Olivia Attwood’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Olivia Jade Attwood is a young and professional English television personality and model. She gained much limelight in 2017 when she emerged on the third series of Love Island and later became a regular cast member on the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex. Olivia has some interesting inks that adorn her body. Let us explore them.

Olivia Attwood

1. ’23 with a red heart’ Tattoo

Olivia 23 tattoo

Tattoo: It was on 8th March 2018 when a red outlined heart was seen on Olivia’s left wrist. This was during the time when the media captured her while leaving Lucky Voice Karaoke bar in Soho. She had revealed the tattoo via her Instagram handle with the heading:

 “Had some free time today and I was in an impulsive mood.

“Always a dangerous combo.”

Later, in May 2018, she got the number 23 added alongside her heart tattoo. This is the second tattoo captured by media, as her denim jackets sleeves were folded when she walked out at night after her birthday celebrations.

23 tattoo on her wrist – is a way of showing his love tribute to boyfriend Bradley Dack (English Professional Footballer), prompting the fact that 23 is his jersey number.

 “We’re seeing each other. It’s going well. Bradley makes me really happy, I lost my identity with Chris but I feel like I’m getting it back now.

2. Left Arm Writing-‘born wild.’

Olivia arm writing

Olivia writing on arm

Tattoo: On her left mid-arm, Olivia has got the wors, ‘born wild’ tattooed.

Meaning: This tattoo was an impulsive decision when Olivia couldn’t even stop herself from sharing it on her Instagram while getting the ink done.

Olivia born wild tattoo

3. Writing on the  Right Bicep

Olivia bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her right bicep, there is another word tattoo that says, ‘gang.’

4. Writing on Bikini Line 

Olivia body tattoo

5. Wrist Tattoo-engagement date 

Olivia dates tattoo Olivia engagement dates tattoo

Tattoo: On her wrist, there is another tattoo that shows her dedication of love for her partner, Bradley.

This tattoo is her matching couple tattoo with her boyfriend/fiance, Bradley.

It includes the date of her engagement to her fiance, Bradley. They are still in love and enjoying their courtship despite the fact that their marriage has been delayed twice. The tattoo on Olivia’s wrist says 12.10.19 in red.

Olivia has got the engagement dates tattooed in red, whereas the tattoo on her boyfriend’s left inner forearm includes the name’s initials’ of Olivia as ‘OJA,’ which stands for Olivia Jade Attwood. The tattoo details: ‘OJA 12.10.19‘.

Olivia explained: ‘I love the idea of eternalizing a name or a date on your body. Most people think it’s foolish.”

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