Chanel Iman’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Victoria Secret supermodel, Chanel Iman Robinson is one of the top 30 models according to Paris Vogue. She gained much fame from the MTV reality show, Americas Top Next Model where she was the judge. Iman is the best fashion icon and inspirational for most of the upcoming models. She has tattoos on her skin inspired by her own life.

Chanel Iman

1. Cloth Hanger with her Name on her Neck

Chanel Iman Cloth hanger tattoo

Tattoo: Cloth Hanger with her Name, CHANEL IMAN

Meaning: Chanel has inked the back of her neck with clothing hanger and her name below it. She considers her self has a walking hanger so got this tattoo inked on her neck. Iman succinctly explained the meaning of her tattoo to Harper’s Bazaar saying, “You put clothes on a hanger, and you put clothes on a model. So it represents being a model.”

2. Heart on her Ring Finger

Chanel Iman heart tattoo

Tattoo: Tiny Heart

Meaning: Chanel has tattoed her ring finger with a tiny heart. The tattoo is inked in red color.

3. Outline of a Lady on her Right Lower Leg

Chanel Iman Lady tattoo

Tattoo: Outline of a lady

Meaning: Chanel has an outline of a lady who looks like a model inked on her lower right leg. Being a model, she paid tribute to her model career by embedding this outline on her skin.

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