Michelle Branch’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch is an American songwriter, singer, and actress known for her famous song, “The Game of Love“, for which she won a Grammy award. Apart from being really talented as she is, Michelle has a craze for tattoos. She has her body parts inked many times and here’s the story behind each of her inks.

Michelle Branch

1. Cowgirl

cowgirl tattoo

Michelle has a big cowgirl tattoo on her left forearm, where the cowgirl is seen shooting a gun. The tattoo, as she says, was inked during working for ‘The Wreckers‘ album. “Everyone thought I was crazy, but everyone thought I was crazy for doing this project. Every time I look at my arm, I remember being in the studio with Jess. It’ll always be my favorite.”

2. Feather

feather tattoo

A cowgirl on the left and a feather on her right. Miss Branch, apparently has a (not to forget huge) feather tattoo on her right forearm.

3. Wrists

left and right tattoo

Wanting to do something unexpected and quirky, Michelle got herself inked with “right” on right wrist and “left” on left wrist. She said, “Most people get something really meaningful written in cursive on their wrists and I thought from far away it just looks like something meaningful, beautiful. And I have a little bit of a goofy sense of humor so I thought well it’d be funny if people ask me what it is.”

4. Grammy Star

star tattoo

Michelle got a star inked on her right foot to honor her nomination at the Grammy’s. “I would get a tattoo at different career milestones—having a record go gold or platinum, stuff like that,” she said in an interview.  She has a star inked on the backside of her neck too. She even has it on her ankle and her hip.

5. Love Love Love

heart tattoo

“I have a heart on my ring finger in case I forget to wear my wedding rings,” she says. She got a heart inked in honor of her husband Teddy Landau, whom she married in 2004.

7. Flowers

flower tattoo

Branch has a flower tattoo on her left shoulder. (Branch, Flower, got it?)

8. Kanji

kanji tattoo

If you don’t know what Kanji is, it is a Japanese system of writing using Chinese characters. Michelle has a kanji inscription at the small of her back.

9. Ode to Music

Michelle Branch tattoo Ode to Music

As an ode to music, Michelle has a musical note on her shoulder and it’s blue in colour.

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