Solo Sikoa’s 2 Tattoos and their Meanings

Joseph Yokozuna Fatu, an American professional wrestler, currently holds a contract with WWE. Under the ring name Solo Sikoa, he actively participates in matches on the SmackDown brand. A proud member of The Bloodline, he has achieved the title of a former one-time NXT North American Champion. Additionally, he proudly displays tattoos reflecting his Samoan heritage. Solo Sikoa views the tattoos on his body collectively as armor, likening them to a shield or sword in the ring. He describes the ink as both a form of protection and a beautiful aspect of his persona, creating a symbolic and aesthetic connection to his identity as a wrestler.

Solo Sikoa

1. Tribal Tattoo on the Right Arm

Solo Sikoa's right arm tattoo

Similar to the members of his Samoan bloodline, Solo also has a traditional tattoo on his body designed by the tattoo artist, Michael Fatutoa. In Solo Sikoa’s own words, he offered insights into the tattoos embellishing his body. Highlighting the ink on his entire right arm, known as “Battle Scars,” Solo shared that it symbolizes the multitude of battles he has faced in different facets of life—emotionally, physically, and mentally. The tattoo serves as a tangible manifestation of the varied patterns of pain etched into his journey, transforming his skin into a canvas that narrates the stories of his struggles and resilience.

2. Tribal Tattoo on the Left Arm

Solo Sikoa's left arm tatoo

Continuing his narrative, Solo Sikoa delved into the meaning behind the tattoo on his left arm and shoulder, also designed by the same artist who inked his previous tattoo, emphasizing that it encapsulates the word “fearless.” In his own words, Solo expressed the sentiment that, regardless of the challenges presented before him, he remains steadfast and resilient. Additionally, he opened up about a deliberate choice, leaving the left chest part devoid of ink. Solo disclosed that this intentional emptiness symbolizes a space reserved for his children, an emblematic gesture of keeping a part of himself dedicated to his family.

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