Daniele De Rossi’s 13 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daniele De Rossi is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Boca Juniors in the Argentine Primera Division. He began as a footballer in his young age as a striker at Ostia Mare before joining the AS Roma academy in 2000. De Rossi is Italy’s top scorer in the Confederations Cup, with the record of two goals. With 21 goals, he is the highest-scoring midfielder for Italy post.

Footballers and tattoos are not uncommon in the modern game but De Rossi’s every other ink on his body is magnificent and really iconic. Let us scrutinize their meanings.


1.  ‘Psychedelic Surrealism’ Tattoo

Daniel De Rosie right leg front tattoo

Daniel D Rosie right leg front tattoo02

Tattoo: The front side of the footballer’s right leg has a psychedelic artwork piece of his own face done by the tattoo artist David cote on February 4, 2016, at Fronte del Porto tattoo studio.

Meaning: This Surrealism tattoo positioned on his leg is a philosophy, manifesting itself as art and described as the complex combination of life and reality to create the purported super-reality. It’s the liberation from the human mind, a revolution of social views and principles and moving on the path of realism.

2. ‘Beware of Being Tackled’ Tattoo

Daniel D Rosie right back leg tattoo

Tattoo: De Rossi’s calf of the right leg contains a warning sign inked on it.

Meaning: The Italian midfielder is well known for his tough tackling and plays up his own tough approach, and thus this forced him to get a tattoo to immortalize his reputation forever by inking up a triangular “hazard” sign of a tackle being performed. The tattoo clearly shows the football’s warning to an opponent sign which depicts the opponent’s leg is hacked away.

3. ‘Teletubbies’ Tattoo

Daniel D Rosie right arm teletubbies tattoo

Daniel D Rosie Right bicep teletubbies tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s right bicep contains an illustration of Teletubbies.

Meaning: The beautiful artwork of Teletubbies with word ‘Gaia’ positioned in between them is very meaningful to De Rossi and her daughter. He even considers this ink as a lucky charm for himselfi. The child inks are adorable according TO Daniele onsidered that the children’s cartoons looked funny and at the same time reminded himself of his beloved child. The Greek word ‘gaia’, meaning “earth” whereas Gaia in Greek mythology was the mother goddess who presided over the earth.

4. ‘Angel with writing’ Tattoo

Daniel DE Rosei left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: An Baby angel is inked along with a Latin language text De Rosie’s backside of his left forearm.

Meaning: The tattoo of an angel holding a bow and arrow flying on clouds is tattooed is inked on De Rosie’s left forearm which also reads a Latin Phrase as “UBI TU GAIUS, EGO GAIS IBI” which means “Wherever you are, I’ll be there”.

5. ‘Naked Angel holding Banner’ Tattoo

Daniel De Rosie left arm naked angel tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of the left bicep of footballer there exists an illustration of a half-naked angel holding a banner in her left hand surrounded by blue sky.

6. ‘Goddess of Justice’ Tattoo

Daniel D Rosie left arm godess of justice tattoo

Tattoo: Image of the blindfolded woman is positioned on the front side of footballer’s front left forearm.

Meaning: The drawing of a blindfolded woman holding a pair of scales in one hand, a sword in the other existing on Daniele De Rosie’s left arm is a clear depiction of  Themis, The Goddess in Athens in Greek mythology. She is the personification of divine or natural law, order, and justice.

7. Wrist Tattoo

DANIEL DE ROSIE wrist tattoo

Tattoo: Daniele De Rosie’s inner side of the left wrist has a tattoo which shows a snake in the grave yard and an orange sky in the background.

8. ‘Surrealist’ Tattoo

Danieli De Rossie right shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: The right shoulder of Daniele De Rosie has a Psychedelic deception tattooed to it.

Meaning: The illustration on footballer’s shoulder is a second addition to his juxtaposition of dreams and reality to create the purported super-reality in which there is a big eye and below it is a satellite from which a figure of a kid and a horse is positioned on his shoulder.

9. ‘Love for Rome’ Tattoo

Daniel D Rosie right forearm tattooDaniel D Rosie right forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Roma player Daniele De Rossi covered his whole inside-out left forearm covered with the tattoo of city Rome, capital of Italy

Meaning: De Rossi’s Simple Love for Rome mocked up the full illustration on his forearm. In order to mark the time when he became the captain of the team after replacing Francesco Totti, Rossi got this ink.

“It’s simple, the choice that I made is because I am still happy here. I have decided to stay with my friends, family, supporters of the club and this jersey. Although it can be said this is quite selfish for me,”

“I myself feel lucky because there is nothing in my mind to pretend. My love is so great for Rome and it is felt while on the pitch,” he added.

10. ‘Splattered Heart’ Tattoo

Daniel de Rosie right side tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of midfielder footballer’s torso is inked with a splattered heart tattoo.

11. Chest Tattoo

Daniel de Rosie chest Tattoo

Tattoo: Daniele De Rosie’s center part of the chest is inked with the tattoo of several images of characters performing activities such as climbing, paragliding, skating, playing football on one rope. Besides them, there is an artistic couple on the extreme right of his chest which represents him and his beloved holding a heart together.

12. ‘Wife’s face’ Tattoo

Daniel de Rosie right side face tattoo 1

Tattoo: Right above Daniele Da Rossi’s previous heart tattoo exactly on its top is the tattoo of his wife Sarah Felberbaum’s face inked on it.

13. ‘Women sitting in forest’ Tattoo

Daniele-De-Rossi Woman Tattoo

Tattoo: A big artwork of women sitting in trees is inked to the left of his torso. Besides her, there are some swans positioned on Daniel De Rosie’ extreme left of his torso.

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