Shibani Dandekar’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shibani Dandekar is an Indian-origin Australian actress, singer, and model who began her career by working as an American television host. After her return to India, she started hosting several television shows, cricket tournaments, and events and eventually gained a lot of popularity. Shibani has got several tattoos on her body. Let’s scroll further to know the details regarding her several tattoos along with their meanings.Shibani Dandekar-Tattoos

1. ‘farhan’ Tattoo

Shibani Dandekar-farhan-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘farhan’ tattoo on the right side of her neck.

Meaning: In August 2021, Shibani uniquely celebrated her 42nd birthday by getting the tattoo inked of the name of her long-time boyfriend and now husband, Farhan Akhtar, on her neck. The tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Mr. K. On August 28, 2021, Shibani uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram handle with the caption,

Had such a special bday with special friends and this special guy! The past year has taught me to celebrate the smallest of moments .. super blessed and very grateful I’m blown away every year by the beautiful messages and insane amount of love! thank you to each and every one of you! still getting through them all! the heart is full! #42 I’m ready for you .. let’s go!”

On September 5, 2021, she uploaded the following video of the process of getting this tattoo inked on her neck by Mr. K on her Instagram handle.

2. Flying Hummingbirds Tattoo

Flying Hummingbird Tattoo-Shibani Dandekar

Tattoo: ‘Flying Hummingbirds’ tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: In January 2022, Shibani got the tattoo of ‘flying hummingbirds’ inked on her right forearm by the tattoo artist, Savio Dsilva. Hummingbird tattoo symbolizes freedom, cheerfulness, love, new beginnings, positivity, optimism, etc.

3. ‘XXI.II.XXII’ Tattoo

Wedding Date-Shibani Dandekar

Tattoo: ‘XXI.II.XXII’ tattoo on her left forearm.

Meaning: Shibani and her longtime boyfriend, Farhan Akhtar, tied the knot on February 19, 2022, at Farhan Akhtar’s farmhouse in Khandala and got their court marriage done on February 21, 2022. After solemnizing all the ceremonies, Shibani got the tattoo inked of her court marriage date on her left forearm in the Roman numerals.

4. ’27’ Tattoo

Shibani Dandekar-27-Tattoo

Tattoo: ’27’ tattoo near her left wrist.

Meaning: On her left wrist, Shibani got a tattoo inked of the number ’27’ near her left wrist which might be related to her birthdate as she was born on August 27, 1980.

5. Tattoo on her left ring finger

Shibani Dandekar-Finger Tattoo

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