Nikki Reed’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Nicole Houston Reed better known as Nikki Reeds is an American Actress, Screenwriter, Singer-Songwriter, and A Model. She is known for playing vampire Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga. She came into starlight in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, directed by Catherine Hardwicks. Nikki Reed is known to have surrendered to this fashionable trend of getting inked and has few inks on her body. Let us know their meanings.

Nikki Reeds

1. ‘Symbols’ Tattoo

nicki reed foot tattoo

Tattoo: The right heel of Nikki reed feet has a tattoo of three symbols inked on it.

2. ‘Russian Writing’ Tattoo

ribcage tattoo nikki reed

Tattoo: The right side of Nikki Reed’s rib cage has a tattoo of writing in Russian which says, “должно быть чтото большее”.

Meaning: The inscription on the right side mean ‘There must be something more’.

3. ‘Priluchny’ Tattoo

wrist tattoo 1

Tattoo: The tattoo on Nikki Reed’s left wrist is the Russian name of her ex-boyfriend, who was a ballet dancer. She met her in Russia.

4. ‘Neck’ Tattoo

Nikki Reed Neck Tattoo

Tattoo: The back of her neck has symbol inked on it.

5. ‘Paul’ Tattoo

paul tattoo

Tattoo: Nikki’s ring finger has a tattoo which contains the word “Paul”

Meaning: Paul is the name of her husband.

6.’Cyrillic script design’ Tattoo

nikkireed tat06

Tattoo: Near her bikini line towards the left thigh there exists a small ink of some writing.

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