40 Amazing TNT Tattoo Designs

Trinitrotoluene (TNT), or more precisely 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, is a synthetic compound with the formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3. This yellow solid is seldom utilized as a reagent in biochemical construction, but it is famously recognized as an explosive material with proper handling attributes. The volatile nature of TNT is supposed to be the conventional model of bombs and the power of ammunition. In chemistry, TNT is used to form charge transfer salts.

In tattoo culture, TNT has been popular as a masculine structure to show power, strength, and volatile nature. It can mean various things which are quite honestly, very subjective. TNT was also a huge part of both the major world wars. As well as being toxic, TNT is also very deadly. In the United States only, over 17,000 cases of TNT poisoning were recorded throughout the world war one, making about 500 deaths of workers of munitions due to liver impairment and anemia. By world war two, however, protection measures were toughened up. So, TNT tattoos can be used to pay homage to people who died in both the world wars due to TNT or working with such materials.

Here are some placement ideas that you can keep in mind while getting TNT tattoos.

TNT Tattoo Placement Ideas

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If your TNT tattoos are very small or even micro, which is a great trend these days, it would look great on smaller body areas like your fingers, nape of the neck, behind the ears, or even knuckles. You can even increase the size of it to medium so that it is more visible and could fit other parts of the body like wrist, etc.

If you want to get a large TNT tattoo design by getting some elements added to them, you can get it on places like legs, chest, arm, or even your bicep. The main motive for a bigger tattoo is aesthetics because they are very visible. To achieve a realistic look, t is important that you select some larger surface area.

As for the color choices, the most popular colors utilized for this TNT tattoo design are either red, because of the explosive material itself, and black, for the chemical structure or the graphic effects. But, it is pretty plausible that some may use different colors to produce various results from their ideas. For instance, some of the people often combine colors such as red, yellow, and green and even bright, vivid psychedelic colors which are often associated with the hippy lifestyle.

Best Placements For TNT Tattoo Designs For Men and Boys:

TNT tattoo is quite common amongst men and young lads who are into some sort of violent professions like policemen or any defense services. Many also choose this to show their volatile behavior or as an honor to people in the war. Some others have their own specific reasons. You can add other elements to it to make it more specific and create a masterpiece out of a regular TNT tattoo. However, such people are clearly not afraid to show their tattoo designs.

Best Placements For TNT Tattoo Designs For Women and Girls:

While TNT tattoos designs are more common amongst boys and men, it is not common for women to show TNT tattoos as well. There are many women who get TNT tattoo to show their strength and be a part of all those men who pay homage to the war heroes. For most women, the most common placement idea is the neck, shoulders, arm areas. If you want to do something unusual, you can also attempt and get these tattoos around the bust area, naval, thighs, lower back, calf, and ankles.

The principal aim of getting inked with TNT is to showcase that these personalities are moving up and accepting art as a matter of cause rather than just for aesthetics.

Here is a list of 40 amazing TNT tattoo that you can get inspiration from:

TNT Tattoos List

  • Bee TNT Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design is very creative with a little beer holding the explosive product. It looks pretty attractive because of the different colors that have been added to the bee. The beautifully done bee wings look amazing. You can get it on your thighs or even your arms where it can be easily visible.

  • Timer TNT Tattoos Designs


TNT tattoo design is done on the arms of the wearer and looks pretty cool in this vertical placement area. The tattoo is a long one and not a broad one, so areas such as legs, thighs, or arms would look pretty great. The colors that are added to the design look pretty great and makes the whole design even more attractive than before.

  • Explosive TNT Tattoos Designs


TNT tattoo design is great for any placement area like your arm, leg, chest, or even back. It is not such a big tattoo so it will look awesome almost anywhere you put it. The design shows a stick of dynamite being exploding into two halves and the smoke it emits. The whole concept is pretty simple, yet could have individual significance.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs With Name


Here, the wearer has very creatively added his own name or that of someone that he knows in the TNT tattoo design. Similarly, you can get it done in a similar way if you name beings with the letters T or N, or you can just add any name to the tattoo design, probably above it or below it. The design looks pretty good.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs on Lower Stomach


This TNT tattoo design looks as if it has been made by a child. It seems as if the design has been picked up from a children’s book or probably the wearer’s child or nephew/niece has made this drawing. If you want to keep such emotional moments alive, what other better way is to get them tattooed on your skin? It will remain there forever.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs with Date


This TNT tattoo design does not show the stick of explosive material but the name “TNT” written in a very beautiful manner. The text is also shaded with hints of red and black to make it look 3D and more realistic. The wearer has also decided to get a specific date etched along with this design which could be probably very subjective.

  • Colorful TNT Tattoos Designs


This colorful TNT tattoo design looks very attractive solely because it has loads of bright colors added to it. I specifically love the light blue background of the stick of the dynamite. The word “TNT” is written on a ribbon and has been curled around the dynamite. It looks pretty amazing. I also like the addition of stars!

  • Tom and Jerry TNT Tattoos Designs


This little TNT tattoo design is very quirky and rather funny too. It represents a character from one of the very popular cartoon shows, Tom and Jerry. In fact, you can even add any cartoon character that you like. But this one represents the naughty-ness of the person. One show that I am reminded of is Road Runner that uses explosives in the show.

  • A Message to Haters TNT Tattoos Designs


Your TNT tattoo design can be a message to your haters just like it is for this wearer who has decided to carve on the word “haters” on the stick of dynamite. It is almost ready to burst! It represents the fact that he is not phased by the haters and instead, likes to burn all t bad memories associated with it. It is quite a nonchalant attitude towards haters and this tattoo is pretty enough to communicate it.

  • Skull TNT Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design with a skull holding a stick of burning explosive is very similar to one we saw just above. At least, the message seems to be pretty the same. TNT designs usually represent the fact that the person is of a very volatile nature and messing with him or she would lead to destruction. Anyway, the message behind your tattoo can be totally subjective.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs Molecular Formula


We explained in the intro that TNT is Trinitrotoluene (TNT), or more precisely 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, which is a synthetic compound with the formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3. So, if you are not a fan of getting TNT sticks or those colorful tattoos and want to keep it simple, this tattoo design can be your inspiration. Also, if you are into such science-related stuff, nothing can be better than getting a tattoo of molecular representation of TNT.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs With A Timer


This TNT tattoo design is very amazingly done on the upper arm of the wearer. It looks extremely attractive with all the beautiful colors. It also shows the timer that is ticking which can have multiple meanings. Although your tattoo can represent various meanings, it is also acceptable if you want to make this design purely for aesthetic reasons.

  • Cartoon TNT Tattoos Designs


This cartoon TNT tattoo design looks great with so many beautiful colors on the design. It is a great way to make your tattoo look funny and adorable at the same time. Whereas it can mean something to someone, it can also serve an aesthetic purpose for others. This tattoo design is great to be made on arm and legs.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs  Lotus


This amazing and colorful TNT tattoo design looks very attractive with different elements on the design. It looks great with an amalgamation of so many different colors and looks bright and colorful. It is rather a cheerful tattoo. It seems as if the dynamite stick is contained on a lotus flower but it could also be because of the cloud of smoke.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs Caricature


This is quite a caricaturish looking TNT tattoo design which looks amazing made on the side of the ribs. The tattoo is big in size so it can be well adjusted in many places. It is a good symbol for anything related to war and honors war heroes. The colorful design looks very bright and attractive.

  • Chest TNT Tattoos Designs


The full chest TNT tattoo design looks great because of the multiple bright colors that are used to etch this tattoo. It is a great one if you want to look all buff and strong. It has various other elements like bombs, and bullets along with a skull holding sticks of dynamite in his mouth. He has also added this text which says, “Never Regret”, which tells about the fact that one must not regret anything in life and be strong to accept whatever life throws at you.

  • Personal Symbol TNT Tattoos Designs


This is a simple design that you can make on your leg. It also has some numbers which are pretty subjective to the wearer. So you can add any sort of elements to your tattoo design. This wearer has added some floral design to the tattoo to make it look more gender-neutral because such explosive designs are usually associated with masculine energy.

  • Funny TNT Tattoos Designs


This funny TNT tattoo design is very creative although it does not have many colors, it still looks very amusing! The tattoo is very plain but yet looks creative. You can get such type of designs if you want something funny added to your tattoo collection.

  • Boom TNT Tattoos Designs


This tattoo is very amazing because it is rather different from other tattoos out here on this list. It is a grenade but it has almost the same explosive meaning that other TNT tattoo designs have. It looks great even without many colors. The elements like an explosion and the smoke clouds are rather cartoonish.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs on Leg


This is as simple as a TNT tattoo design can be. It practically has no extra elements which make sit look anything extraordinary. Such a simple design does confirm the fact that these tattoos are not for some aesthetic purposes but rather have a lot of significance and a lot of meaning behind it. It is a great tattoo design for any part of your body.

  • Small TNT Tattoos Designs on Ear


This is a petite tattoo design that is great for such small places like ear, finger, or even behind the ear. In fact, micro tattoos like this one are pretty much in trend and many people get themselves tattooed with such suggestive designs. This TNT tattoo might not have aesthetic appeal because it is pretty simple and made with a black ink outline, but this design looks pretty cool on the ear.

  • Amazing TNT Tattoos Designs


This tattoo design is also very simple but it has a lot of color on it. It looks like a firecracker, to be honest, but that is probably because of its simplicity. You can get such a small tattoo design and club it with other tattoo ideas that you have in your collection.

  • Time TNT Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design is very creative. Not only does it have ample colors but it also has a lot of elements in it. It represents something very peculiar as if someone is focused on time. This TNT tattoo design illustrates out of the universe subjects which is apparent because of the Illuminati eye design and a distorted clock that has been added in this design.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs on Chest


This TNT tattoo design is huge and the chest is the best placement idea for such a design. It looks pretty amazing with beautiful colors inked on the design. The pipes that are attached to the TNT explosive is made to look as if it will go inside the heart. The overall effect is very realistic. The man has also added a clock with the word “rave” written on it which means to work hard unless time would run out.

  • Exploding TNT Tattoos Designs


This explosive TNT tattoo design looks pretty dope. The wearer has made this tattoo on his wrist where it is pretty visible. If you want, you can get this tattoo made in a smaller version and fit it anywhere even on your wrists!

  • TNT Tattoos Designs on Neck


Nape of the neck is quite a popular tattoo trend for many people. It is great for anyone who wants to keep it trendy and does not want to lean on placement ideas that are pretty obsolete like the chest or back. There are so many unconventional places that you can get your tattoo on; all you need to do is adjust the size of your tattoo according to your tattoo design.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs on Ankle


This little TNT tattoo design looks pretty amazing on the ankle. The ankle is also another unconventional tattoo placement idea like the nape of the neck or inside the ear. Because this tattoo is tiny, you can easily get it any place you want. It is simple but looks pretty chic placed on the ankle. This is simply done with an outline of black ink.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs Behind Ear


This TNT tattoo design is placed on the back of the ear. It looks pretty great because of its bright colors and awesome effects. It is a great design for anyone who wants to do something creative with their selection of tattoo. The smoking effect looks pretty great with black shading added to make it look more real.

  • Awesome TNT Tattoos Designs


These three dynamite sticks together look pretty awesome. While many people like to add only a single stick, a couple of sticks of the explosive look pretty amazing. It is a great and colorful design that is placed on the arms of this wearer along with other colorful collection of designs.

  • Simple TNT Tattoos Designs


This is a plain-looking TNT tattoo design because it has simple and fine strokes of ink. It is a great tattoo design to be placed on the arm or the leg. It looks absolutely amazing because the design is very tranquil to look at. The strokes are soft and look pretty great.

  • TNT Forever Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design is great because it is used to give a message. Although here, TNT can be used to mean anything but the addition of “forever” is something that binds the meaning of the design into something more significant. You can also add some special words that will make your design look better and probably more significant.

  • Arm TNT Tattoos Designs


Any TNT tattoo design would look totally awesome etched on the arm. This tattoo design has a lot of colors which make sit look pretty amazing. It is a great design and the wearer has made in such a way that makes it look like a wrist band. It also resembles the fact that a timebomb has been attached to the wrist of the wearer.

  • Cool TNT Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design is rather cool as it looks pretty creative and realistic. It is a great design to be made on arms or legs because of its vertical looks. As compared to other tattoos on this list, this tattoo does not have many bright colors but it is still colorful. The shading effects make it look very realistic and gives a 3D effect.

  • Magnific TNT Tattoos Designs


The whole shape of this TNT tattoo design is very caricaturish. It looks pretty amazing with al the beautiful and bright colors that have been added to it. The explosion effect is unlike that of others on the list. You can get this small TNT tattoo design on your arms just like this were has done.

  • Heart TNT Tattoos Designs


This TNT tattoo design is pretty creative because it is exploding into something very unique, that is, into a heart-shaped structure. It can actually be a message of peace through the show of violent objects. It could be a symbol of peace over war or love over hatred. It is a great tattoo and can be modified to mean different things. You can add some colors to make it look more attractive.

  • Simple TNT Tattoos Designs


TNT tattoo designs are pretty popular among young lads and men specifically. It is a great tattoo design if you want to boast about your power of your volatile nature that would help you keep your haters and enemies off from you. It is a bold statement on such matters.

  • TNT Tattoos Designs With Dates


Adding dates with your tattoos makes it more personalized. You can add some very specific dates that could serve as a reminder of some event or a reminder of someone. It is a great tattoo design and looks attractive because of the bright and decent colors that have been used to make it.

  • Minimalistic TNT Tattoos Designs


This tattoo design is very minimalistic. It does not have deep colors or any shading effect. However, it makes the fact clear that more than the aesthetic appeal of the design, the focus of the design is on its significance.

  • Hand TNT Tattoos Designs

TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs TNT Tattoos Designs

It is a very cool TNT tattoo design because it is made to resemble a smoke pipe. The hand that is holding this is also holding it in a similar manner. It is rather a cool design because all the different colors that are used in this design are bright and make it look very cartoonish. For a more realistic effect, you would need some mellowed down colors and shading effects done with black ink. The wearer has placed it on the back of the arm where it looks pretty darn amazing.

This is all about the 40 amazing TNT tattoo design that you can choose to get etched on your skin. However, make sure that you also decide on some relevant placement idea of your skin so that your design has some significance because it is going to stay on your body for a long time.

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