Catt Sadler’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Catt Sadler is an entertainment-based Reporter, TV Host, Podcast Host, and a Journalist. Sadler made her first-ever appearance in the movie ‘Hoosiers’ when she was just 11 years old. Sadler is known for her astounding work in E! News, E! News Weekend and Daily Pop. For four years she hosted a nightly lifestyle segment called “The Bay Beat” and used to travel frequently to Los Angeles and New York to conduct celebrity interviews. She has a hot love for tattoos. Let us explore her body tattoos and their hidden meanings.


1. ‘Bird with Initials’ Tattoo

Catt Sadler forearm tattoo

Tattoo:  Right below her elbow On the inner side of Catt’s left forearm, she has a tattoo of a blackened dove and initials “AK’ and ‘AW’.

Meaning: The tattoo includes the initials which stand for the names for her sons, “AK” for Arion Kyle and “AW” for Austin Willia. Catt got this ink right after her divorce from her ex-husband Kyle Boyd in 2008. The dove symbolizes peace.

Catt explained the meaning of her tattoo in her blog :“The tattoo on my left forearm came shortly after my divorce. I’ve always loved birds and the dove to me has really always represented peace & tranquility. That time in my life was especially turbulent and coming out of that darkness really required a resilience on my part – a commitment to peace and love and forgiveness. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than a dove and my children’s initials in red. Arion Kyle, my baby and Austin William, my first born.”

2. ‘Symbol’ Tattoo

Catt Sadler back tattoo


Tattoo: The left side of Catt Sadler’s upper back  has a little symbol tattooed on it

3. ‘Feather’ Tattoo

Catt Sadler Left Ribcage Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her rib cage Catt has a feather inked which is shaded internally. The ink was done in July 2014. The stem part of the feather reads the word, “Sweet Pea“.

4. ‘Chords’ Tattoo

catt sadler lines tattoo

catt sadler arm tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of her forearm has a tattoo of three chords tattooed on it, all parallel to each other.

5. ‘ Greater than less than sign’ Tattoo

Catt Sadler Wrist tattoo

Tattoo: Catt’s right-hand’s wrist contains the ink showing greater than less than sign.

Meaning: On Jan 30, 2015, Catt Sadler got a tattoo of two inverted v symbols on her wrist which symbolize the focus of living in the present moment.

“[This tattoo] is my reminder to focus on the moment,” she said. “The past [is] over … and we don’t know if we have tomorrow, right? So I like to see [this tattoo] because it just reminds me to be very present.” Cheers to that!

“The ink on my right wrist isn’t a greater than less than sign, no. Truth is I saw this on a model at a photo shoot about 5 years ago. She explained that what it symbolized was a reminder to stay in the moment. The past, to my left if I’m staring at my tat, is the past. The future, to my right, is not promised, and may never even arrive. All that we are given is this very moment, and there in lies the gift of life. Focus on now. Be in this very breath. See the people before you. Quiet your mind and focus on *here* and *now*. I especially cherish that I can see this ink all day every day, as often as I see my hands really. It’s a gentle and permanent reminder to me. It’s especially sweet because I got inked with a dear friend of mine who got it in the exact same place. Love you LZ.”

6. ‘Lioness and Pisces Constellation’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Sadler’s upper arm has ink of a constellation of stars, however a little later she got a lion added to the constellation ink.

Meaning: The tattoo was inked by Dr. Woo. The constellation of Pisces’s tattoo represents the zodiac sign of her son Austin and the stars linking with the lion represents her second son Arion.

7. ‘lnl’ Tattoo

Catt-Sadler lnl Tattoo

Tattoo: The former E! News reporter got another ink July 19th, 2019 of word ‘lnl’ on her forearm.

Meaning: Catt Sadler and Nick LaKind after the re-beginning of their relationship got tattoos for each other. Nick got “Cathy Ann” inked on his left wrist whereas Catt got ‘LNL’ inked on her wrist which stands for Logan Nicholas LaKind

“We are stronger now, happier now and genuinely excited to blend our lives and our families under one roof. We refuse to give up on one another.”

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