Darby Allin, born on January 7, 1993, in Seattle, is a professional wrestler known for his unconventional and fearless approach in the ring. With a blend of high-flying maneuvers, technical skill, and unique charisma, Allin has made a significant impact in promotions like All Elite Wrestling. His enigmatic persona, accentuated by face paint and skateboard-wielding antics, makes him a captivating figure in the wrestling world. Furthermore, his collection of striking tattoos adds to his memorable presence. Darby Allin is a canvas for stunning body art. His collection of striking tattoos adds to his distinctive and memorable presence in the ring. Allin’s tattoos are as unconventional as his wrestling style, each telling a story.

Darby Allin

1. “Drug Free” on Knuckles

Darby Allin's Knuckle Tattoo

At the tender age of five, Darby Allin endured a profound tragedy when his uncle, unfortunately driving under the influence, lost his life in a devastating accident. This heartbreaking incident played a huge role in shaping Darby’s commitment to a straight-edge lifestyle. In a poignant tribute to this choice, the young wrestler inked his knuckles with the words “Drug Free.” In an industry where coping mechanisms often involve alcohol and pills, Darby Allin stands as a testament to resilience, choosing a path that steers clear of such substances to navigate the challenges of his profession. He stated on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast that he got this tattoo when he was only 17 years old.

2. “Champ” on the Inside of his Lower Lip

Darby Allin Lip Tattoo

In a unique display of commitment, the TNT Champion, Darby Allin, has a tattoo inside his lower lip that simply reads “CHAMP.” This tattoo holds profound significance, symbolizing his unwavering dedication to achieving championship status in the realm of professional wrestling. It serves as a tangible reminder of his ambitions, encapsulating the essence of his journey and commemorating the numerous victories he has earned as a testament to his prowess in the ring.

3. “Nothing’s Over Till You’re Underground” on the Chest

Darby Allin Chest Tattoo

Adorning his chest is a tattoo that boldly declares, “Nothing’s over ’til you’re underground.” In a revealing interview with Sports Illustrated, Darby shared the backstory behind this ink. He opened up about the profound impact of a tragic incident from his childhood, recounting, “I paint my face because 50 percent of me is dead inside.

When I was five, my uncle was driving drunk, I was in the car with him. We crashed and he passed away. That’s the story behind the ‘Nothing’s over ’til you’re underground’ tattoo on my chest.”

4. “Relentless” on the back of the Neck

Darby Allin's Neck Tattoo

On the back of Darby’s neck is a tattoo that spells out “Relentless” in bold capital letters filled with black ink. It can be assumed that the body art encapsulates a significant aspect of his persona inside the wrestling ring. This tattoo can serve as a symbolic representation of his unwavering determination, emphasizing his resolute commitment to giving his all during every match.”Relentless” becomes more than just ink on the skin—it becomes a powerful declaration of his tenacity and unyielding spirit as a professional wrestler.

5. Skeleton Tattoo on Left Hand

Darby Allin's Hand Tattoo

Darby’s hand-to-shoulder tattoo, a long-awaited project, seamlessly integrates with his overall appearance, complementing his distinctive face paint that was designed by Caleb Morgon. Beyond aesthetics, the ink holds a poignant message, expressing how he perceives life after the car accident with his uncle— conveying the sentiment that he’s only 50 percent alive. The tattoo has white shading in the middle and black shading around the edges, tracing from his shoulder to his whole hand. It illuminates the hand bone and signifies his journey post the incident, thereby adding a deeply personal layer to his wrestling persona.

6. Hand Skeleton Tattoo on Face

Darby Allin's Face Tattoo

The Hand-Skeleton tattoo on his face is an extension of his hand tattoo, also inked by Caleb Morgan. The design is of surrealistic fine artwork that matches the similar sentiments as the design on his hand. Darcy got his face and left arm both inked in skeleton art to explain the notion of him feeling only half alive since the untimely passing of his close family member.