Miranda Lambert’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Miranda Leigh Lambert is an American country singer and songwriter, who started her music career in 2003 when she had auditioned for the talent competition Nashville Star, where she earned a third place. She has been honored by the Grammy Awards, The Academy of Country Music Awards and The Country Music Association Awards. She gained a lot of limelight not only because of her music career but also because of her number of endorsements and fashion sense. She even started her own line of shoes and boots. She has also been seen with a number of tattoos like other celebrities. Let’s explore to know more details regarding her tattoos along with their meanings.


1. ‘Music Note’ Tattoo

music note tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Music Note’ Tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: Miranda has got a music note tattoo on her right forearm which she inked in 2015. Miranda and her “Certified Platinum Tour” opening act Raelynnand backup singer Gwen Sebastian, got their matching music note tattoo on their right forearms, before their concert in Tulsa Oklahoma in 2015.

2. ‘Guns With Wings’ Tattoo

miranda 2

gun tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Guns With Wings’ Tattoo on her left forearm.

Meaning: ‘Two guns with wings’ are inked on the left forearm of Miranda. She is really fond of her tattoo but even expressed her father’s disliking towards this tattoo. She once said,

“The only reason I regret it is because my dad was pissed. I love it, It’s kind of become my signature, it’s on everything I have, it’s my logo, it’s on my all backdrops, but my dad was upset. He’s kind of old school so he took it personally. But we have gotten past it. I got it when I was 22 on tour with George Strait. It’s the first thing I ever did without asking my parents. My dad didn’t speak to me for a week.”

She even expressed her feelings regarding her dad’s reaction on this tattoo in her song “Heart Like Mine”, in which she sings,

“Daddy cried when he saw my tattoo, He loved me anyway.”

3. ‘Arrow’ Tattoo

arrow tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Arrow’ Tattoo on her right hand.

Meaning: An ‘arrow’ tattoo usually represents protection and defence from harm. Miranda got this tattoo inked on her right hand but never confessed the reason for getting this ink.

4. ‘Paw Shaped Heart’ Tattoo

miranda foot tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Paw Shaped Heart’ Tattoo on her right foot.

Meaning: Miranda Lambert has got a pink colored with black outlining paw-shaped heart tattoo on her right foot. She got this tattoo inked in 2012 just before her wedding to Blake Shelton.

5. ‘Playing Card with a Large Heart’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Playing card with a large heart’ tattoo on the inner portion of her right forearm.

Meaning: This is the lastest tattoo which Miranda got, after getting married to Brendan McLoughlin in February 2019. This tattoo has been inked on her right forearm, resembling a playing card with a large red colored heart in the center and a very unique green colored design surrounding it. This tattoo has a letter M on both lower and upper side on the border of the design. The letter M symbolize the name, Miranda and McLoughlin and the heart and green design symbolize her love towards her husband.

6. ‘Tumbleweed’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Tumbleweed’ Tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: Miranda has inked the word tumbleweed on her right forearm just near her music note tattoo.

7. ‘Unicorn’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Unicorn’ Tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: Unicorns are considered as the mythical animal horse representing divine powers connected to both heaven and earth. They are the creatures of magic. The unicorn tattoo has been inked by Miranda on her right forearm.

8. ‘Cross’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘Cross’ Tattoo near her right wrist.

Meaning: A cross with a pink heart in the center has been inked by her on her right forearm just near her wrist. The cross tattoo is a very common tattoo among many celebrities having a very spiritual meaning, representing the even of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, an essential moment in the history of religion.

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