Sophia Thomalla’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Sophia Thomalla is a German celebrity, an actress, a presenter, and a model. During her childhood, she played in some fights and ran Kickboxing as a recreational sport, just like her mother. She had even tried her luck in German Next Top Model, but could not get through. However, she was rated as FHM’s third sexiest woman in 2010. Besides her outstanding career aspects, Sophia has got some amazing body tattoos, especially the ones adorning her arms. Let us see what she has in store for us to explore.

Sophia Thomalla

“I don’t regret any of my tattoos. No matter of the separation rumors. If at all, then it is the tattoo with the portrait of my mother, which I sometimes question, when she once again annoys me motherly (laughs).”
“I personally think that tattoos on women’s legs don’t look beautiful. Hands are also out of the question. Who knows, maybe I’m once going to moderate a political show, then a tattooed neck wouldn’t look so good either.”

“Each of my 20 tattoos has a meaning to a piece of my life and is linked to an own story.”

LEFT ARM Tattoos

1. ‘Rose’ on Left Arm

Sophia Roses Tattoo

Sophia Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Sophia’s left arm is tattooed with two beautiful roses done in Black shading. One can be seen on the inner side of her upper left arm, whereas the other one lies on the outer side of her left wrist.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love and affection.

2. Mother’s Portrait 

Sophia Mother Portrait

Tattoo: Sophia Thomalla shares a very special bond with her mother, Simone Thomalla who is also a German Actress. There is a tattoo on Sophia’s body which represents her love for her mother, and it is her mother’s portrait which lies on the inner side of her left forearm.

3. Ex-Boyfriend’s Portrait

Sophia Boyfriend Tattoo

Sophia till_lindemann_tattoo

Tattoo: Her left forearm is tattooed with her now Ex-Boyfriend (Till Lindeman’s) portrait.

Meaning: Sophia and Till were in a relationship for around five years till they broke up in 2015. She got this tattoo when they were in a happy going relationship as her token of love for ‘Till’.

4. Mother’s signature 

Sophia Mother Signature Tattoo

Tattoo: Sophia’s left hand’s wrist is adorned with her mother, Simone Thomalla’s signature.

Meaning: Sophia has multiple times acclaimed that she considers her mother her role model, and also shares a very close bond with her. This tattoo shows us how worthy, intellectual, and important Simone is in her daughter’s life.

5. ‘Eagle’ Tattoo

Sophia Angel Wings Tattoo

Sophia Thomalla

Tattoo: There is a huge eagle covering Sophia’s left bicep and shoulder. The best part of this eagle tattoo is the wings on which she has tried to focus upon while getting the tattoo.

Meaning: Eagle represents Sophia’s independent attitude towards life which is all packed up with lots of strength, and power.

6. Eye on left Upper Arm

Sophia Eye on Left Upper Arm

Tattoo: There is a huge eye tattoed on the outer side of her left bicep.

Meaning: Eye tattoos are the symbol of spirituality, or to represent a belief that we are under continuous observance of our loved ones who are no more in this world.

7. ‘Till’ Tattoo

Sophia Till Tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of her neck has a tattoo which can be read as, “Till”.

Meaning: ‘Till’ is the first name of her ex-boyfriend, Till Lindemann (German singer-songwriter).

8. Pair of Snakes on Shoulders

Sophia Cobra Tattoos

Tattoo: Sophia has got two snake tattoo which seems to be more of cobras’ faces sitting right exactly on the top of her both shoulders. The tattoo was done by the tattoo expert Mario Barth.

Meaning: Cobras are the symbol of good luck. They symbolize wealth and nobility.


9. Her own signature

Sophia Signature

Tattoo: Besides her mother’s signature, she also has the tattoo of her own signature inked on the inner side of her left wrist.

Meaning: Sophia is known to be an independent and proud actress. In an interview, she said that she is contented and proud of her achievements and considers herself a celebrity for herself. Thus, this tattoo is clear proof of her belief.

10. Shark Tattoo

Sophia Shark Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a shark inked on Sophia’s right forearm, which can be seen diving into the water with an open mouth.

Meaning: Sharks represents the person’s aggression and lust for living his life effectively and we all already know how Sophia has too much confidence and positivity of living her life to the fullest.

11. Skull Tattoo

Sophia Skull Tattoo

Tattoo: There lies a huge skull tattoo on the inner side of Sophia’s right inner arm.

Meaning: Skull tattoo has a variety of meanings and their relevance totally depends upon the individual who gets it done. Skull tattoos are the symbol of strength and power, but more importantly, people get it done to overcome difficulties of life or to represent any adversary that they recently overcame.

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