Ross Dickerson’s 27 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ross Dickerson, the famous Tennis Coach, Fitness Model, and Entrepreneur, has taken over Instagram with his physique and his heavily built body. He has become an aesthetic fitness model to have raised in name and fame. He is known to have spent most of his childhood traveling the United States and the United Kingdom. It was just an effort to develop his connections at the age of 19, which turned into a stage where he is a successful trainer and a famous name in the fitness industry. Ross eventually settled in London, England, and began building his career in fitness. Ross’ body is no way to be ignored, not forgetting the beautiful inks covering major parts of his upper body. Let us explore his body tattoos and their meanings.

Ross Dickerson

Ross Dickerson Tattoos

Ross Dickerson tattooed body

“I like art, I like tattoos, its just that I have to sure of my artist or the girl or the hair dresser who has to do the ink, because you know, it is going to stay with me forever.”

1. Chest Tattoo

Ross will always remember tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding the words on his chest, there are feathers, a skull, a butterfly, and a rose.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of mortality, death, dead, and evil, whereas a butterfly is the symbol of freshness and new beginnings. A rose is the depiction of love, romance, and affection. Together, a skull butterfly with a rose is symbolic of the cycle of death and life that keeps on going and rotating. Thus, representing the usual nature of this world.

2. Thigh Tattoo

Ross thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On his left thigh, there is a tattoo of a rose, headed by the words, ‘Stay Cute

3. ‘R.I.P’ Rose Tattoo

Ross stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his stomach, Ross has got another rose tattoo with a banner wrapped around it.

He said that the tattoo is another representation of his love for his late father. It is a tribute to him. He got this tattoo at the age of 18 and on the same dates when his father passed away. The tattoo crosses the same day and reminds him of his father. In an interview, he also revealed it to be a sad incident of his life.

4. Stars Tattoo

Ross stars tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the left side of his stomach, there are three stars inked horizontally.

Meaning: In another interview, Ross revealed it to be the worst tattoo of his life. Even though he got it re-done however, it is still not up to the mark. The tattoo was received by him in his hometown, Cornwell, when he was 16 years. It was also the second tattoo of his life.

5. Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Ross skull tattoo

Ross skull butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a beautifully shaped butterfly skull inked.

A skull normally depicts mortality, death, and evil, whereas, a butterfly illustrates new life. Together, these tattoo designs are figurative of the circle of life and the connections between life and death.

6. Rose on Shoulder

Ross rose on bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the replica of love, friendships, romance, and affection, is inked on Ross’ right shoulder.

7. Butterfly Tattoo

Ross rose and butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: Sitting on his shoulder rose is the tattoo of a butterfly.

Meaning: A sole butterfly illustrates a paradigm of natural beauty; the butterfly is an emblem that conveys conviction, modification, and liberation.

8. Quote Tattoo-Family is a Heaven in Heartless World!

Ross quote on arm

The love for his family is observable from his arm writing that says, ‘Family is a heaven in a heartless world.

9. Jack of Heart Tattoo

Ross joker of hearts ink

Ross joker of hearts tattoo

Ross playing card tattoo

Tattoo: Ross got the tattoo of the Jack of Hearts inked on his left forearm on 19th March 2018. The tattoo was revealed via a post on Ross’ Twitter handle.

Jack of hearts is the depiction of a young man who is in love. The tattoo-wearer wishes to regard himself as a smart, intellectual, and attractive man. This tattoo shows the beginnings of young intimate friendships or love. Also, it is taken from the fact that Jack of Hearts, a lover, is often away but is determined and honest and would make a suitable wedding partner.

10. Neck Tattoo

Ross neck tattoo

11. Lillies and Butterfly Tattoo

Ross butterfly and flower tattoo

Ross lilies tattoo

Tattoo: Towards his right forearm, there is a tattoo of air of lilies along with a butterfly.

Meaning: Lilly and butterflies are used to target the person’s beauty. They both symbolize your incredible beauty and the fact, that you are unique and outstanding. Butterflies with floral designs are also symbolic of serenity and innocence.

Some people also regard this tattoo combination as the celebration of the joys and also a piece to act as a sober means to pay tribute to loved ones.

12. ‘I will always remember y’ll’ Tattoo

Ross i will always remember you tattoo

Ross left pec tattoo

Tattoo: On his left pec, there is a writing that says, ‘I will always remember y’ll. This is the first tattoo that Ross claims to have got at the age of 15. It was during his long eight months stay at Boston path that he wrote on the back of a big guy and copied his words, and got them on his pec.

Meaning: The actual tattoo is his dedication of love for his father, who passed away when Ross was very young, and they were poor. He said that he got touched up when he went back to Cornwell, and thus, he has the initials touched up in the same tattoo itself for his father.

13. Left Arm Tattoos

Ross left arm tattoos

14. Right Arm Tattoos

Ross left arm tattoo

15. Kitty Tattoo

Ross kitten tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny kitten tattooed on the inner side of his right upper arm.

16. ‘Mother’s Name’s Initials’ Tattoo

Ross mother name tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his upper arm, Ross has got the tattoo of his mother name’s initials. The names of his parents have never been revealed by him, but, he does have tattoos dedicated to both of them. He said he knew they wouldn’t be with him forever, and thus, the tattoo shows his love for them.

17. Flowers on Arm

Ross humming birds and butterflies tattoo

Tattoo: Enhancing the beautiful piece on Ross’ right arm is the combination inks of various hummings, birds, sparrows, and flowers. There is a mix of roses and lilies.

Meaning:¬†Lily tattoos characterize connections, associations, and womanhood, while rose tattoos indicate adoration, refinement, and love. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks presumed that Hera’s milk gave birth to the first lily blossoms. As a spin-off, they also symbolize moms, their tender love, and motherhood.

Birds, along with flowers, represent the beauty of nature, freshness, independence, autonomy, and the characters like longing, love, and bonds.

18. Finger Tattoos

Ross hand tattoo

19. Flowers on Leg

Ross flowers on leg tattoo

20. Birds Tattoo

Ross flowers and birds tattoo

Tattoo: Hovering around the various flowers that adorn Ross’ right arm is a couple of sparrows hummingbirds.

Meaning: Hummingbirds represent honesty, sincerity, freedom, and cheerfulness.

21. Eye Tattoo

Ross face tattoo

22. Clock Tattoo

Ross clock tattoo Ross clock and rose tattoo

Tattoo: On his left hand, there is a clock tattoo.

Meaning: A clock tattoo is the best way to mark the important times of your life and keep the memories intact forever.

23. Bird on Ankle Tattoo

Ross ankle tattoo

Ross bird tattoo

Tattoo: In one of his video interviews, Ross revealed about the pair of birds that ar inked on his ankles, one on each.

The twin swallows are the best way to symbolise love, fortune, and rich/close family connections. Some people also get them tattooed to reflect their affection, love, and care for their soul mate.

24. ‘BROTHER’ Tattoo

Ross BROTHER Tattoo

25. Skull with Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

Ross skull tattoo

Tattoo: His left forearm is covered with his favorite piece that includes a skull with a butterfly and roses on its bottom. As said, it is the beautiful way to represent the circle of life and death. The beauty of life is reflected via butterfly and flowers, whereas, skull, stands for death, evil, and dead.

26. Tattoo on Butt

Ross hip ink Ross hip tattoo

27. Finger Tattoos

Ross finger tattoo

Ross left hand tattoo

On his right hand, there is a tiny cross followed by letters; ‘DAB‘ while on his other hand, the tattoo says, ‘KIND’

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