Rich The Kid’s 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

“New Freezer” rising star,  Dimitri Leslie Roger aka Rich The Kid, who is making waves around the world, is an American rapper and songwriter. The famous ‘Plug walk’ was one of his hit songs from the album, “The World is Yours”, which also channels hit show, Breaking Bad. He has a net worth of around $2 billion and has been seen spending lots of bucks on encrusted teeth and tattoos. Let’s check his tattoos and meaning behind them.

Rich the Kid

1. “Celtic Cross” beside his Left Ear

Celtic cross- Rich The Kid tattoos

2. “Skull” on his Right Forearm

Skull -Rich The Kid tattoos

3. “NEVER BROKE AGAIN” With An Image of A Man on his Left Forearm

never broke again- Rich The kid tattoos

Tattoo: “NEVER BROKE AGAIN” and an image of a man

Meaning: Rich The Kid, got the title of his song “Young Man Never Broke Again” with an image of a man inked on his left forearm.

4. “Louis Vuitton (LV) Logo” on his Right Forearm

5. “QC” above his Right Elbow

QC Logo-Rich the kid tattoo

Tattoo: Logo of “Quality Control Music”

Meaning: Rich got a tattoo of the logo of “Quality Control Music” inked on his right elbow. It is an Atlanta based record label founded by Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee in 2013. Rich The Kid, was one of the first signings of this label with Migos and Skippa Da Flippa. Later, Rich left the label as something went wrong between QC and him.

6. “Cobweb” on his Right Elbow

Cobweb-Rich the kid tattoo

7. Letter “A” with Axe on his Right Upper Arm

letter A with axe-rich the kid tattoo

8. “Praying Hands” above his Left Elbow

Praying Hands-rich the kid tattoo

9. “RICH THE KID” on his Left Forearm

Rich the kid on arm

10. “Chinese Characters” on his Left Forearm

Chinese Characters-Rich the Kid tattoo

11. “Musical Signs and Stars” on his Left Forearm

Stars and musical signs -rich the kid tattoo

12. Some Initials on his Left Thumb

some initials-rich the kid tattoo

13. “BLACK BOY” on his Chest

Black Boy-Rich The Kid tattoo

14. Unknown Quote on the Right Side of his Chest

quote on chest-rich the kid tattoo

15. “Lips” on the Left Side of his Chest

Lips-Rich the kid tattoo

16. “Cartoon Character” on his Right Upper Arm

cartoon character-rich the kid tattoo

17. “Rich Forever” on his Left Upper Arm

Rich Forever-Rich the kid tattoo

18. “Undefined Design” on the Backside of his Left Upper Arm

Undefined Design-Rich the kid tattoo

19. “Unidentified Word” on his Right Wrist

Undefined word-Rich the Kid tattoo

20. “Dagger Like Design With Crown” on his Left Shoulder

dagger with crown-rich the kid tattooo

21. “A Phrase Related To God” on his Left Elbow

gods-rich the kid tattoo

22. “Undefined Words” on the Backside of his Right Upper Arm

Some words-rich the kids tattoo

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