Lindsay Ell’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Lindsay Elizabeth Ell is a Canadian singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She is known for using pop and rock in her country music. She released her first EP in 2017 and her debut album, The Project the same year that peaked no. 1 on the Billboard Country Album Sales chart. She is currently signed with Stoney Creek Records.

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay only has one tattoo on her body that is an unfinished one. She plans to incorporate more into the tattoo as she goes on. Let us look at it and the meaning behind it.

1. Arrow Tattoo

Lindsay Ell arrow tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of her body has a tattoo of two arrows on it. One is a large one that has a triangle and a circle forming its tip and another triangle at its tail. The other one is a smaller one with a simple arrowhead and a tiny heart at its tail.

Meaning: Lindsay’s tattoo represents her journey to life, the things that have led up to where she is now, and where she will be next. The tattoo also represents her love for music as she says that every album gets a mark and this is hers.


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She posted the tattoo on her Instagram with the caption, “Call it a lifeline. A story. A legend. Pointed towards my heart, pushed forward by my past. Unfinished by design. To be completed as life unfolds…every album gets its own mark. As @kristianbush told me before I walked in, “you get to have some scars you choose.” And this one I did. Hello, tattoo world.”


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