15 Amazing Naruto Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Naruto has been a part of anime culture since the show’s original release in 2002. It had a run of over 15 years and gained a large fan base along the way. People display their fandom and love for the show in different ways, from buying merchandise to cosplay, from wearing graphic t-shirts to getting tattoos.

For the tattoo and well, naruto enthusiasts, here are some really amazing Naruto tattoo designs for them to show off!

  • The Seal Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

This seal is very a very important symbol for the characters and even the fans of Naruto. It was in the first season where Orochimaru concealed himself as a Genin called Shiore and attacks Sasuke right in the neck, almost like a zombie. This leads the affected part to turn into a seal. The cursed seal is instrumental in convincing him to team up with Orochimaru. Therefore, Sasuke is under the influence of this seal for the most part of the series.

  • Akamaru Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

The Inuzuka group has an image (mostly because of their liking) to have dogs as their comrades through most parts of their existence. Kiba Inuzuka, a classmate of Naruto at some point, has a similar friend who is called as Akamaru, and who is also pictured in the tattoo above. Kiba and Akamaru represent a true and intimate friendship. Because of this inseparable nature and their closeness that Akamaru and Kiba share, Akamaru is not really recognizable if Kiba is not present there at his side considering that anyone is capable of recognizing him at all.

  • Rock Lee Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

Rock Lee is the master of martial arts. He is in the show only for his perfect martial arts technique, which can be assumed as a sort of Jutsu or a method known as taijutsu. He is also a pro in hand-to-hand battle. To fight, Rock Lee has to, weirdly, get drunk. This method of approaching the opponent can be quite confusing for them and hence acts as a form of distraction. Th perplexed opponent can now be attacked easily.

  • Itachi Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

The most popular member of the series is Naruto himself, apparently succeeded by his ex-mate, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke’s sibling, Itachi, might be a subordinate character but is profoundly instrumental in influencing Sasuke’s character arc. Itachi and Sasuke appear strangely similar and might be taken for each other by those who do not follow the series. Nonetheless, there remain some chief peculiarities that distinguish Itachi’s features that separate him from his Sasuke.

  • Shikamaru Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

Shikamaru is a popular Naruto series character. Initially, he was portrayed as the classmate of Naruto in the Ninja Academy where they were separated into groups with their fellow mates and led by different sensei. Because of his maturity level and a high IQ, Shikamaru is most of the time bored with the usual experiences. He is quite energetic in the tasks where he is intellectually stimulated. This includes playing shogi with his master, Asuma Sarutobi.

  • Gara’s Eye Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

Gaara is one of the characters in the series who has a dwelling in the sand village. Just like naruto, he has a tailed beast inside him too which is the one-tailed tanuki, or a Japanese Raccoon dog, called Shukaku. It is because of this that the people of his community and, in fact, his family members too, hate him. This tattoo has one of his eyes along with the childhood scars that he himself caused. Besides this, Gaara has a strange power by which he can control the sand. The cracks that surrounding the eyes refers to the Jutsu armor that can be cracked.

  • ANBU Black Ops Tattoo

anub abs orps

This is a symbol for ANBU Black Ops, an elite squad of people including Kakashi Hatake, Naruto’s sensei, Yugao Uzuki, and, later, Sai. The operate for Jonin ninja and act as protectors for their community.

  • Kakashi Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

This is Kakashi who is known to hide his Sharingan eye with his band. It has known to make his enemies like Zabuza Momochi perplexed who thought that the Sharingan eye is a myth before he saw it for himself. Even if the people who do not follow the show knew Kakashi, they might be unaware of the fact that he hides a Sharingan behind his band.

  •  Mangekyou Sharingan

Naruto tattoos

This is the Sharingan eye which can only be differentiated by the regular show watchers. However, Mangekyou Sharingan is more difficult to recognize and that is because the pupil part of the Mangekyou Sharingan is modified a bit for every Sharingan owner.

  • The Rinnegan

Naruto tattoos

It is one of the forms of Dojutsu called the Rinnegan. It is not shown in the series until quite later. The Rinnegan is handled by members like Pain and Madara Uchiha. The best part about this Dojutsu is that it privileges its owners with a wide array of powers mainly because it is itself so powerful. Not much information is known about it as far as the fans or the members themselves are concerned.

  • Two in One Naruto Tattoo

Naruto tattoos

This tattoo is a blend of two faces and this means a blend of two energies.

  • When Ferociousness Overtakes It

Naruto tattoos

This tattoo covers the whole arm and half of the chest. It is a majestic design that requires a lot of intricate work by the artist. For someone seeking a bit of ferociousness in their lives, this design can sit like a perfect emblem.

  • Black and White

Naruto tattoos

Black and white tattoos always look the most classic. Here you can see Naruto design clubbed with a fox-like creature. Similarly, you can club similar ideas to make your tattoo unique for you.

  • Special Symbols

Naruto tattoos

These kinds of unusual emblems also express qualities and peculiarities that are unique to the members of the group. The people who are a part of these groups also have multiple skills and potential that segregate themselves from common people.

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