Tessa Brook’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Tessa brooks is an American dancer and a Social Media Personality. Tessa brooks started dancing when she was 2 years old. This multifarious Dancer, Actress, and Model has amazed over people through her ‘Self-titled YouTube channel‘ . She has been associated with a Social Group “Team 10” and now she is a member of immaBEAST dance crew. She is known to be not such a big lover of inks, thus has only a single tattoo on her body. Let us explore its meaning.

Tessa Brooks

1. ‘X’ Tattoo

Tessa Brooks right side x tattoo

Tessa Brooks X Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of the dancer’s breast has a roman numeral tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo represents Team 10 founded by Jake Paul, a social group channel of Youtubers. She was a  part of the group along with her friend Erika Costell till 2018. This roman numeral X is a representation of being a member of Team 10.

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