has a bold butterfly tattoo on the upper part of her arms, near her shoulder.

Floral Design on Biceps

Mei's flower tattoo on bicep

She has a huge floral design done with a mixture of fine and bold lines on her biceps.

Heart Shape Cherry on Legs

Cherry tattoo on legs

She has a small heart-shaped cherry tattoo design done with black ink on her legs.

Scorpion on Leg

Scorpion tattoo on leg

She also has a small scorpion design on her leg.

Floral Tattoo on Leg

Floral tattoo on legs

The front part of her legs is covered with huge floral tattoos.

Chinese Text on Thighs

Chinese text tattoo on thigh

She has huge Chinese symbols on her thighs.

Text on Thigh

Text tattoo on thighs

Right below the Chinese text, she has something written which seems quite illegible at first glance.

Mo Chuisle & Darling on Front Ankle

Mo choise Darling tattoo on legs

She has the text ‘Mo Chuisle’ which is an Irish expression that means ‘my pulse’ and can be referred to as someone affectionately. She also has the word ‘Darling’ written on the same spot on her other leg.

Glitter on her Legs

Glitter tattoo on legs

She has a very simple glitter tattoo design on both her legs.

‘Lethal Heaven’ on Chest

Lethal Heaven tattoo on chest

She has the words ‘Lethal Heaven’ written on her chest.

Rose Flowers on Chest

Rose tattoo on chest

Right near her oni mask tattoo, she has a pair of rose flowers done in a delicate manner on her chest.

Lines near Knee

Knee Tattoo

Mei has a fine-line tattoo that covers her knees. The meaning behind this has not yet been revealed.

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