K. Michelle’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kimberly Michelle Pate, known by the stage name K. Michelle, is an American R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Television Personality. She gained her recognition from recording many single and by releasing her long-awaited debut album Rebellious Soul on August 13, 2013. Michelle has 7 known inks on her body. Let us know about their meanings.

K Michelle

1. ‘Writing on hand’ Tattoo

K Michelle Knuckle Tattoo

Tattoo: K Michelle has a tattoo of simple lettering on her right ring finger knuckle

2. ‘Writing on her neck’ Tattoo

K MichelleTattoo

Tattoo: K Michelle got this “Leave Me Alone” tattoo on the back of her neck in December 2012.

3. ‘Writing’ Tattoo

K Michelle Writing Tattoo

Tattoo: K Michelle has a tattoo on her right forearm which says “I Go Hard”

4. ‘Four Leave Clover’ Tattoo

K Michelle bikini line tattoo

Tattoo on her bikini line. Michelle has a tattoo on the left side below her stomach at her bikini line consisting of a four-leaf clover with words “Lucky You”

5. ‘Music notes’ Tattoo

K Michelle Notes Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate has ink of music notes on her left forearm leading to the back of her hand.

6. ‘Angel, Broken Heart’ Tattoo

K Michelle Angel Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate has an Angel and a broken heart inked on her upper left arm on her upper arm.

Meaning: The ink shows a character holding a broken heart and blood dripping off it declaring” I don’t want it anymore” depicting another broken heart with it. The below section reads a message in a bubble “Umm…you can have your heart back. Sorry I broke it.” With a male cartoon holding up two pieces of a broken heart, dripping blood from it while a female character kneels down in tears in addition to the left side of the tattoo is angel shooting an arrow while a person points a gun at her saying “Do not touch me.”

Though the general theme of the tattoo is depressing, k Michelle revealed her ink with a positive message. she says, “After every heartbreak, there will be sunshine. Where there is hurt there is HEALING!”

7. ‘Treble clef’ Tattoo

K Michelle Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo: R&B singer has a tattoo on her right thigh of a treble clef in order to keep herself motivated. The tattoo reads “Born To Sing / Keep Pushing”

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