Tyla Yaweh 40 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tyler Jamal Brown, a famous American singer, rapper, and songwriter is professionally known by the name, Tyla Yaweh. He is currently signed to Epic Records and London Entertainment. Tyler has got multiple tattoos on his body. Let us see what tattoos he has and what meanings do they hold for Tyler.

Tyla Yaweh

1. ‘999’ Tattoo

Tyla 999 tattoo

Tattoo: ‘999’ is inked on the top left side of Tyla’s face.

2. ‘Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Tyla angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: Pair of angel wings is inked across Tyla’s chest. The face of the wings sitting towards his cleavage area has been given the shape of the face of the roaring lion.

Meaning: Angel wings are the symbol of Tyla’s faith in Christianity. Angel wings also symbolize protection, freedom, love, hope, and the desire of being closest to God. Also, angel wings are another way of paying tribute to a loved one who is no more. The roaring lion on the flipside symbolizes courage, strength, and power.

3. Arm Tattoo

Tyla bicep tattoo

4. ‘Broken Heart’ Tattoo

Tyla broken heart tattoo

Tattoo: A tiny broken heart tattoo is inked near Tyla’s left eye.

Meaning: When asked about the broken heart symbol on his Twitter account, Tyla exclaimed that he loves the idea of a broken heart. He said that he likes the symbol of how the heart looks like and he thinks that it is dope to get it done. Hereby, he has it on his body and also on his Twitter account.

“I have a lot of broken-heart tattoos all over me. That’s my favorite structure. I’m not broken-hearted though carrying a thesis all over my physique is bone-head to me. It’s an art form. we fuck wit it.”

5. ‘Crown’ Tattoo

Tyla crown tatoo

Tattoo: There is a crown symbol inked on the inner side of Tyla’s right arm.

Meaning: Crown symbolizes victory, strength, and self-control.

6. ‘Knife’ Tattoo

Tyla dagger tattoo

Tattoo: There is a knife tattooed on the right side of his neck.

Meaning: Knife is the symbol of liberation and sacrifice. Also, as per Christian beliefs knife represents martyrdom.

7. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

Tyla eye tattoo

Tattoo: On his right arm, Tyla has got an eye inked.

Meaning: Eye is the way to represent all that you believe in life. Your vision and idea towards living your life. More specifically, eye is used to symbolize vision, life, religion, clear thinking, the inner being, smartness, protection, and also a means to foretelling the future.

8. ‘407 till Dxxth’ Tattoo

Tyla eyebrow tattoo

Tattoo: Above his left eyebrow, Tyla has a tattoo that reads, ‘407 till dxxth’. The number might be his mobile number because in one of the tweets he said,


Jul 13, 2019

Fuck it I’m leaking my number !!! 407-564-6923 hit me up”

9. ‘Eyebrow’ Tattoo

Tyla eyebrow writing

10. Face Tattoo

Tyla face tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right forearm, Tyla has got an outline of a lady’s face inked. On her left cheek, we can see a broken heart symbol inked.

11. ‘Playboy Logo’ Tattoo

Tyla forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a tattoo of the playboy logo inked.

Meaning: Playboy logo is linked with sex for decades. It is considered to be the symbol of sex, pleasure, and fantasy. However, many people also get it just for the sake of getting it on their bodies.

12. ‘THIS IS THE LIFE’ Tattoo

Tyla forearm writing tattoo

Tattoo: ‘THIS IS THE LIFE’ tattooed on his left forearm.

13. Forehead Writing

Tyla forehead writing tattoo

14. ‘XXX FOREVER’ Tattoo

Tyla forever tattoo

Tattoo: On his left wrist area, there is a tattoo that contains, ‘XXX Forever’ inked vertically.

Meaning: Tyla said that he got this inked for the late American rapper, XXXTentacion whose original name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.

“I got a lot of favorites actually. we got my hermit XXX Forever, [for late rapper, XXXTentacion.] Rest in Peace, and some other friends, Rest In Peace. we got Fuck The Rules, on my neck that is my motto. Didn’t harm during all.”

15. ‘GOOD VIBES’ Tattoo

Tyla GOOD VIBES Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Good Vibes’ tattooed across his eyelids.

Meaning: Tyla got this tattoo done from Sweden. This tattoo is again inspired by his favorite rapper’s body tattoos. Tyla revealed that the late American Rapper, XXXTentacion had the tattoo of ‘Bad Vibes’ on his body. He said that he himself always has good vibes, thus, he wanted to have this tattoo for his favorite rapper.

“I got my damaged heart underneath my eye and started removing more. we got my eyelids tattooed recently in Sweden and they contend “Good Vibes.” we got that for my hermit XXXTentacion. He had “Bad Vibes” though I’m always good vibes. But it’s for him during a finish of a day.

Birdman and Wayne started a whole face-tattoo wave. we honour Birdman since he taught me a lot and gave me a lot of advice. They done me wish face tattoos.”

16. Heart Tattoo

Tyla heart on neck tattoo

Tattoo: As said by Tyla, he love getting broken hearts inked. Here it is, another broken heart tattoo on the left side of his neck.

17. Name Initials Tattoo

Tyla initials on shoulder

Tattoo: Tyla has got his own name’s initials inked on his shoulders. The letter ‘T’ ad ‘Y’ are inked on his right and left shoulder, respectively.

Meaning: Tyla got this tattoo at a very young age and thus, the tattoo is incomplete due to the shivering he suffered in his shoulder while getting it done.

“My initials and I didn’t even finish it. It’s still not finished. I got a T on one shoulder and half a B on the other one. I was so young and my shoulder was shaking. I was like, “F*ck it…”

18. Forearm Tattoo

Tyla left forearm tattoo

19. ‘LOVE’ Tattoo

Tyla LOVE Tattoo

20. Arm Tattoo

Tyla mask tattoo

21. ‘END MUTE’ Tattoo

Tyla MUTE Tattoo

22. ‘FUCK THE RULES’ Tattoo

Tyla neck tattoo

Tattoo: ‘FUCK THE RULES 1995’ is inked on the center of his neck.

Meaning: 1995 is the birth year of Tyla.

23. ‘Red Lips’ Tattoo

Tyla red lips on shoulders

Tyla red lips tattoo

Tattoo: There are red lips tattoo inked on his body. You can find one on each shoulder.

Meaning: Red Lips are considered to be a symbol of love and to mark the token of expression of love with your loved one.

25. Right Arm Hangman Tattoo

Tyla right arm tattoo

Tattoo: There is a hangman inked on his right forearm. Under the hangman we can see the word, ‘Yaweh’ inked. He said he got it inked in a way that hangman spells his name i.e. ‘Yaweh’.

I got a hangman that spells out Yaweh. My tattoo guy, Parley, pulled up to the house and just tatted me all day.

26. Bicep Tattoo

Tyla right shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Tyla’s right bicep is covered with a huge word ‘AGE’ followed by a dream catcher inked under it.

Meaning: Dream catcher is the symbol of protection and safety. People get it done for reasons such as ‘protection against bad omens, bad evils, and bad dreams’.

27. Tribal Tattoo

Tyla RIP Tattoo

28. Rose Tattoo

Tyla rose tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of love is inked on Tyla’s left inner arm.

29. Stomach Tattoo

Tyla stomach tattoo

30. RAGERBOY Tattoo

Tyla stomach writing

31. YAWEN Tattoo

Tyla surname tattoo

Tattoo: Tyla has got his own surname inked in red on the top left of his forehead.

“On head I don’t know, I got a few on my face now and when I was super drunk one night, I ended up with Yaweh on my head and I was like, “Yeah, I’m done.”

32. Symbols on Arm Tattoo

Tyla symbols on arm Tyla symbols tattoo

Tattoo: On Tyla’s right forearm, there are few symbols inked. Beginning from the left, there is a capsule, cross, playboy symbol, and a broken heart inked.

33. ‘THE END’ Tattoo

Tyla THE END Tattoo

34. Three Hearts Tattoo

Tyla three hearts tattoo

Tattoo: There are three tiny hearts inked near his left ear. One of them again is a broken heart.

35. ‘RIP MUTE’ Tattoo

Tyla tribal design tattoo

36. Tribal Design 

Tyla tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Tyla’s left upper arm is covered with a tribal design.

Meaning: Tribal tattoos are the symbol of power, strength, and protection. They are another way of symbolising one’s heritage.

37. Right Wrist Tattoo

Tyla wrist tattoo

38. Surname Tattoo

Tyla YAWEN Tattoo

Tattoo: This is the second surname tattoo that Tyla has got on his body. The first is on his left side of his forehead whereas the second one can be seen on the inner side of his right forearm. Tyla’s full name is Tyla Yawen. He believes that his surname means the fresh breath of air and thus, he loves his last name a lot.

“I was looking for a name that really represented me. I looked up the Yaweh and it stands for the first breath of air that created life. I feel like my music is a fresh breath of air.”

39. Wrist Tattoo

Tyla wrist tattoo

40. Arm Tattoo

Tyla NR Tattoo

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