Beyonce’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Grammy Queen, Beyonce is a multi-talented pop star. She is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and a record producer. She has got her body inked with tattoos which are very personal to her and hold significant importance in her life. Read further to know about her body inks that she has inscribed on her.Beyonce Tattoos

1. Three Tiny Dots on Knuckles

Beyonce Three Dots Tattoo On Finger

The pop star has her knuckles inked with 3 tiny dots on her left finger. These dots represent her 3 children. The upper and the lower dots which are in light black color depict her twins and the middle dot which is in dark blue color symbolizes her first child Blue Ivy Carter.

2. Roman Numeral IV Gets a New Touch

Beyonce IV Tattoo

There exists a roman numeral on the knuckle of her left hand’s ring finger. Both she and her beau Jay-Z got married on 4th April (04) so both of them got the numeral IV inked on their fingers as they find number 4 lucky for the couple. But, as the tattoo started fading so she got it recarved with a different ink and the transformation came as an amalgamation of J and number 4. This is the most special tattoo on her body as there are innumerable feelings associated with it. In fact, she described her tattoo as, “I feel like [the ring] is for me when I’m not working. And when I’m working, it’s too personal,  even though it’s fading I have a little tattoo that is here always because I know I would be working and I wouldn’t be able to wear it all the time. So I have this.”

3. Angel Tattoo on Hip

Beyonce Angel Hip Tattoo

Beyonce got her left hip tattooed with an angel which was quite large. This was the first tattoo that she got inked but as the size of the tattoo was quite large for her so she got it removed. The traces of this tattoo are still left on her hip though it is hardly visible because of the position at which it is placed.

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