Jemima Kirke’s 26 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jemima Kirke is an American-English Actress and a Visual Artist. She began her career through a supporting role in an independent film, Tiny furniture that too on the special request of her friend, Lena Dunham. In September 2017 she came into the spotlight through her appearance in the single music video of Zayn’s “Dusk Till Dawn”. This English-American artist has hot love for tattoos and has done several of the tattoos by herself at home. Here let us explore all the inks with all the facts and the meaning behind them in different versions.

Jemima Kirke

“I have a handful of tattoos that I really want to put on people that I can’t find anyone to let me give them to. Lena let me do one of them, which is like a Yorkshire terrier on her ribcage.”

1. ‘Zig-Zag Lines’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of Kirke’s right hand there is a ink of two little zig-zag lines inked in a freestyle manner.

2. ‘Spider web’ Tattoo

jemima kirke left hand spider web tattoo

 Jemima kirke left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On the back of the actress’ left hand there exists a tattoo of a web covering the whole part of her hand..

3. ‘Heart and Banner’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left hand palm tattoo

Jemima kirke left hand palm tattoo 2

Tattoo: An outlining heart with a banner wrapped around it is inked on the palm of Kirke’s left hand. The banner contains a message “IX-XXV-MMX”, inked inside the banner.

Meaning: The traditional style heart reads a message “IX-XXV-MMX” which is the numerical representation  for the date “9-25-2010” or September 25, 2010 which is the date of her daughte- Rafaella Israels’ birth.

4. ‘Chevron lines’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left hand chevron lines tattoo

Jemima Kirke

Tattoo: The edges of middle fingers of Kirke’s left hand, contains a tattoo of tiny inverted V’s in the form of small chevron lines inked on it.

Meaning: The inverted V’s or upward pointed arrows that are inked one below the other symbolizes the forward-looking towards life and creating your own reality.

5. Symbol Tattoo

Jemima kirke fingers tattoo

Jemima kirke fingers tattoo 1 Jemima kirke fingers tattoo

Tattoo: Kirke has two opposite chevron lines and a small dot inked on her left index finger just close to her nail bed whereas the ring finger of her Right hand has single chevron line and a dot below it.

6. Quote Tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand fail better tattoo

Tattoo: In 2015, on the side of her right hand there exists writing which reads as “FAIL BETTER”.

“FAIL BETTER , As in: getting a tattoo I regret but live with happily.”

7. Viking symbol

Jemima kirke left hand thumb tattoo

Tattoo: The thumb of her left hand has a Viking symbol inked on it.

8.’Snake’, ‘Star’, and ‘Green/blue’ diamond Tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand Snake, star and green,blue diamond tattoo

Tattoo: On the thumb of  Jemima’s right hand there is an artwork of a snake wrapped all around it. There is a six tip star inside that snake followed by a faded blue\green diamond inked near the snake.

9. ‘Mama’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left hand mama tattoo

Tattoo: On the side of the actress left hand there is a tattoo inked in the wavy form which reads as “MAMA”.

10. ‘Hunkering tiger’, ‘Moon and Drops’, ‘Skull Writing’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left forearm tattoo.

Tattoo: The inner side of the Jemima Kirke’s left forearm has a big ink of Crouching Tiger, A symbol of the moon and water droplets inked just near the mouth of a tiger. Beside the moon, there also exists a halo skull and a sun rising from the backside of it. There is a quote inked under the skull which reads as “live a little“.

11. ‘Writing on hand’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand writing tattoo

Tattoo: Jemima Kirke got a tattoo on the wrist of her right hand which says “FOR BETTER FOR WORSE” followed by a tiny heart tattooed beneath the quote which is shaded in a half.

12. ‘Star’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The inner side of Kirke’s right ear has a tattoo of a shaded tiny star which is inked in blue/green color.

13. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left shoulder rose tattoo

Tattoo: The left shoulder of Jemina contains a tattoo of a pink rose with green leaves. The tattoo was first seen in 2017.

14. ‘Rozy’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left foot tattoo

Tattoo: The left foot of Jemima has ink which reads the word ‘Rozy’.

15. ‘Tombstone’, and ‘Number’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left upperarm tattoo

Tattoo: The left upper arm of the actress near  has a tattoo of a tombstone which carries a message inside it, “RIDE OR DIE.” There is a crescent moon and three stars inked above the tombstone followed by the date 1.8.35 tattooed along with it.

16. ‘Heathcliff Moon Man’ Tattoo

Jemimi kirke heartcliff tattoo

Tattoo: The right upper-arm of the actress has writing which comes in a banner reads as Heathcliff and a moon woman like figure.

Meaning: The whole image is most likely a reference to the character in Wuthering Heights.

17. ‘Girl Holding Wand’ Tattoo

Jemimi kirke a girl with wand tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper am of Jemima kirke there is a tattoo of a figure presumed as a girl holding a big wand wearing protective gear on her head with a microphone attached to her gear.

18. ‘Fox and a butterfly’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Jemima Kirke has a tattoo of a fox sitting in bushes and a butterfly hovering upon it on the upper side of her left forearm.

19. ‘Woman’s face’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand tattoo

Jemima kirke right hand tattoo 1

Tattoo: The right lower arm of actress contains ink of a long line of X’s inked all the way in linear form on the front and ending up at a face of a woman inked on her elbow.

20. ‘Sister’s Name’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke right underarm pit tattoo

Jemima kirke right underarm pit tattoo 1

Tattoo: Jemima’s right armpit contains a tattoo which reads as ‘MALICE’.

Meaning: In 2017, Jemima and her cousin Alice Dellal got each other’s names tattooed in their armpits. Jemima’s tattoo says “Malice” and Alice’s says “Jemima”.

21. ‘X’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left foot tattoo x

Tattoo: The left ankle of Jemima Kirke’s leg has a tattoo of a letter ‘X’ inked on it.

22. ‘Man’s Face’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke mansface-baby right wrist tattoo

Tattoo: The right-hand wrist of Jemima Kirke has a tattoo of the face of a man and the word baby inked on it.

23. Unknown Writing on Neck Tattoo

Jemima kirke neck tattoo

Jemima kirke neck tattoo

Tattoo: Jemima Kirke has a tattoo of script inked on the back of her neck.

24. Unknown Hip Tattoo

Jemima kirke right leg thigh tattoo

Tattoo: The upper portion of actress right leg contains an unknown symbol which was first ever seen during her ‘Bikini Everlane Photoshoot’ in 2018.

25. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Jemima kirke left arm eye tattoo 1

Jemima kirke left arm eye tattoo

Tattoo: Jemima has a tattoo of an eye and a tribal design inked to her left forearm.

26. ‘Spider’ Tattoo

Jemima Kirke Spider Tattoo

Jemima has a faded tattoo of Spider inked on the left side of her left ribcage.

She won’t leave the studio with paint on her hands or clothes, which she sees as boastful, but doesn’t shy away from ink – her arms and hands are littered with tattoos

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