Ryan Switzer’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ryan Switzer, an American Professional football Player plays on the wide receiver position and as a return specialist. Ryan began playing football during the college days with the North Carolina Tar Heels, for the University of North Carolina. Ryan has got multiple tattoos on his body. Let us explore his body designs.

Ryan Switzer

1. ‘BELIEVE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his lower lip, Ryan has got the tattoo of the word, ‘Believe’.

Meaning: This was Ryan’s first tattoo and he got it at the age of 18 years. Ryan’s decision to get it done at such a crazy location on his body was, that he wanted to hide it from his mother as she was scornful towards the idea of getting inked.

“Yeah it is my absolute favorite word. It is my mantra, what I live by. It was a place where at the time my mom wouldn’t be able to see it and get mad at me.”

 “I had just turned 18. My mom does not like tattoos, and I wasn’t a very rebellious kid, sort of always on the straight and narrow, but I wanted to get one and not make her too mad. So I got a tattoo on the inside of my lip. How did she find out? Well, as any kid would, I told a few of my buddies about it. I showed them. They told their parents. And so I was out with my mom eating dinner one night and one of those parents comes up and says, ‘Let me see your tattoo!” Right in front of my mom. Well, she wasn’t too happy. It was tough sledding for me for a while. What does she think now? Well, she loves her baby boy. So I think she’s forgiven me.”

2. ‘g’ Tattoo

Ryan wife name initial tattoo

Tattoo: ‘g’ inked on his ring finger of the left hand.

Meaning: This is Ryan’s show of love for his wife, Gabbie Switzer.

3. ‘Smiley’ Tattoo

Ryan smiley tattoo

Tattoo: His right hand’s middle finger is tattooed with a very tiny and cute smiley emoticon.

4. Hebrew Writing Tattoo

Ryan right arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: Hebrew phrase writing on the inner side of his right wrist.

Meaning: The phrase says “אלוהים הוא אהבת”, which means “God is love”. Ryan’s religious connection with God and his strong religious beliefs have always been talked about by him.

5. Writing on Right Hand Tattoo

Ryan right wrist writing

6. Cross Tattoo

Ryan cross tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small inscription, a cross, and a pair of dove birds.

Meaning: A cross is the symbol of the fact that Ryan is a Christian and holds strong religious beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ and Christianity. Whereas Dove birds symbolize peace, spirituality, and the Holy Spirit. Dove birds are meant to represent the purity and the divinity of Christ, while the cross is symbolic of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

7. ‘Family’ Tattoo

Ryan Family Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Family’ tattooed on his left bicep.

Meaning: Ryan’s love for his family is already known among his followers. He is known to be very sensitive when anything comes up related to his family.

‘For the love of my family’

8. ‘Faith’ Tattoo

Ryan Faith Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Faith’ along with the words, ‘Foundation of my life’ tattooed on his inner right bicep.

Meaning: Bryan is a religious man when it comes to God and his blessings. He believes that his faith in God, faith in his own life decisions is what is the foundation of his life.’

“Faith in my lord, faith in his blessings, faith is what I hold unto.”

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