35+ MDMA Tattoo Designs

If you though the use of drugs is juts for using them, well, it’s not the only use. They are also to be inked on your body. In fact, getting your favorite drug tattoo is very much trending these days that all the famous platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are filled with hundreds of images and ideas. I mean, the people who got these tattoos are showing it off like their trophy. Clearly, these tattoos are all rage.

3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine  which is commonly known as MDMA is a synthetic drug that changes the mood and process of attention that is related to the knowledge about your own surrounding things and situations. It is chemically related to both stimulants drugs and that which causes hallucinations. It is known to produce feelings of heightened energy, satisfaction, feeling emotional closeness or warmth, and a distorted view of sensory and time judgment.

It got so popular that now people get MDMA inspired tattoos on their skin and it is pretty common too. It was first introduced and got popular in the night clubs and other all-night parties or what was known as “raves”. However, now, the drugs are used much more broadly and are called Ecstasy or Molly. The drug is basically used as a capsule or a pill so many people also get capsule-shaped objects inked on them to represent this drug. However, many swallow it in its liquid form or even as a powder through their nose, so many people like to represent it that way.

Interestingly, one of the most common MDMA tattoo ideas is its molecular form but the word ‘Molly’, which is also its popular nickname, is slang for ‘molecular’. Molly is thus the pure crystalline form of MDMA which is sold in capsules. The next kind of form of this drug that people use is called synthetic cathinones or “bath salts”. There are also many people who like to combine it with another form of substances like marijuana or alcohol.

No matter how unique your style of consuming this drug is, your tattoo variant must be equally unique too. Here are 40+ MDMA tattoo designs that you must try to get if you are a fan already!

  • Small Finger MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Small tattoos look great on fingers. The best part about getting a tattoo on finger is also that it can be easily hidden. Therefore, it is a great way if you want something personal to yourself or something you want to hide and do not show off much. Getting a tattoo on fingers is also very much n trend. So if you want a small but impactful MDMA tattoo, the finger is a great placement option.

  • Molecular Representation of MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is a cool molecular representation of the MDMA tattoo. You can get it done on the inner part of your biceps or even on your arm. The wearer here has done it somewhere in the middle. Apparently, it is a very cool choice. It is very simplistic and does not require many embellishments either.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Arm

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Arms are great placement options for such tattoo designs because they have ample amount of space. Especially, if the tattoo is MDMA molecular structure, the vertical alignment of such a tattoo would sit the arm absolutely well. Any part right from the upper arm to the lowest part would look amazing with a molecular structure on it.

  • Bee and MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

The beehive is a great representation of any molecular structure. It is quite unique and creative too. The addition of bee looks very amazing too as it gives more elements and details to the whole design. It is apparently very different from the rest of the tattoo designs and you must consider something like this if you want something unusual.

  • Capsule Form MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

A simple capsule design is an apt description of your perception. I think a little capsule design would look totally amazing on the ear or the ankle. It is a small design, and therefore very easy to hide too. The black ink gives a little subtle aspect to the design and makes it look simplistic.

  • Smiley MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

A little smiley can be a great representation of your inner feelings. For the wearer, the smiley represents his love for MDMA; it is quite apparent with the way he clicked this picture. The best part about this tattoo design is that you do not have to make it apparent that what this design means. It can just be a simple smiley.

  • High Smiley MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Once again, this smiley idea is very different. It does not make the MDMA tattoo representations oo apparent and can be used for many other representations too. It can have a variety of meanings. Another aspect is that it is circular in shape so it gives the assumption of a pill. Therefore, it serves both purposes.

  • Colorful MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is a design of the Prince of Crime’s hypothetical Laughing Gas formula which has been combined together. The formula for laughing gas consists of strychnine, hydrogen cyanide, MDMA, meth, and nitrous, but this chemical composition formula which includes MDMA isn’t drawn in the comics or fictions. This equation has been balanced and then got imprinted on the wearer’s body.

A colorful tattoo design is always much more appreciated than the non-colorful one because it makes the design more vibrant. So if it is a simple molecular structure that you are going for, you can enhance the look by adding some colors to it. Not only will you design look aesthetically pleasing, but will make the black ink pop out too.

  • Detailed MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is a very obvious representation of the wearer’s intention. Nothing can be more clearer than this. However, you must only get such kinds of tattoo designs if you have the guts because not everyone might like it and especially the people who hold a bit traditional views. Otherwise, this tattoo looks very classy with all black ink being used.

  • Watercolor MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Simplicity does not mean that you must keep your tattoo purely colorless. In fact, adding a few colors will enhance the beauty of your tattoo design. Many people get the whole tattoo drowned in various hues of colors while there are others, like this wearer, who just get a certain part of the tattoo colored. It is a great approach o keep things balanced.

  • Fruit Capsule MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

At the first look, you might not think it is an MDMA tattoo because the pill is filled with fruits! however, the little mushroom on the side makes everything pretty clear. I think it is a great way to give subtle hints to your intention without being too offensive. It is quite a creative approach to making a drug tattoo.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Stomach

MDMA Tattoo Designs

The stomach is quite an unusual approach for getting an MDMA tattoo design. However, it is a great placement option if you want your tattoo to be a bit more private or secretive and maybe do not want to show it to the whole world. You can easily hide tattoos at such locations.

  • Trippy Spiritual MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is a great way to not be direct again and yet pointing towards the same thing. MDMA has been taken by people to grow into their spiritual journey too and this tattoo is an absolute representation of the same. Such kinds of tattoos are mostly inked by gypsy people to pay a tribute to MDMA.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs and Night Sky

MDMA Tattoo Designs

You can mix many components in your MDMA tattoo design to make it more personal. Here, the wearer has clubbed the molecular structure with a night sky. The purple and black colors make it look very realistic. Probably it tells of a distant memory which is special to the wearer and now this tattoo serves as a reminder for him.

  • Tools and MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is a very creative way to show your love for the MDMA tattoo. Here, the pill might look like the top of a screw but it is just a subtle way of being indirect. It is quite creative and takes a new form of innovation. Or probably the wearer is just clubbing the two things that he loves the most. A great way to personalize the tattoo, indeed.

  • Symbolic MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

‘Molly’ is a nickname for MDMA but here, the wearer has used it to his own advantage. It is a very creative way to step up your tattoo game and use your own personal situation to amp up your tattoos. It is a great way to make the tattoos look personal.

Once again, with such tattoos, it is not very apparent what you are pointing at. It is a great way to not be too direct with your choices and intentions and yet paying a tribute to it. This tattoo represents the impact of using Serotonin in your personal life since most of the events are related to our personal lives. If you want, you can add some colors to this tattoo because it is made just using black ink, however, this tattoo also looks very stern with the adherence of the black ink. This is a very creative representation of drug tattoos.

  • Injection MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Pills are a great way to show your love for MDMA but you can also use more elements like this syringe. It is a unique way to show your love for MDMA because the syringe is flowing MDMA molecular structure. This way you can add any molecular structure of any object you like.

  • Cute Pill MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

A simple and cute little pill is a very versatile way to show your love for MDMA. It does not have to be very specific. ou can get a tattoo made and do not have to tell about its meaning to everyone. It is a pretty exclusive tattoo and looks very adorable too. The wrist is a great option for such a small tattoo like this one.

  • Multiple Pills MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

If you think a single pill tattoo is too basic for you, you can try and get multiple pills. here, the wearer has creatively made these multiple pills tattoo on the ribcage driving down to the lower waist. The pills are done with different colors and some initials are written on it. It is on the wearer if they want these pills to have a certain significance and so they can customize it according to their own desire.

  • Pairing MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

You can get yourself a pair of chemical structures. It does not have to be MDMA structures on both your arms. In this tattoo design, you would not even need any partner to do it with you. I think such pairing designs look very complementary to each other and completes each other’s looks.

  • Symbolic Pill MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is probably a cry for help and it is a great representation of the unspeakable. On the other hand, this tattoo may be just a token of remembrance of the past time with addiction. Either way, it is quite a creative design. The details are worth noticing too.

  • Realistic MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This assortment of pills looks very creative and realistic. The shaded effect makes it look very life-like and gives a 3D impression. Here are a number of pills in different sizes and shapes and if you are interested in such a design, you can alter the kinds of pills you want to depict in your design. It is a great way to incorporate multiple pills into one design.

  • Bold Lines MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

If you still want to keep it simple, yet not so simple at the same time, getting bold lines instead of think lines is a great way to enhance the looks of the tattoo. It would make the looks of the tattoo pretty simple yet still add gravity to your design. It is not necessary to add any more elements with such a design.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs With Quotes

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is a very vibrant tattoo with different kinds of shades presented here. Here the wearer has also added few words to explain his love for the pills. You can customize it according to your own wishes and intentions. The elements of rose and the blue background give it a very heavenly effect too. Probably that’s the same feeling that the wearer has for the object too.

  • Simplistic MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs 12

It can not get anymore simpler than this. This is the simplest MDMA tattoo design on this list. The only discreet thing about this tattoo is the color of this ink. It is not the traditional black color but blue. Similarly, you can make this kind of simple tattoo with any colors that you like. To make it super vibrant, try adding all the 7 rainbow colors to it.

  • Chemistry MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

I like how this tattoo is not overdoing the design but at the same time is covering the full arm. It allows space so that the arm does not look overly covered. I like how different chemical compositions are coming out of this chemical beaker. It makes the whole design very innovative.

  • Colorful Molecular MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

The special thing about this design is the colorful shading that has been done in attempts to make it looks more realistic. Needless to say, the realistic part has been achieved too. The design gives a 3D effect which is just perfect for the whole intention of making it in the first place.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Chest 

MDMA Tattoo Designs

The chest is a great placement idea for some designs because it is nearer to the heart. Therefore, one gets a design of something on his or her chest because probably that object has a lot of significance. Besides this, the design is pretty simple. It does not have a lot of bombastic elements added to it.

  • Happy Pills MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

These happy pills on each arm look very cute and adorable. The intention can be said to be hidden in a way because they do not directly point out the MDMA pills. You can either get it done on each of your own arms or with a partner or friend. The red and yellow shades make it look very vibrant too.

  • MDMA Tattoo Cute Kitten Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Just like fruit pills, you can add various other designs. You can even club two of your favorite things just like this wearer has done here. The kittens look very adorable. The text is also very cute but can be modified or totally eliminated too. It all depends on the kind of creativity and innovation you possess.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Knuckles

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Fingers are a great option if you are looking to get something very small. However, make sure you add knuckles as an option too. Not only are hey good placement options for small tattoos, but they are also very much in trend too. You can add more tattoos to each knuckle and set them according to a single theme too. There are a variety of things that you can do when it comes to small tattoo ideas.

  • Trippy Smiley MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This is sure a smiley face but it is very trippy and we all know the reason for that too. I like the use of neon pink in this tattoo because not only does it look different but it is very apt for the whole MDMA tattoo theme too. This is not a very complicated design and looks amazing.

  • Happy and Sad MDMA Tattoo Designs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This could represent the various moods that you have. It is once again not a very direct depiction of MDMA but it sure conveys the intentions in a subtle way.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Palm

MDMA Tattoo Designs

Quite a creative illustration, we must say. It resembles as if the pills are pouring right onto the wearer’s hand. The placement option is also very unique because a lot of people just get themselves inked on their arms, legs, chest, or back. This would surely pass the innovation test with flying colors.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Upper Back

MDMA Tattoo Designs

A huge tattoo design looks great on the upper back because it has a lot of space. Therefore, it is only wise that you add more elements to your MDMA design.

  • MDMA Tattoo Designs on Ribs

MDMA Tattoo Designs

This design is very apt for the MDMA tattoo inspiration. It shows little pills that are falling from the jar of feelings. It is an indirect way to represent the effects of taking or the experience associated with MDMA. All in all, it all depends on what kind of innovative ways you want to use to make your MDMA design apparent or hidden.

These are all 40+ MDMA tattoo design ideas that you can select your tattoo idea from.

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