Ayesha Curry’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ayesha Disa Curry is a popular Canadian-American actress, cookbook author, and cooking show host. Many of you must also remember her as the wife of Stephen Curry, the famous basketball player. Ayesha made a big career move when she started hosting her own show, Ayesha’s Homemade (also known as Ayesha’s Home Kitchen), on Food Network. Curry is also the creator of several videos on her YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine, as well as the author of two cookbooks.  This article is dedicated to Ayesha’s body tattoos, which are an important part of her life.

Ayesha Curry

1. Tree Tattoo

Ayesha willow tree tattoo

Tatto0: On her right upper arm, Ayesha has got a tattoo of a willow tree.

Meaning: The tattoo of a tree is the symbol of life, strength, family relations, and everlasting bonds. The tattoo was done by Ayesha’s tattoo artist Winterstone who had revealed the tattoo via Instagram handle with some hashtags like #strength #warriors #love #family.

2. Symbols on Arm-Greater than, less than Sign.

Ayesha arm symbol tattoo

Ayesha Steve matching tattoo

Tattoo: On her left arm, Ayesha has got a tattoo of a greater than less than sign.

A greater than less than sign is tattooed on the left arm. =This is most likely her first body tattoo, which she got as a matching ink with her husband, Stephen. It reminds them to “be present,” according to Ayesha.

She is said to have gotten the tattoo done on October 1, 2014, and revealed it with the caption:

My new little reminder to be present. We get so wrapped up in what needs to happen next that we forget to enjoy the beauty of what’s happening right NOW. Right here, right now. Enjoy the blessings you already have. #onemomentatatime #iampresent #grateful

3. ‘Faithfully’ Tattoo

Ayesha faithfully tattoo

Tattoo: There is another tattoo on her body which can be found on her left forearm, that says, ‘faithfully.’

The tattoo is quite nothing amazing for us, but it will be once you find out why she got it done. Ayesha got the ink done on February 19, 2016, at West 4 Tattoo by the tattoo artist Jon Boy.

Ayesha’s Instagram post mentioned:

“Giving all of the glory to God and making sure in all things I do, I do it graciously, passionately but most importantly, FAITHFULLY.”

4. Geometrical Figures Tattoo

Ayesha tattoo symbols

Tattoo: Ayesha has got his tattoo to show her love for her children. Each geometric figure represents one of her children. A young wolf represents her son Canon, a butterfly represents younger daughter Ryan, and a magical unicorn represents free-spirited firstborn Riley.

5. Thumb Tattoo

Ayesha thumb tattoo

Tattoo: On her thumb, Ayesha has got a tiny whisk inked. She got the tattoo done by the tattoo artist Jon Boy in September 2016.

Meaning: Ayesha got the whisk tattooed to celebrate her career as a chef. She is highly devoted and also has a cooking TV show on the Food Network named Ayesha’s Homemade and has released a cookbook named The Seasoned Life. What is so interesting about her deep dedication is the fact that she also has a food delivery service named Gather.

6. Hebrew Writing Tattoo

Ayesha hebrew writing tattoo

Tattoo: Ayesha has got this as a matching ink with her husband, the well-known NBA superstar Steph Curry, who has matching tattoos in Hebrew, which, when translated into English, stands for “love never fails to be.”

7. Pineapple Tattoo

Tattoo: You can find a pineapple inked on Ayesha’s ankle.

Meaning: Ayesha got it tattooed as a part of a tattoo party to celebrate her husband, Stephen Curry’s team, the Golden State Warriors. The reason to celebrate was their victory in the NBA Championship in June 2017. As per the word, the tattoo was done by the tattoo artist Nino Lapid. The same tattoo was received by others, too, like, Steph, his brother Seth and his father, Dell.

8. Heart on Wrist

Ayesha heart tattoo

Tattoo: On her right wrist, there is an outlined heart tattoo. The heart is the representation of love and our ultimate existence.

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