30+ Exclusive Misfits Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

The Misfits were the first band to successfully fuse punk rock and themes from the horror genre. After the launch of the Horror Business single in 1979, the band’s famous skull logo, The Crimson Ghost, became the mascot for the Misfits. Even if you haven’t heard any of their music, you’ve probably seen the stylized skull they use.

Meaning of Misfits Tattoo Designs           

The Misfits occupy a unique spot in rock’s lengthy history. They are, without a doubt, one of the most influential punk bands in history. The Misfits’ devil locks, ghoulish imagery, and Danzig himself are all easy targets for ridicule, but it doesn’t make them any less lovable.

Ideas for Misfits Tattoo Designs

This fascination may help clarify why the Crimson Ghost, the Misfits’ iconic insignia, has been immortalized in so many tattoos. Having a stylish logo helps.

  • Loud Misfits Tattoos
  • Simple Misfits Tattoos
  • Unique Misfits Tattoos
  • Minimalist Misfits Tattoos
  • Devil Misfits Tattoos

Where Should You Misfits Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Misfits Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Discrete Misfit Tattoo Design on Fingers

Misfits Tattoo

This Misfits tattoo design is discrete in itself, it not only gains attention but makes the spectator get stuck for quite some time to look and embrace it. The idea of choosing to get inked on each finger is very distinct and direct.

  • Devil Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

A devil misfits tattoo on arm can be a good and unique way to represent the punk culture. The tattoo can be both colorful as well as black and white signifying “The Death Comes Ripping.”

  • Ghost Misfit Tattoo Design on Arm

Misfits Tattoo

A plain black misfits tattoo is the most famous and still in trend even today. One does not need to think much to get such a tattoo done.

  • Music Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

This tattoo is for those who love misfits as a band and are related to music somewhere on the other. If you are a music lover and you follow Misfit. This tattoo is for you. It speaks for itself.

  • American Psycho Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

We all go a little mad sometimes. An American Psycho Misfits tattoo is a punky tattoo and minimalistic at the same with. You can get a simple tattoo inked and later with years you can get it shaded in black or colored for a change.

Misfits Tattoo

Well, this is just another example of how this tattoo would look after being shaded. You can add Misfits in color over the top as well.

Misfits Tattoo

If in case you feel bored with any quote under the misfit’s tattoo or you feel as if the design is getting older. You can get this dynamic look done anytime. It will not only make the tattoo look new but will also give this tattoo volume giving this tattoo an edge.

Misfits Tattoo

This is how a simple minimalist misfits tattoo would look after being shaded in colors.

  • Skull Misfits Tattoo Design on Leg

Misfits Tattoo

This is a symbolic misfit tattoo design, one can get it inked at any body part, and will slay anywhere and everywhere.

  • Iconic Multi Skull Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

Why does one need to limit themselves to one skull in a misfit’s tattoo? Make the devil look eviler and your tattoo bold by adding multiple skulls in your misfit’s tattoo. What could be better than a picture that depicts your love for partying if you are a party animal seeking the ideal misfit tattoo that fits your personality?

  • Coffin Misfits Tattoo Design 

Misfits Tattoo

Coffin tattoo designs symbolize that one is prepared for death. Not only this it represents that one is in peace with one’s life. Not only this it can also imply the loss of a loved one. As they pertain to grave and ghostly themes and startle many people, coffin tattoos are already intriguing. These designs, like other coffin tattoos, have a candle on them that gives them a haunting impression.

Misfits Tattoo

Coffin Misfit’s design can also be colorful. Coffins usually imply the dark side of being alive and life lived well. This tattoo is dark, bold as well as colorful. If you are confident enough in life this tattoo is perfect for you. Some coffins tattoo have profound significance, while others share a particular message. However, in this instance, the coffin tattoo is simple and depicts a humorous aspect of human nature.

  • Black and White Misfits Tattoo Design on Forearm

Misfits Tattoo

Forearm Misfit tattoo is for those who strongly claim their believe in the Punk Culture and are proud to support them. One doesn’t have to make much of an effort with such a tattoo.

Misfits Tattoo

This tattoo will make you believe that “The Less is the New More.” A minimalistic Misfits tattoo can overpower your other tattoo designs.

  • Simple Misfits Tattoo Design on Ankle

Misfits Tattoo

Right above the ankle is just another popular spot to get the tattoo. This tattoo is minimalistic yet speaks a lot about itself.

  • Courageous Misfits Tattoo Design on Stomach

Misfits Tattoo

Well, it takes courage to get a misfit tattoo inked. It also makes you different from other tattoo bearers. It is not necessary to get a crimson skull tattoo you can also get the name Misfit inked to represent the cult. Such tattoos look amazing on the stomach when clubbed with a crop top and denim.

  • Colorful Misfits Tattoo Design on Thigh


The thigh bone being the longest bone of the body gives you enough dimension to be creative and innovative at the same time. Nothing can go wrong with a Misfit tattoo sign on a thigh be it colorful or black and white.

  • Skeleton Misfits Tattoo Design on Calf

Misfits Tattoo

The calf as a body part gives you enough space and freedom to customize your tattoo. One can get hands shaded and even an entire skeleton. You can also remove the robe overhead the skeleton.

  • Unique Misfits Tattoo Design on Head

Misfits Tattoo

The most influential misfit tattoo would be the one on a shaved head. The person with a tattoo at such a place will always be considered different from others. This tattoo indeed depicts the Punk culture in all its glory.

  • Iconic Misfits Tattoo Design on Hand

Misfits Tattoo

Getting a misfit tattoo over your hands can give you a very dynamic image and will never fail to catch your attention. Getting a bold tattoo does send a confident message to the world that you are scared of none.

  • Tattoo Design on Bicep

Misfits Tattoo

The biceps are the most exposed area of the body. Feel free to get a misfit tattoo of any size or color.

  • Minimalistic Misfits Tattoo Design on Ear

Misfits Tattoo

A simple and small misfits tattoo is good enough to gain attention within a crowd of hundreds. Bold is not always beautiful. if you are someone who likes things classy and simple. This tattoo is you.

  • Flamboyant Tattoo Design on Back

Misfits Tattoo

A back tattoo is the most trending tattoo these days. Be it colored or black and white, it will never fade out of fashion. Also, a misfit tattoo at the back would convey the message as well as cover the extra space.

  • Creative Misfits Tattoo Design on Arm

Misfits Tattoo

You need not limit your Misfits tattoo design with a crimson symbol, You can also try out creative designs like the one above. A knife piercing the heart is symbolic of heartlessness and brutality which directly links them to how punk culture portrayed itself in society.

  • Camouflaged Misfits Tattoo Design on Neck

Misfits Tattoo

The neck is one of the most prominent areas to get a tattoo inked. A misfit tattoo can completely blend with the other tattoos as well.

  • Bat Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

Instead of opting for a crimson tattoo you can be innovative in your ways and give your tattoo meaning of your own. This tattoo symbolizes death and rebirth which also gives out a very strong message about the Misfits and the person who chooses to get this tattoo inked.

Cartoon Misfits Tattoo Designs

Misfits Tattoo

A cartoon tattoo design is also a good idea. You can customize it by adding a quote which you believe. These tattoos are more for people who like to party and are punky.

  • Bold and Beautiful Female Misfits Tattoo Design

Misfits Tattoo

Why do you need to limit yourself with a skeleton or skull tattoo idea when you can go for such a bold and beautiful female misfits tattoo? Also, a tattoo design like this looks more elegant when colors are added to it. A tattoo like this makes your personality look bold. You can make this tattoo bold by placing the blade pendant instead of a lock. Women worldwide deal with a variety of social concerns. This tattoo might be your power move if you’re a powerful woman who wants to express your disapproval of males who catcall and break past the patriarchal ceiling.

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