Sierra Kusterback’s 19 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The lead vocalist of the prominent rock band Verse, Sierra Kusterback is an American singer, songwriter and a model. To pursue her career in music she left her school at an early age. She is crazy about tattoos and mostly got herself tatted on her tours for the music concerts. Read below to know about her tattoos.

Sierra Kusterbeck Tattoos
1. Bleeding Tooth Tattoo

Sierra Kusterbeck Tooth On Ankle Tattoo

Sierra got this unique bleeding tooth tattoo on her left ankle. This tattoo is inspired by the Lady Gaga’s teeth song which contains the lyrics “Show me your teeth” because she is her great fan.

2. Traditional Heart With A Banner

Sierra Kusterbeck Heart And Banner Tattoo

She got her left ankle inked with a heart with a banner wrapped around it which contains a text “OLDER MEN.” She got this beautiful tattoo randomly done at one of the tattoo shops in the Elm Street when she was in Dallas after her Wrapped Tour.

3. Snow Covered Mountains Tattoo on Foot

Sierra Kusterbeck Mountain Foot Tattoo

She got her left foot inscribed with 3 mountains with their peaks covered with snow.

4. Half Eaten Rotten Tattoo

Sierra Kusterbeck Half Rotten Apple On Ankle Tattoo-compressed

The back side of Sierra’s right ankle is covered with a half eaten rotten apple. When interviewed about her tattoo she explained that she got this tattoo because she believes, “Everybody’s kind of a rotten apple in a way. No one’s perfect.”

5. Crescent Moon Tattoo on Ankle

Sierra Kusterbeck Crescent Moon Ankle Tattoo

Just towards the bottom right corner of her rotten apple tattoo, she got a crescent moon tattoo which her boyfriend Shane Crump inked on her right ankle using a needle and ink. This is one of her homemade tattoos.

6. Letter “U” on Right Heel

Sierra Kusterbeck Faded U On Foot Tattoo

Sierra got a letter “U” inscribed on the inner side of her right heel. Although this tattoo of her is fading out, still it is slightly visible.

7. Small Black Dots on Toe And Adjacent Fingers

Sierra Kusterbeck Toe Dots Tattoo

There exists small black colored dots on Sierra’s right toe and on two of her adjacent fingers.

8. An arrow on The Side of Index Finger

Sierra Kusterbeck Arrow Tattoo

The side of the right index finger is inked with an arrow symbol. One of her friend Monkeybird also has this matching tattoo. Talking about her arrow tattoo she explained, “People always ask about the arrow tattooed on my finger. Besides the fact that I like arrows, I’m also a Sagittarius–-everyone in the band is-and the tattoo always points me in the right direction. ”

9. Inverted Triangle on Left Hand’s Middle Finger

Sierra Kusterbeck Triangle On Finger Tattoo

Sierra’s left-hand middle finger has an outline of graphic design which is an inverted triangle.

10. Smiley Face on Little Finger And 3 Dots on middle Finger

Sierra Kusterbeck Smiley Dot Finger Tattoo

The tip of Sierra’s left little finger is covered with a smiley face. There exist 3 dots in a vertical fashion on the middle finger of the same hand.

11. Infinity Symbol Tattooed on Wrist

Sierra Kusterbeck Infinty Wrist Tattoo

Sierra has got her left wrist tatted with an infinity symbol which is black in color. The infinity symbol is not only for the lovers but it is a symbol of rebirth and reincarnation as well. There is another meaning for this tattoo as everything in our life is endless.

12. Cross Arrows Behind Ear

Sierra Kusterbeck Arrow Behind Ear Tattoo

Sierra got cross arrows inked behind her left ear. Her crossed arrows are the symbol of her Verse Emerge band.

13. Band-Aid Below Knee

Sierra Kusterbeck Bandaid Knee Tattoo

Sierra band-aid tattoo reminds her of her childhood days. She got a band-aid inked below her left knee. She explains, “I grew up a tomboy and was always very clumsy, my legs are covered in scars and I got it just as a reminder to never try to be someone I’m not.”

14. Fly Bee Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Sierra Kusterbeck Fly Shoulder Tattoo1

A fly bee has been inked by Sierra on the right shoulder blade.

15. Writing on The Inner Side of Elbow

Sierra Kusterbeck Elbow Tattoo

She has got the inner side of left elbow inked with a piece of writing.

16. Heart And 2 Plus symbols Around Heels 

Sierra Kusterbeck Writing Heart On Foot Tattoo

Sierra has her right heels wrapped by the 2 plus signs followed by a cute little heart.

17. Cicada Tattooed on Ankle

Sierra Kusterbeck Cicada Ankle Tattoo

Sierra’s has her right ankle tattooed with insect spices known as a cicada. She got it inscribed to pay tribute to her native state Florida and its swamps.

18. Writing on The Outer Side of Foot

Sierra Kusterbeck Writing On Outer Side Foot Tattoo

Sierra has the outer side of her left foot inked with “GQ” and “I drag my feet.”

19. Fangs And Writing on Foot

Sierra Kusterbeck Tour And Fangs Ankle Tattoo

Sierra has the inner side of her left foot inked with a vamps fangs and with a word “TOUR 09.” She got this tattoo done on her Warped Tour and describes it as her party ankle.

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