20 Fascinating Text Tattoo Ideas with Meaning and Ideas

Textual tattoos are gaining popularity over time and they gain easy attention for being self-descriptive. While there can be tons of words and phrases to choose from, one must always try to connect a cord, understand the meaning, resonate with the concept and then decide the words to be inked. Well, not just the words but also the design, calligraphy, font, and word length play an essential role in helping you pick the text you want to get a tattoo on. It could be the name of someone special, a feeling, an emotion, and any word that makes you feel very strongly connected. So, if you’re planning your first or next, you should give thought to the text. Ah, we tried a rhythm there and it worked! Without much delay, we’ve listed below a few fascinating text tattoo ideas that might stand a strong chance of blessing you with the next inking experience!

Meaning of Text Tattoo Designs

Text tattoos are popularly known as plain script and lettering tattoos as well. Initially, it can be challenging to pick the right words for your tattoo but if implemented with thoughtfulness and precision, text tattoos can leave a strong impact on you and others who would see them on you. This category of tattoos spells out your point of context clearly and crisply. Writing something on your body needs a lot of perspectives before you do so. Hence, it is important to ensure that the words you plan on getting inked should have the ability to strive for a deeper connection with you.

Ideas For Text Tattoo Designs

There can be innumerable ideas and suggestions for textual tattoos but it is important to foresee the impact that will be created. Words of enlightenment, humanity, encouragement or those with a deeper rooted meaning could be given a thought. Also, it isn’t necessary to stick to just one word. At times, a quote or a phrase could also catch a strong interest.

Where Should You Get Text Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Text Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Either / Or Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Wordplay can be interestingly compelling if done the right way. This type of tattoo is called an either/or tattoo that states two different scenarios and trains your mind to be prepared for both scenarios. One must not forget that such tattoos should be placed on the body part that does not experience variations with the onset of body shifts, changes, and aging.

  • Hidden Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Getting a word tattoo between the fingers can be subtle and truly exclusive for yourself to see. It’s quite trending and makes you treasure words or phrases important to you.

  • Behind the Ear Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Ever thought of tucking your precious words safely behind the ear? Well, that’s going to be your pick if you’re a person who believes in aesthetics, privacy, and meaning. Placing a textual tattoo behind your ear not only looks amazing but also keeps your special words sacred for only a handful of people to see.

  • Inner Arm Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Getting a lettering tattoo on your inner arm can make room for more than just one word. This part could accommodate a quote or phrase you strongly resonate with. One must keep in mind that the font and size should be easy to comprehend and yes it does look very aesthetic when placed right!

  • Single Alphabet Tattoo

Text Tattoo

If you’re a minimalistic person then a single alphabet tattoo is your type. It could be the initial of the name of your loved ones or the first letter of someone you admire. This category of lettering tattoos is quite famous among celebrities too.

  • Floral Cursive Tattoo

Text Tattoo

When you want to combine aesthetics and meaning together, floral cursive tattoos could be the right pick for you. Mostly, this concept is admired by people who want tributary tattoos in the memory of their loved ones. Indeed, it’s a beautiful way of keeping memories intact by weaving words into the design.

  • Ring of Words Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Placement of ink in a circular motion around any part of your body would be termed as the ring of words. You might want to explore the internet and find more motivation to get this one. The ideas could be many but it is important to determine where on your body would you like to get it inked. Commonly, a ring of words looks really good on the ring fingers, upper thigh, and elbow. Make sure you pick the right part to put a ring of words on it!

  • Collarbone Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Well, well, this one is steaming hot to look at. Might be a little more painful than all others because of the collarbone but then flaunting does take some effort right? A text placement around or near the collarbone makes room to show off that bone of yours while conveying a message. A chic pick if you’re looking to combine style and meaning!

  • Poetic Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Poetry and poets are great inspirations in life. They write so many words that can echo so strongly that they leave a strong impression on us Well, if you’re a person who loves to read poetry and derive meaning from it, then poetic lettering tattoos could appeal to you.

  • Logo Tattoo

Text Tattoo

These tattoos are the trendsetters. You could choose a brand or movie that speaks volumes to you and get it inked on you! Well, if it was me, I would have gone all over with Dior because why not? Look at it more like paying homage to your favorite brand!

  • Handwriting Mimic Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Your favorite words by your favorite person could be turned into a tattoo and you can just make them eternal by doing so. This could be a very special experience for you and all you need to do is ask your tattoo artist to mimic the handwriting of a loved one.

  • Lyrical Tattoo

Text Tattoo

There are days when we listen to the music but there are also days when the lyrics stay with us. If you have any of those special lyrics you’d like to flaunt, then a lyrical tattoo would be a good pick for you! Oh, and also, adding some musical chords around the song lyrics would add to its beauty!

  • Divided Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

When the message or text is lengthy and needs to be spread, you could go for the divided textual tattoo. It works well and doesn’t seem heavy to the eyes of the viewer.

  • Date Specific Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Tattoo lovers could save their special dates right with them by getting them inked. Be it your birth date, your date of marriage, or your loved ones’ special date, you could place it anywhere on the body and treasure it.

  • Behind the Neck Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Women with long hair could pick this style of getting inked. Isn’t it cool to choose when you want to show it off and when not? Well, short words, names, and emotions could be the appropriate textual tattoos to be placed behind the neck.

  • Name of the Pet Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Your pets could understand you more than the humans around do. To honor your pet you could get a detailed portrait of them inked along with their name. Be careful with the detailing and try to use a picture of them that helps you with every bit of elaboration you’d want to get.

  • Crossword Tattoo

Text Tattoo

A family pact or a group of friends you cherish in life could be a befitting idea for a crossword tattoo. You could also select the top five emotions that you want to get inked. Not only is it creative but also gives a nice view to the on-lookers.

  • Rainbow Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

With a splash of colors, text can seem bright, positive, happy, and radiant. Go for a rainbow-themed textual tattoo to be more playful with the text in your mind. Indeed, colorful tattoos need extra aftercare but then one wouldn’t mind being cautious to protect the inking experience that matters.

  • Upside Down Text Tattoo

Text Tattoo

This category of lettering tattoos can uniquely convey the message while keeping your design elements intact. It is yet again a quite trending tattoo style when it comes to lettering tattoos.

  • Paint Brush Stroke Tattoo

Text Tattoo

Let the dipping brush effect add some magnitude to your lettering tattoo. It is indeed a creative take at highlighting the letter or text subtly and beautifully.

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