Nadine Lustre’s 13 Tattoos & Their Meanings

A Filipino actress and singer by the name of Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre is known to many of you but with a short name; Nadine Lustre.  She rose to prominence in 2014 when she portrayed Eya Rodriguez, the main character, in the movie Diary ng Panget. Nadine has also been in a number of television shows and movies, including “On the Wings of Love,” “Never Not Love You,” “Ulan,” and “Indak.” Many of you might not be aware that Nadine first appeared as the host of the children’s program Storyland. This blog discusses another intriguing aspect of Lustre’s life, namely her body tattoos. Let’s explore them.

Nadine Lustre

1. ‘Ma Cherie’ Tattoo

Nadine tattoo

Tattoo: On her right hand’s ring finger, Nadine has got a tattoo of french writing that says, ‘Ma Cherie.’

Meaning: The word stands for “my sweetheart” when translated into English. Nadine claims to stand for “I am my own sweetheart.”

2. Heart Tattoo on Finger

Nadine heart tattoo on finger

Nadine heart tattoo

Tattoo: On her right hand, there is another tattoo. It is an outlined heart that Nadine got to remind herself “to do everything with love.”

3. Stars Tattoo-Right Wrist

Nadine stars tattoo

Nadine stars tattoos

Tattoo: There is a star tattoo on her wrist. Nadine got this as a matching tattoo with her best friends, Lauren Reid, Kiana Valenciano, and Andrea Luis.

4. Lyrics on Arm

Nakayapak at Nahihiwagaan

Nadine arm writing tattoo

Nadine writing on arm tattoo

Tattoo: We can see some lyrics tattooed on Nadine’s left inner forearm.

These words on Nadine’s inner forearm have been taken from the song Tadhana by Up Dharma Down. Nadine revealed that the song’s words and choice are connected to a painful yet, beautiful memory. The song used to be the favorite of her late brother. She received the tattoo on the anniversary of his passing, and she also thinks that the mark specifically makes her think of his serene, innocent, and childish demeanor.

4. Crescent moon Tattoo

Nadine moon tattoo

Tattoo: On her wrist, you can see a crescent moon tattoo.

Meaning: The tattoo is inspired by her favorite song, named Everglow, by Coldplay. She claims that the tattoo reminds her of the people who were close to her but are no more part of her life.

“Even though you’re gone, and the world may not know; still, I see you’re celestial.”

5. Vine Leaf Tattoo

Nadine finger leaf tattoo Nadine finger

On her finger, there is an outlined vine leaf tattoo that reminds her to stay grounded. This is the lovely meaning, as per Nadine.

6. Dedication to Lady Gaga Tattoo

Nadine Oh La La tattoo

Tattoo: On her finger, you can find another unique tattoo, and that is her show of love for her favorite pop star, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, an American pop diva who Lustre once referred to as her “ultimate idol,” is a favorite of hers.

In reference to Lady Gaga’s song Bad Romance, Luster has the tattoo “ooh la la” on her finger.

Lustre has said, “She’s very creative; she’s out of this world. That’s why I really love everything that she does. I love following her. I like her fashion sense, everything about her. Her creativity and her beauty everything about her is just so unconventional. It’s not the usual. It’s really fascinating, and how talented she is.”
Sharing that she has seen Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two “over ten times,” Lustre said, “She’s real, she’s honest. She’s not afraid to show everyone who she really is, and I’m learning from that.”

7. Rose Tattoo

Nadine rose ink

Nadine rose tattoo

Tattoo: On her other wrist, probably the right one, Nadine has got a rose stick inked.

It is said to be her first body tattoo, and she got it out of her self-love at the age of 24.

“Every time I look at it, it’s like I’m giving myself a rose. It’s more on self-love ’cause at that time I was struggling a little in that department,” she shares. It’s also her favorite flower!

8. Japanese Tattoo

Nadine japanese writing tattoo

The characters on Nadine’s arm spell out her Japanese name, ‘Nozomi Komiya.’ According to her, Nozomi means “hope” in the same way that Nadine does. Nadine is also said to be a big fan of Japanese pop culture. She also revealed that it took her a while to realize she was Japanese until an uncle told her about her great-great-grandfather, who married a Filipina.

9. Crawling Vine

This crawling vine tattoo stands for the feeling of being grounded, says Nadine. Originally, she wanted to get a snake crawling on her leg, but she decided on this index finger ink instead.

10. Writing on Leg

Nadine leg tattoo

Nadine leg tattoo post

Tattoo: There is another interesting tattoo on Nadine’s body in a writing form that says, ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS.’ She got the tattoo done from a tattoo studio named ’55 Tinta Tattoo Studio’, and the tattoo was rather revealed by the studio itself on their Instagram page.

11. Dragon Tattoo

Nadine shoulder tattoo

Nadine japanese dragon tattoo

Nadine instagram tattoo post

Tattoo: There is a Japanese dragon tattooed on the backside of Nadine’s right shoulder.

Meaning: The Japanese dragon is the best symbol of power, wisdom, gratitude, and the force of good. The significance arises from the conventional view that dragons can subvert various aspects of life; for the good of people and the world.

12. Lotus Tattoo

Nadine lotus tattoo

Nadine lotus on arm

Tattoo: There is a lotus inked on Nadine’s arm.

Meaning: The lotus flower is symbolic of many things, including overcoming temptation and becoming a better version of yourself.  Lotus flowers are also known as the Padma in Hinduism, and they represent beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening.

Nadine is said to have got a rose inked as it represents her life journey, “Going through all these challenges and all these hardships and eventually finding the sun, finding the light,” she says.

13. Stomach Tattoo

Nadine chest tattoo

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