Sergio Ramos’ 42 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Sergio Ramos García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team as a defender. He is also the Captain of both the teams he plays for. He has won over 20 trophies since his debut. Ramos is also one of the top goalscorers of La Liga from a defensive position. He is also the only player alongside Lionel Messi to score in 15 consecutive La Liga seasons. Sergio Ramos’ body is full of inks. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings they hold.

Sergio Ramos

1. ‘Heart and the Quote’ Tattoo

serdio ramos heart quote tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of Sergio’s neck contains the tattoo of a heart being stabbed by a dagger with wings and just below is a quote that reads, “A Lion Never Loses Over The Opinion Of Sheep.”

Meaning: The quote explains his character beautifully as Ramos has been known to be an aggressive defender and has been accused of it multiple times. Ramos is also infamous for getting booked at many games. But he has emerged victorious every time and shown that he is the best at what he does.

sergio ramos

2. ‘Hexagram and Clouds’ Tattoo

serdio ramos star clouds tattoo

Tattoo: The left tricep of the defender contains a tattoo of a Hexagram which is a six-pointed star, tattooed in the midnight sky full of clouds.

Meaning: The six-pointed star is a symbol used to signify traits which are Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Life, Understanding, and Loyalty. This is also called the Star of David or the Star of Freedom. Sergio got this tattoo in honor of her Grandmother, Nena who gifted a pendant of the same design to his mother.

3. ‘Lion’ Tattoo

serdio ramos lion tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his upper back contains a large tattoo of the head of a Lion with the cloudy sky at dawn, plains of a jungle and a tree are tattooed in the background of the Lion.

4. ‘Wolf’ Tattoo

serdio ramos wolf tattoo

Tattoo: To complement his Lion at dawn tattoo, the right side of his upper back contains the tattoo of the head of a Wolf done in a night sky. There is another little wolf howling at a mountain top beneath the full moon tattooed in the background of the head of the Larger wolf tattoo.

Meaning: This tattoo was done over his Goblin tattoo which was the first tattoo he ever got.

5. Dream Catcher And Quote Tattoo

serdio ramos dream catcher tattoo

Tattoo: The middle part of his upper back contains a large tattoo of a dream catcher with a suspended smaller net which contains his initials, SR inked inside it with a crown over them. The smaller net is also surrounded by three feathers and a quote.

Meaning: The Dream Catcher is actually used as a Talisman to protect you from bad dreams and Nightmares. The Quote around it reads, “Only Those Who Went Hungry With Me And Stood By Me Will Eat At My Table.”

6. ‘Map and Freedom’ Tattoo

serdio ramos freedom map tattoo

Tattoo: The upper left arm of the footballer, just above his elbow contains the tattoo of the map of Spain with Sevilla marked inside it along with an X along with the number 4. There are other sites marked on the map with the help of map lines and arrows. Just above the map tattoo, is the word Freedom inked in capital letters?

Meaning: Sergio got this tattoo when he played for Sevilla FC as he started his football career at the same club and even graduated from their youth academy.

sergio ramos

7. ‘Warrior and Family’ Tattoo

serdio ramos warrior family tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his mid-back contains the tattoo of a warrior standing on a battlefield with a sword in his right hand and an ax in his left. There is a skull lying at his feet. A flag pole, swords, and arrows in the ground can be seen to his left and there are three graves on his right. Two of them are very peculiar which contains the initials R.J and N.P. The purple thunderous sky can be seen in his background. Below this tattoo and the dream catcher is a banner which reads, “God Bless My Family

8. ‘Red Indian’ Tattoo

serdio ramos red indian tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his mid-back contains the tattoo of a Red Indian Chief standing in a field beside a bonfire. Three small huts can be seen behind his back below a cloudy sky.

9. ‘Lower Back’ Tattoo

serdio ramos lower back tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of Ramos’ lower back contains the tattoo of a heart with a flame over it being pierced by 8 daggers. The word, ‘Cicatrices’ is inked just below the heart. The right side contains a tattoo of Jesus Christ with his hands joined in prayer holding a rosemary necklace with the Cross and stars as pendants. The crown of thorns that Jesus is wearing contains three parts with the initials, J and S written on the ones on the sides and the symbol of the Cross inked on the middle one. Sergio’s God Bless My Family Banner tattoo goes with the prayer tattoo too. Below all this, are the words, MIRIAN 4 RENE followed by a Cross.

Meaning: The heart is the symbol called the Immaculate Heart of Mary which along with the word, Cicatrices symbolizes the scars left by healed wounds. The Jesus Christ tattoo represents his religious views and the MIRIAM 4 RENE stands for his sister, Miriam Ramos and his brother, Rene Ramos both around the number he wears on his Jersey, 4. The cross at the end is for the blessings and well being he wishes for them and his family.

10. ‘Recuerda and Cross’ Tattoo

serdio ramos recuerda cross tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Ramos’ left wrist contains the word, Recuerda inked on it. A little below it, right on his forearm is the tattoo of a cross made of red, green and white pieces emitting it radiance shown by lines tattooed around it.

Meaning: The Cross represents the religious views of the footballer and the word, Recuerda inked on his wrist means Remember.

11. ‘Mic and Rose’ Tattoo

serdio ramos mic rose tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of his right forearm contains the tattoo of a Microphone with a rose at its base. There is also a tattoo of a small glass of red wine right next to them.

12. Little Tattoos

serdio ramos little tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a Sailing Wheel of a Ship enclosed in an outline of the Spade from the deck of cards on Ramos’ right elbow. Around it is smaller tattoos of an airplane taking off, a lightning bolt danger sign, an anchor and a horseshoe.

13. ‘Arrows and Skull’ Tattoo

serdio ramos arrows skull tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of three little arrows on the inner side of Ramos’ upper arm. There is a large tattoo of a skull, wearing the crown of feathers of a Red Indian Chief on the inner side of his right forearm.

sergio ramos

14. ‘Chinese Symbol’ Tattoo

serdio ramos chinese symbol tattoo

Tattoo: There is a Chinese symbol inked behind Ramos’ left ear.

Meaning: The Chinese symbol is the symbol of the Wolf, one of Ramos’ favorite animals.

15. ‘Roman Numerals, Initials, Bird, and Quote’ Tattoo

serdio ramos numerals initials bird quote tattoo

serdio ramos elf tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Sergio’s left forearm contains the letters and Numerals, “JM VII P” tattooed on it. The part of his joint, where his arm folds is a tattoo of a bird. Above his numerals tattoo is a quote in a different language.

Meaning: The VII which is number 7, which Ramos considers his lucky number is surrounded by JM which stands for José María and P which stands for Paqui, who are his parents. The bird is a white dove which symbolizes peace. The quote is from one of his favorite movies, Lord of the Rings. The Line is inked in Elvish which translates to, “I will never forget you.” which is done for his parents.

16. ‘Right Upper Arm’ Tattoos

serdio ramos right upper arm tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos’ right shoulder contains the tattoo of Hamsa wearing a crown. The hamsa is also known as the hand of Fatima. On its right side is a tattoo of an antique watch. Below it is another tattoo of a cross with two dog tags hanging down from it. On the left side of the Hamsa are two little music notes and a star. There is also a tattoo of a key below the Hamsa.

Meaning: The Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima is a symbol of protection. The Cross symbolizes his religious views and the dog tags contain the number 15 inked on them which is the Jersey number he wears for the Spanish National Team.

17. ‘Jesus, Mary, the Cross, and the Chariot’ Tattoo

serdio ramos crosses jesus chariot tattoo

serdio ramos jesus mary tattoo

Tattoo: There are two crosses, each with a heart at the junction tattooed on the left side of Ramos’ body. Below them is a tattoo of a man riding a Chariot. Sergio’s left shoulder contains the tattoo of Jesus with his hands joined in praying and Virgin Mary with light coming out of her hands. Above both of them is the line, “La Mia Famiglia é Il Mio Sangue” inked in clouds.

Meaning: The line, La Mia Famiglia é Il Mio Sangue is Italian and translates to, My family is my blood.

18. ‘Right Forearm’ Tattoo

serdio ramos right forearm tattoo

Tattoo: There are tattoos of a Music note, a Pirate’s hand hook, A Diamond, A lucky clover on the upper arm of the footballer. There is a tattoo of the sun on his elbow, a heart in chains with flames coming out of it, an armband tattoo and the words, FAITH, and HOPE inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: Ramos’ body is covered in many motivational words. Faith and Hope are his virtues. Ramos’ armband tattoo is a Maori design with his name and jersey number,4 tattooed on it in Arabic.

19. ‘Left Bicep’ Tattoo

serdio ramos left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos’ left bicep contains the line, “In  The Memory Of The Ones Alive” with the number 3 and XI inked beside the words. The whole tattoo is done on a background of clouds.

Meaning: This is another one of Ramos’ family tattoos which he got for his siblings. His sister’s birthday comes on 3rd and his brother’s comes on the 11th.

20. ‘Left Hand’ Tattoos

serdio ramos left hand tattoo

Tattoo: Sergio’s left hand contains the tattoo of a Large rose with the number 4, the name Marco and the date, 14.11.2015 inked on its outer petals. His knuckles contain tattoos of the numbers 35, +90, 32, 19 done in red ink. All of his fingers contain various symbols. then the upper parts of his fingers, starting from his index contain a plus in a circle, the male sign, a star sign, and a moon sign. There is also a dot on each of his fingers.

Meaning: The four on the rose is his jersey number for Real Madrid. The Rose Tattoo is done to show his love towards his son, Marco who was born on 14.11.2015. The symbols on his fingers are the symbols of elements. The first Squad numbers he wore were 35 and 32. The +90 refers to his injury-time goal in the 2014 Champions League Final against Athletico Madrid.

21. Right Hand Tattoo

serdio ramos right hand tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos’ right hand contains many little important dates and times and measurements. Starting from the top is the date, 25/03/18,  the time, 6:24 pm, the words, I love, a heart, the infinity symbol, a diamond, a bow and arrow, a star, the name Alejandro in blue ink, the name Rubio in black, a heart made of heartbeat signals, the figure, 2.790 gr, the words, AMOR, and FAZ, two hearts, the figure, 47 cm and the name, PUREZA.

Meaning: Some of these are important dates, figures and some of these tattoos like the hearts, his wife’s name, Rubio and words like Amor which means love and pureza which means pure are for his wife. Alejandro is the name of another one of Ramos’ sons.

22. ‘Names’ Tattoo

serdio ramos name hands tattoo

Tattoo: The names, Rubio and Paqui are inked on the sides of his hands.

Meaning: These tattoos are done for his parents. Rubio is the name of his wife and also the nickname of his father. Paqui is his mother’s name.

sergio ramos

23. ‘Forearm’ Tattoo

serdio ramos forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Sergio’s left forearm contains the date formed by the numbers, 06-05-MMXIV. His forearm also contains his own name, Sergio inked on it. His right forearm contains a leaf, a hashtag symbol and the letters LA inked on it.

Meaning: The date stands or 06-05-2014.

24. ‘Right Bicep’ Tattoo

serdio ramos right bicep tattoo

serdio ramos bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos’ right bicep contains the line, “The Spirit of the IX Dead, Lies 27”

Meaning: This is a line from Cicero. The 9 is his father, Jose Maria Ramos’ birthday and 27 is his mother, Paqui Ramos’ birthday.

25. ‘Tower’ Tattoo

serdio ramos tower tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a bell tower beside his Hamsa tattoo on his right shoulder.

Meaning: The Bell Tower is La Giralda from Seville.

26. ‘World Cup’ Tattoo

serdio ramos cup tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s left forearm contains the tattoo of a FIFA World Cup trophy with the date, 11-07-2010 inked below it.

Meaning: This is the date that Ramos won the FIFA World Cup with the Spanish National Team which is the First World Cup that Spain has ever won.

27. ‘Faces’ Tattoo

serdio ramos face tattoo

Tattoo: There are tattoos of two faces, one of a young girl and one of a woman on the left forearm of the defender. Just beside the face, is a line inked vertically which reads, “Amor a mi Familia

Meaning: The tattoos are of his mother, Paqui and Sister, Miriam. The line means, Love to my family.

28. Ring Tattoo

serdio ramos ring tattoo

Tattoo: The left middle finger of the footballer contains a tattoo that is done in the form of a ring with letters R, M, and S.

Meaning: The initials refer to him, Sergio, his sister Miriam and his brother, Rene. The trio are very close to each other and both of his siblings have a matching tattoo.

29. ‘M with Wings’ Tattoo

serdio ramos m tattoo

Tattoo: The area above his crotch has the tattoo of the letter M with wings.

Meaning: He got this tattoo for his best friend, Mundi after he got the tattoo of the letter S for Sergio Ramos.

30. ‘Side Quote and Unicorn’ Tattoo

serdio ramos side quote tattoo

serdio ramos side quote2 tattoo

Tattoo: Both the sides of his body, his ribcages contain parts of a quote that reads, “Thank God for my Unconquerable Soul. I am The master Of my Own destiny The captain of my soul 30-03-86.” The right side of his body contains the tattoo of a unicorn with three red stars inside its body.

Meaning: This is one of the lines of Nelson Mandela from the movie, Invictus. Ramos said in an interview that he got this tattoo because he admires Nelson very much.

31. ‘Left Thigh’ Tattoo

serdio ramos left thigh tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of his left thigh contains the tattoo of a feather, the number 16, a silhouette of a horse prancing done in red ink and the tattoo of a wave of words said by someone.

sergio ramos

32. ‘Heart’ Tattoo

serdio ramos heart tattoo

Tattoo: The backside of Ramos’ left thigh contains the tattoo of a human heart with his initials, SR inked inside it.

33. ‘Champions League and World Cup’ Tattoo

serdio ramos calf tattoo

Tattoo: The left calf of the defender contains the ‘tattoo of the Champions League Cup’ and the right one contains the ‘tattoo of the FIFA World Cup’ along with the date on which the Spanish National Team won it, 11-07-2010.

Meaning: Sergio Ramos got these tattoos as they are the most important trophies of his career. He won the FIFA World Cup with the Spanish National Team in 2010. And the Champions League with Real Madrid in 2014,2016,2017,2018.

34. ‘King and Venue’ Tattoo

serdio ramos hamstring tattoo

Tattoo: Above his Champions League Trophy tattoo on his left calf is a tattoo of the King from a deck of cards done in a box. Below the King are the following venues inked, LISBON 2014, MILANO 2016, CARDIFF 2017, KIEV 2018.

Meaning: These are the venues and the years where the finals of each Champions League were held in the respective year. These are important as these are the years when Real Madrid won the Champions League Cups. It is regarded as one of the most important Champions League Campaigns as Real Madrid, under Ramos’ captainship is the only team to win 3 consecutive Champions League Trophies.

35. ‘Token and Sword’ Tattoo

serdio ramos token sword tattoo

Tattoo: The left knee of the defender contains a tattoo of a circle inside which, his initials SR are inked. Below that is the tattoo of a sword.

36. ‘Shin’ Tattoo

serdio ramos shin tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Ramos’ left leg contains several tattoos of cartoon done which include three kids hugging, and a camel.  His leg also contains a tattoo of one of his goals done in red ink.

37. Football Tattoo

serdio ramos football tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his left leg contains a tattoo of a football field. Below it is a tattoo of the header he scored. Below it, the word ‘Lisbon‘ is inked. The words, ‘Game Over’ is also inked above the header tattoo in red ink.

Meaning: The header is one of the goals close to his heart. Sergio Ramos scored it in the Champions League Final against Athletico Madrid in Lisbon in 2014. Real Madrid beat Athletico Madrid 4-1.

38. Nana Tattoo

serdio ramos nana tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a rabbit done in red ink with the word Nana inked above it on Sergio’s left thigh. There is also a tattoo of a few lines inked on the right side of his right thigh but it is so rarely seen and hard to make out.

Meaning: This tattoo was done in honor of his grandfather when he passed away in 2014.

39. ‘Poem with Banksy hooligan throwing flowers’ Tattoo

serdio ramos poem tattoo

Tattoo: Ramos’ left thigh contains the tattoo of a poem along with a quill and an inkpot. There is also a tattoo of Banksy hooligan throwing flowers. Above the poem, is a tattoo of a Compass used for finding the direction.

40. ‘Roman Numeral’ Tattoo

serdio ramos 17 tattoo

Tattoo: The numerals, XVII are inked on the footballer’s right shoulder.

Meaning: The Roman Numerals mean 17 in numbers which are the age at which he started at the Seville Youth Academy.

41. ‘Madrid’ Tattoo

serdio ramos madrid tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his leg, just beside his knee is a line which reads, “Por Qeemos Pa Madrid

Meaning: The line translates to Why we go to Madrid. This is a reference to FC Real Madrid as it is one of the biggest clubs in the World and Ramos is a Real Madrid legend and has been at the Club since his transfer from Sevilla in 2005 and has played with many legends including David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raúl González, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

42. Foot and Leg Tattoos

Tattoo: Sergio Ramos’ left leg contains three other tattoos of some of the goals that he has scored along with the names of places inked where he has scored them. His left foot contains his initials, SR inked with a crown over them if you look in the video above which he posted on Instagram showing his Champions League Trophy tattoo.

sergio ramos

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