10 Best Tattoo Artists in Glasgow

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Lady Randolph Churchill, the mother of the former British prime minister, Winston Churchill, was one exceptional woman in élite society with a tattoo? Her tattoo design of choice was a snake coiled around her left wrist. In those days, tattoos were seen as a matter of wealth because people had to travel to Asia to get themselves inked.

After some time though, the culture surrounding tattoos in Glasgow shifted its focus to the national game of the place. So tattoos were all about football and everything related to it. Getting inked equaled conjuring images of shirtless men (the Rangers and Celtic players) in their minds. The players too marked themselves with their club’s crests on their upper arms and some with “Hate” and “Love” words self-inked on their knuckles. Crudely.

In the current times, many hipster tattoo artists have opened their petite and stylish tattoo parlors who have gained a reputation for catering to the upscaling demand of people. There has never been a more appropriate time to get yourself inked with some tribal ink, a sugar skull, or probably some other indelible designs to your skin. These parlors are sure to provide you with their expertise in all.

No matter how many great artists are there in Glasgow but choosing just one out of them can be pretty overwhelming. When it comes to getting inked, it is all about choosing the perfect one who has a great style, a comfortable environment to offer, and does not compromise on quality. These designs are going to be permanent so it is better worth all this research.

Although getting inked might sound like a really fun activity that might make your look cool, some aspects aren’t so cool about it too. So keep that in mind and check out these local parlors in Glasgow, who provide more than the tattoo services (We’re talking of piercings and cover-ups too!)

1. Richard Richardson- Hepcat Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Richard Richardson has his heart and his craft stuck on nature and the natural world. His nature theme tattoos are always pretty stunning. He works in Hepcat which is a tattoo parlor resembling a 50s diner. Although he loves to create realistic designs, he likes to add his own spin to them. His spins: geometric background, abstract art. He has his own signature circle design too.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Hepcat offers tattoos as well as piercing services and along with it comes laser tattoo removal too. What makes the studio special? It’s quality work. They also provide custom designs that help them get the best designs that are there. But at the same time, they would also provide you with some ideas, if you are not sure about what to get and it ranges from anything complicated to simple. Interestingly, they do not book in through online appointments and if you have to book yourself a slot, make sure you visit the studio with your references. Walk-ins are also available here.

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2. Kym Munster- Custom Inc Tattoo Studio

Custom Inc Tattoo has one of the most popular in-demand skills- watercolor effects. Inc’s Kym Munster is one of the best in Glasgow when it comes to having a custom colorful watercolor ink tattoo make. She has been in this tattoo industry since 2009 which is more than a decade! Her colorful designs are really attractive and one can catch a glimpse of them from her social media too. The detailing is also pretty neat which is probably because of her study in medical illustrations and a photography course.


Custom Inc aims to promote this art form and help it move forward. Kym says,

The art of tattooing has been with us for thousands of years and has played an important part in most ancient culture and we believe that tattoos are still as important today as they are one of the most individual forms of self-expression we have, so therefore should be taken seriously and chosen carefully.

Thus the shop’s name and their specialty: customization- so that they could cater to everyone’s specific needs and make their design unique.

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3. Paul Clave- Timeless Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

If you like everything gothic and macabre, the work of Paul aka “King of Bones” would surely sweep you off the floor. He loves to make skeletons, anatomical designs, and ghosts who all feature his special black and grey work expertise. For him, his style is apocalyptical and a lot of darkness. There’s also a sense of dark humor about his style and his playfulness makes it even more interesting, so it is not all serious. He works at Timeless Tattoo on Dundas Street, right above Queen Street Station.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Timeless Tattoo has won many awards for its exquisite work and is a professional studio based in West End, Llanelli owned by veteran tattoo artist, Dean Hughes. Their hourly rate for custom tattoo work begins at £85, with their design fee for custom drawings at £30 and a security deposit to book the slot at £20/40. If you require a full day sitting, be ready to spend £450 and they do not give appointments without a pre-deposit.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

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4. Steph Owens- Rock ‘n’ Roll Tattoo and Piercing

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Steph Owens has a way of work with dot work and neat lines. She is specifically great at making mandalas and floral patterns. If there’s a need to define her style, it would be pretty and elegant. She, however, loves to add a great sass to her work. She works at the award-winning tattoo parlor Rock n’ Roll Tattoo in Gallowgate.

The tattoos and piercings are done on a booking basis but they do accept general walk-ins too. The staff remains closely connected to the customers and clients for any problems or any session or consultation online. The artists here also have their own personal fan page that allows them to remain connected to their previous clients and potential customers.

So, the time passes by, the Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing family grows bigger and more and more people walk around beautified by our artists. And because the crew at R’n’R are all fighters we won’t stop until we are crowned the Best of the Best. And after that … we will keep on doing what we do best – make our customers happy by giving them amazing tattoos and coolest piercings.

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5. Paul Hamilton- Kaya Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Kaya Tattoo Studio is one of the most renowned tattoo studios that you will find in Glasgow and it is probably because of its most popular tattoo artist, Paul Hamilton. He and his team of tattoo artists make sure that they carry out each design with precision and are immaculate. They do not believe in keeping the design too complicated and work with bold line patterns. They also have their own online store that sells customized clothes relate to tattoos, accessories, and other gift items.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

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6. David ‘El Gordo’ Pozo and Simon ‘The Pieman’ Thursby- Forevermore Tattoo Parlour

The name of this tattoo studio is something that will remind you that a tattoo is supposed to be on your skin for a very long time and so be sure about what you want. However, Forevermore helps its customers to not feel stressed about it as they offer exceptional tattoo services and piercing studio with an American touch to them.  The studio was started by David ‘El Gordo’ Pozo and Simon ‘The Pieman’ Thursby in 2009 (they also have a shop in London). It has been doing pretty great ever since to be named one of the top tattoo studios in the city, thanks to its needle holders and guest appearances.


Forevermore was built in Glasgow in 2009. They have artists who are talented in making whatever their clients put in front of them. They are an expert in blackwork from linework, dot work to woodcut. The owners say, “Since our first day we have provided a world-class studio where we offer high-quality custom tattoos and piercings in a friendly and professional environment. Between our talented house artists and world-renowned guests we can offer whatever style of tattooing you want to the highest standard.”

Besides this, their single full-time piercer is the only APP accredited piercer in the whole of Scotland as well as in Glasgow who offers a variety of top-notch jewelry designs and piercing ideas.

Forevermore Tattoo Parlour renders high-quality custom tattoos and piercings in a friendly and adept context. They also offer high-end body jewelry merchandise. A free consultation is always an option here. Plus, they are multilingual. So if you speak Spanish, you are going to meet some Spanish speaking professionals, for sure.

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7. Nicola and Natalie- Terry’s Tattoo Studio

Terry’s Tattoo studio has a huge history. The place has been tattooing long before tattoos were even fashionable. It was created by Terry Wrigley in 1965! He passed it onto his son, Stuart and now it is run by his daughters Nicola and Natalie. Thus, the art of tattooing runs in the blood and so be certain that you are in good hands. They offer in-house designs or you can bring in your own design.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Terry Wrigley also established the International Tattoos Artist’s Association in the 70s. His first tattoo studio was actually in England in 1958 after which he moved to Glasgow five years later. Since then, Terry’s has been a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts. “I got it at Terry’s, everyone goes to Terry’s!” is a popular catch. They have recently begun tattoo removal procedures too.

This is what Terry’s granddaughters have to say about him,

Our grandpa Terry moved to Glasgow in 1964. Since leaving the armed forces, some years earlier to pursue his new found love affair with tattooing, ( and new skills… Like being a dad!) In this time, he had firmly established himself as a talented artist in numerous towns and cities around the UK, including Manchester, Blackpool, London and even Southend on the sea! It had taken him to almost every corner of the British Isles in search of “that perfect location” and eventually, one winter, he found himself and fellow tattoo legend… “Jimmy” Gould (later of Blackpool fame) searching Glasgow for that spot!!! Within weeks they had sourced a location and secured a lease (obviously pre bureaucracy days! ) Glasgow welcomed the “new” guys with open arms, and wallets!

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

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8. Kevin Younger- Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour

Begun on July 29 2010 by tattooist Kevin Younger, Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour is really wonderful, methodically planned, and established around solace and hygiene while still maintaining quality & appeal. The shop’s exterior is walled with 7 huge portrait windows, yielding the parlor an airy, luminous, welcoming touch. Kevin Younger is a highly skilled and versatile tattoo artist who has more than 10 years of tattooing experience and who is now comfortable with almost all the major tattoo niches. However, his specialization is in traditional, Japanese tattoo and black and grey religious tattoo designs.

Lucky Cat is a decade old and has at least one celebrity in its studio. the most popular one being Biffy Clyro’s frontman Simon Neil, who was a regular with the artists, Kevin Younger and got many of his tattoos with him at Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlor. They do contemporary designs, particularly. They don’t do standard designs and just work with custom designs given to them by their customers. The parlor houses custom expert tattooists like Kevin Younger, Rachel Ritchie, Charlotte Louise, and Craig McKenna. They also provide private rooms for safety and hygiene reasons.


The interior of the studio is pretty modernistic. The reception area is large with the waiting area floored in dark hardwood. The red walls are adorned with beautiful paintings and a huge ornamental gold mirror. It also has huge sofas and chairs.

You will be able to find the portfolios of the artists in the waiting area too along with a reference book and tattoo magazines for you to scroll through while you wait and probably take your inspiration from. In Lucky Cat tattoo, you won’t find any bulk pre-made designs because they believe in customization and specific requirement of the wearer.

Lucky Cat gives a lot of importance to the hygiene of their studio and parlor and makes sure that their clients are comfortable. There is a private room option for each customer too. It not only minimizes distraction but also helps the people to remain calm and relax while the process is on.

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9. Diego Molina- Sugar Skull Tattoo Studio

Diego was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He left his hometown to become a tattoo artist and follow his passion. He traveled all over Argentina and Europe where he gained some experience working among the best artists in the world. His specialty lies in realism and black and grey shading effects. He is more of a freestyle tattooist but is great in color designs too. He loves to make portraits and describes himself as a perfectionist. When he isn’t tattooing, he loves to hike and fancies coaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Diego Molina also excels in Black and Grey, Colour, Eagle, Full and Half Sleeve, American, Geometric, Floral, Natural, Traditional, Skull, Realistic, Horror, Cover-Ups, Portrait, New School, Tribal, Lettering & Shading Tattoo.

Tattoo Studio in Glasgow

Currently, he works in the Sugar Skull Tattoo Studio in Glasgow which is quite a popular tattoo studio. They believe in the importance and seriousness of a tattoo design. In fact, they say,  “Unlike other tattoo shops in Glasgow, here at Sugar Skull Glasgow, they understand that ‘another day at the office’ for us, is a hugely important day for each of their customers.”

Their team of professionals can handle heavy and complex designs, firs timers, or anything else very well. They also keep on offering gift cards and special discounts throughout the year. Other artists at Sugar Skull Tattoo Studio are Dawid Czarniak: Expertise in color realism and mandala, Diego Molina: black and grey realism & Jonny: full-color traditional.  The studio also provides a free consultation.

The competence of the tattoo artists is what makes Sugar Skull pretty popular not just among the locals but also from places nearby. Here’s what the artists say, “Sugar Skull Tattoo Studio has been established 3 years ago, so it’s relatively new, but during those 3 years, we grew to be a well-known and highly regarded tattoo shop among the tattoo lovers in Scotland. We have clients traveling to our studio in Glasgow regularly from as far as Campbeltown.”

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10. Rizza Boo- Bath Street Tattoo Collective

Bath Stree Tattoo Collective is one such studio that is far from usual. The studio is large and spacious and always buzzing with a variety of artists who work on different kinds of unique styles. They receive a lot of guest artists from all over the world. Rizza Boo, who can be said to be a popular tattoo artist at the studio. is all about colors. Her work can be described as bright and yet bold. It is pretty distinctive. She loves to create patterns that are inspired by space and is a sci-fi fan. She thinks that it is something perfect for a unique design.


Bath Street Tattoo Collective was established by Ema Sweeney, Marcus Maguire, Billy Hay & Dan Kelly, in September 2014. The parlor is based in a secluded, open plan Studio, tucked away on Bath St, central Glasgow. They have six amazing artists in total at the studio who work in varied styles and offer a higher level of creativity and quality of work. They work only on an appointment basis but they offer a free walk-in consultation. All you have to do is contact the artist from their website.

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