25 Awesome Sagittarius Constellation Tattoos with Meanings and Ideas

If you are a Sagittarian, there is a high chance of you being the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and an overdose of high energy. People born under this fire sign are known for their keen artistry skills and an eye for beauty. They are a bunch of unafraid people who don’t shy away from speaking their minds out and never settle for something mediocre. When picking tattoos for themselves, you’ll rarely see them resorting to something “meh” or dull.  If you are one among this lot and are looking for super cool tattoo ideas for this fire sign, we have you covered. Here are some awesome Sagittarius tattoos with their meanings.

Meaning of Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Designs

The Sagittarius zodiac symbol comprises a centaur, which is a half-human and half-horse and it represents freedom and courage. Often paired with the bow, the arrow is the famous glyph of this sign. Since it is a fire sign,  Jupiter is its ruling planet and as per astrology, this planet is linked with luck, prosperity, and growth.

Ideas For Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Designs

When it comes to Sagittarius tattoos, you can go crazy with ideas. While the constellation looks amazing on its own, pairing it with the classic Sagittarian centaur would just seal the deal for you. You can go as big or as tiny as you want, it is sure to look stunning on you. From representing the planet Jupiter with the constellation to adding elements like the bow and arrow, there are a lot of options that you can explore and then make up your mind while going for a Sagittarius constellation tattoo.

Where Should You Get Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • ShoulderBlades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Saggitarius Constellation Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Hand

Sagittarius Tattoo
Nothing represents the Sagittarius sign better than the archer. Getting this inked on your hand will be a great way of expressing one’s freedom to set free from their animal self or the civilized, corporate slave we humans have become. It’s all about how you perceive it.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Forearm

Sagittarius Tattoos

This minimalist tattoo on the forearm depicts the Sagittarius constellation in a very simple and elegant manner. The dotted constellation serves as the perfect background to the bow and arrow in full motion. And how can we overlook the gorgeous sunflowers adding to the aesthetics of this masterpiece?

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Insects

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are a fauna lover, why not make it a part of your tattoo? You can get as creative as you want, like, replacing the lines with cute crawlies such as caterpillars or keeping it dainty with a butterfly or two just to keep the vibe intact. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Clavicle

Sagittarius Tattoo
Nothing screams sexy better than a minimalistic tattoo on the clavicle. Add to that dotted lines the constellation and you make heads turn. This one is just a classic example of the same.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Flowers

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you want to give a nice spring vibe to your Saggitarius constellation tattoo, just put up fancy flowers at the end of every corner of the constellation and there you have it, your gorgeous tattoo in no time. You can go for any flower but if you are too obsessed with your zodiac sign, pink carnations. They are supposed to be “the flower” of Sagittarius.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Moon

Sagittarius Tattoo
Sagittarians who romanticize the moon like a nineteenth-century poet would love to get it inked on them, won’t they? This perfect mix of a crescent moon with the simplistic depiction of the Sagi constellation is a delight for the beholder. The hint of gray set up in the black backdrop makes it look alluring.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design for Couples

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are one of those Sagis in love with another Sagi, it’s time to get inked together and flaunt your Sagi-ness to the world. This coordinated tattoo design of bow and arrow on the forearms will make sure you and your partner make for a super cool duo. Also, it is a nice break from the typical constellation patterns. Couple goals much?

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Waves

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you want your tattoo to represent the freedom of mind that the Sagi babies love to boast of, go for this one. The beautiful detailing and the constellation above the waves state how you are relaxed and go with the flow.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Back

Sagittarius Tattoo
This intricately designed tattoo is perfect for those late November and December borns who want something huge and dramatic. This will cover most of your back, and this beauty will creep its way out through your tops and tees, for sure! Also, if you look closely, you will see the constellation shining through the Sagittarian warrior’s broken, pieced-together face.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Femininity

Sagittarius Tattoo
This unique tattoo right above the ankle is a treat to the eyes. Instead of the regular centaur with the quiver, it depicts a fearless woman aiming her bow and arrow. This will be perfect if you want to ditch the usual archer tattoos and go for something out of the box!

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Shoulder

Sagittarius Tattoo
If black and white tattoos are too mainstream for you, try this gorgeous watercolor design. This would look amazing on your shoulder blade, and with the right kind of color palette, this would stand out like no one’s business!

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design in Simplicity

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are not up for all the jazz and fancy business, a simple Saggitarius constellation tattoo will do your job. It will speak what you want and make a statement just by its simplicity and elegance. Ah! The joys of simple things in life!

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design in Colour

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are up for experimenting with tattoo colors, go for a happy right of the most vibrant shades. You can play around with the constellation design, replacing dots and lines with cute planets and stars to give it an oomph factor. The bright colors would depict your playful persona quite well.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Chest

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you want a full-blown Saggitarius constellation with the bow and arrow as well as the constellation, this one will impress you. You must get it on your chest as that is where it will be visible in its full glory, and the splash of colors will just take things up a notch.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Wrist

Sagittarius Tattoo
Some classic Sagittarius designs look the best on one’s wrist. If you are looking for some elegant and no-nonsense tattoo ideas, go for this one. What makes this beauty all the more stunning is the subtle splash of colors that go so well with the overall aesthetics of the tattoo.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design in Galaxy

Sagittarius Tattoos
With a beautiful blend of all the galaxy colors, this one Saggitarius constellation tattoo is a cut above the rest, thanks to the stupendous blues and pinks merging, bringing the universe to your body. This one is literally out of the world.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on the Ankle

Sagittarius Tattoo
If complex and intricate designs please you, this gorgeous bunch of flowers inked with the constellation of Saggitarius is something you are bound to resonate with. It’s best for people who want their tattoo to not just be about their zodiac sign but also have more elements.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design Behind Ears

Sagittarius Tattoo
This design is perfect if you are a Sagittarian searching for tiny tattoos symbolizing your sun sign. Get it inked behind your ears, and you will indeed receive compliments.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Anchor

Sagittarius Tattoo
Sagittarians are the right balance of movement and stability. They will explore the world yet be grounded in their roots. What better way of showcasing that other than a bold anchor behind the pretty constellation of your zodiac sign? The bright red shade in this one gives it a life-like appearance. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Thigh

Sagittarius Tattoo
Proud of your Sagi zodiac and want to get it tatted but don’t want to show it all the time? The thigh would be the best place to get inked on. You can go for something very pretty with curvy flowers and lines depicting your constellations as that would look ravishing on all body types.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Rib

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are all about sleek lines and elegance, a classic constellation design on the side of your rib will match your taste the best. Get it done horizontally so that it looks vaster and more unique.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design with Cat

Sagittarius Tattoo
All the cat lovers, unite! This colossal tattoo is for all who want their love for cats to be known. The cat’s posture is such that it appears to wonder at the constellation, making it a stellar composition.

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Puzzle

Sagittarius Tattoo
This cute jigsaw puzzle with the bow and arrow is excellent for people looking for tiny tattoo ideas. A jigsaw puzzle also represents people from the autistic spectrum. So if you are one of them or know an autistic Sagittarian, you could recommend this brilliant tattoo idea to them. You could also sport it to show solidarity with the neurodivergent folks. Trust me, they will love it!

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Jupiter

Sagittarius Tattoo
If you are a sucker for astrology and take pride in your Sagittarian zodiac sign, it’s time to couple these two! Go for this bright, brilliant tattoo idea with the beautiful constellation on a golden Jupiter. How cool is that, right?

  • Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo Design on Leg

Sagittarius Tattoo
This aesthetically pleasing creative tattoo design is every Pinterest lover’s dream come true. Sitting beautifully right above the ankle, this one is the right balance between feminity, fearlessness, dreamy aura, and everything a Sagittarian stands for.

Thank us later, fellas!

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