Simone Biles’ 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles, is a summer’s golden athlete. With 19 Olympic and World Championship medals, she is the most decorated American gymnast. She ranks third among the top women medalists at the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships by the total medal won, 14. Ever since she is appearing on TV and Award Shows and even in a music video by Jake Miller, she is receiving much of attraction worldwide. Her tattoo has added much more fame to her celebrity status.

Simone Biles

1. Olympic Ring Tattoo on her Right Forearm

Simone Bile Olympic rings tattoo


Tattoo: Olympic Rings

Meaning: Biles has got her right forearm inked with Olympic rings. This is her first tattoo, and this was inked at Body Electric Tattoo Shop in March 2017. With this permanent piece worn on her skin, she might have gotten more enthusiastic and dedicated to the coming Olympics. She added a picture on her Instagram account with a caption, “first tat, never too late to get the rings tatted, thanks for taking me neighbor (Jake Miller)” as Jake Miller has advised her to get the tattoo.

2. “And Still I Rise” Tattoo

Collarbone tattoo

In 2021, Biles got a tattoo on her collarbone with the words “And still I rise,” which refers to the famous poem with the same title by Maya Angelou. This poem talks about staying strong and respecting yourself, even when others try to criticize you. Biles has often talked about ignoring negative comments online, so this tattoo is a perfect choice for her.

3. “1997” Tattoo

1997 tattoo

The gymnast has a tattoo that shows “1997,” the year she was born, just above her elbow.

4. “Golden” Tattoo

Golden tattoo

In November, Biles went to the 2021 InStyle Awards sporting what looked like a new tattoo. The tattoo says “Golden” in cursive writing on her inner left wrist. She hasn’t explained the reason for this tattoo, but it might be another reference to her Olympic gold medals.

5. XO Tattoo

One of Biles’s tattoos that isn’t often seen is her “XO” tattoo. She hasn’t shared its meaning, but she has this phrase tattooed on her inner lip. From an earlier talk with NBC Sports, we know it’s the second tattoo she added to her collection. However, she says it has faded a bit now. “I need to get it touched up,” she mentioned. “I’ve always wanted a lip tat, and I heard it didn’t hurt. So I went and got one.”

6. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

Biles has a tattoo on the back of her right hand that shows two small butterflies. She probably got this tattoo sometime in 2023.

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