Kid Ink’s 47 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Brian Todd Collins better known as Kid Ink, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Kid Ink is famous for getting nearly 100 tattoos on his body, covering the whole of his arms, back, neck, and even his torso. Let us explore his multiple body tattoos and understand their significance for him.

Kid Ink

“It is not necessary that when we get tattoos we should get something that has religious, emotional or some deeper meaning. It can be something that looks dope, it can be like some movie tattoos.”

“It’s not just the tattoos, but also that moment in time and memory. They reflect an era and everything happening to me at that time. I try to live without regrets. Things happen for a reason.”


1. Neck Writing

Kid Ink Neck Tattoo

On the backside of his neck, Kid Ink has got the letters YB inked such that they are overlapping over each other.

2. Hummingbird Behind Left Ear

Humming Bird Behind Left Ear

Pairing up the hummingbird inked behind his right ear, there is another bluish green shaded gumming bird inked behind his left ear.

3. ‘Roaring Tiger’ Tattoo

Kid Ink Tiger on Neck Tattoo

Tattoo: Exactly at the center of his neck on the front side, there is a tattoo of a roaring tiger inked in the orange-yellow shade. Roaring tigers represent power and strength.

4. Hebrew Writing Tattoo

Kid Ink Hebrew Writing Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of his neck, Kid has writing which is done in the Hebrew language. Its translation in English stands for, “In Jesus’ Name, We Pray“.

Meaning: The tattoo is the representation of Kid Ink’s great faith in Jesus Christ and also reflects his religious views and beliefs.

5. Rose on Neck

Kid Ink Rose on Neck

Tattoo: A light shaded red rose is inked on the right side of Kid Ink’s neck.

6. Humming Bird Tattoo

Kid Ink Humming Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: Behind his right ear, Kid Ink has got a hummingbird in a flight mode inked. The bird is tattooed in pink followed by tiny stars around it.

Meaning: Hummingbird is the symbol of peace, love, and Joy. It could also mean, “overcoming the difficulties of life“.

7. Shark on Neck

Kid Ink Shark Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his chin there is a tattoo of a shark.

Meaning: It represents fearlessness and confidence of Kid Ink.

8. Flames on the left side of Neck

Kid Ink Flames Tattoo

There are reddish flames inked on the left side of Kid Ink’s neck which is the symbol of love, passion, and desire.

9. Writing on Neck

Kid Ink Writing on Neck Tattoo


10. Animated Outlined Characters Tattoo

Kid Ink Animated Faces on Right Shoulder

Tattoo: There are outlined animated characters inked on Kid Ink’s right shoulder. They seem to be of a smiling character, the other one is frowning whereas the third seems to be a smiling bird.

11. ‘KI’ Tattoo

Kid Ink KI Tattoo

Tattoo: Kid Ink has got his own name’s initials inked on his biceps, as K and I representing his name, ‘Kid Ink‘.

12. A Tattoo

Kid Ink A Tattoo

There is the tattoo of the letter ‘A’ inked on Kid Ink’s right bicep.

13. Lightning, Chains, and Frankenstein Tattoo

Kid Ink Frankenstein Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, Kid Ink got the Frankenstein’s image along with the words, “HE’s ALIVE” inked. However, a little later he got the additions done to it by getting chains tattooed above it along with the blue lightning.

Meaning: The tattoo is the representation of the clear image of Frankenstein how he was chained and hung through the poles which had let to his rebirth again and thus, the fact that he was alive.

“Every tattoo has not to be an emotional one, here it is the Frankenstein tattoo, it is a much respectable image and I don’t think I need to explain it.”

“My Frankenstein tattoo represents me and how my music dips into different lanes, like I’m made of different people.”

14. Guns Tattoo

Kid Ink Guns Tattoo

There are two loaded guns inked on the outer side of his right and left arms. There are hands inked which are seen holding and pointing the guns.

15. ‘TRUTH’ Tattoo

Kid Ink TRUTH Tattoo

Tattoo: The left forearm of Kid Ink is tattooed with the word ‘TRUTH‘. The ink is well decored with designs all around each alphabet such as the ‘T‘ is crowned, whereas ‘U’ has the male symbol inked in its inner side.

16. ‘Naked Woman’ Sitting 

Kid Ink Woman in Cloak Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a naked woman inked on Kid’s left forearm. The woman is sitting on the half-moon whereas near her legs the area is well inked with pinkish shade followed by few linear designs in between.

Kid Ink said,

“Another high school tattoo. it was another piece I had drawn, just a chick on the moon. It represents the nightlife, that I used to enjoy, the peace of the night, however the funniest side to this tattoo was that this was the chick that was by my side during high school.”

17. Space Invaders Attack Logo Tattoo

Kid Ink Space Invaders Attack Tattoo

Tattoo: Just above his right elbow there is a tattoo in red that represents the logo of the game, Space Invaders.

18. Stay Humble Tattoo

Kid Ink STAY HUMBLE Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right arm is inked with the words, ‘Stay humble.’ Kid claims this to be his favorite quote.

They are the words you need to live by to get ahead in the game.

19. Stars and Design Tattoo

Kid Ink Right Arm Stars Tattoo

Tattoo: On Kid’s right forearm there is a design and multiple stars inked. This is the first tattoo that Kid Ink received at the age of 16 years where his mother also accompanied him. In an interview, he said that as far he remembers that the name of the studio was ‘J studios’.

“When I was 16 years old I went with my mom and got this design I drew up. She already had five tattoos, so she wasn’t totally against it. I (persuaded her) by making it sound like a mother-son situation. My father wasn’t around, so my mom was my parent.”


20. Left-Hand Design

Kid Ink Spanish Writing Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Kid Ink has multiple tattoos which include a musical note, some designs followed by a Spanish word, “Vila di Notte”.

21. Sword Tattoo

Kid Ink Sword Weapon Tattoo

There is a tiny sword inked on the outer side of Kid Ink’s left hand.

22. Left Hand Tattoo

Kid Ink Left Hand Tattoos

Kid Ink Left Hand Fingers Tattoo

Tattoo: On the first three fingers of his left hand, Kid Ink has a tattoo that says, “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil”.

Meaning: The tattoo is self-explanatory that we should not indulge in seeing anything evil, should not speak anything evil and also hear no wrongs and evil.

23. ‘Dove’ Tattoo

Kid Ink Eagle Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of Kid Ink’s right hand there is a tattoo of a dove bird with open feathers.

Meaning: People often get dove birds inked to symbolize love and peace.

24. Double Lined Star with X’s within Tattoo

Kid Ink Double Lined Star

Tattoo: Kid’s left hand is inked with a double-lined star and two small X’s inked inside it.


25. Multiple Palm Trees

Kid Ink Palm Trees Tattoos

26. Cali Dreamin Tattoo

Kid Ink Tattoo on Lower Back Tattoo

Tattoo: On his lower back, there is the tattoo of the words, “Cali Dreamin”. It is one of the popular songs sung by Kid Ink.

27. Aircraft and Man Tattoo

Kid Ink Eyes and Aircraft Tattoo

On the top side of his back, there is an aircraft inked with a twist that the center of it is tattoed with the pair of eyes.

28. Pirate Elephant Tattoo

Kid Ink Pirate Elephant Tattoo

29. ‘PUBLIC ENEMY’ Tattoo


Tattoo: His upper back is tattooed with the word, “Public Enemy” which is the name of an iconic hip-hop band. In between the two words, there are two eyes inked. When asked about this tattoo, Kid said that the whole of this ink reflects and reminds him that he needs to “watch his back.”


Kid Ink Chest Tattoos

30. City of Angels

Kid Ink City of Angelo Tattoo

Tattoo: On Kid Ink’s lower abdomen he has got a tattoo which says, ‘City of Angels’ inked.

Meaning: This tattoo symbolizes Kid Ink’s love for his birthplace i.e Los Angelis, California that is known by the name of City of Angels because Los Angeles means “the angels” in Spanish.

31. Mother and Grandfather’s Portrait Tattoo

Kid Ink Two Favorite People Tattoos

Tattoo: Kid right and left pec are tattooed with the portraits of his mother and his Grandfather.

Meaning: They are the two most important people in his life who raised him. In an interview, he said that his grandfather doesn’t like tattoos however when he showed this to him he said that this is the best tattoo he’s ever seen.

“I feel like people judge me because of the tattoos. They think I’m a gangster or a crazy biker dude because I’m tatted up from head to toe. What inspires me to prove them wrong. I know where I come from and I treat people how I want to be treated. That’s a major key to my success. It definitely helped me make relationships.

“My mom was the one raising me and my grandfather supplied support financially. They’re the only two people who I felt deserved that acknowledgment. They’re the two people who helped me most in my life. My mom loved (the tattoo of her). Even my grandfather, who didn’t like tattoos, as soon as I got (the tattoo of him): ‘Oh, that’s the nicest tattoo ever.’”

32. Puzzle Piece on Waist

Kid Ink Tattoo on Waist

Tattoo: On the left side of his waistline, Kid Ink has a puzzle piece tattoo.

Meaning: Puzzle piece is the symbol of autism that the wearer gets to symbolize his own or his loved one’s condition. The whole idea of the puzzle pieces is that that autistic people are difficult to understand (like a puzzle) and thus the puzzle piece is the way of showing the missing thing i.e the “cure” for autism.

33. HOLLYWOOD Tattoo on chest

Kid Ink HOLLYWOOD Tattoo

Tattoo: Right in the center of his both nipples, Kid has got the word, “HOLLYWOOD” inked.

“This is the place where we wish to be and win our dreams.”

34. Two R Tattoos

Kid Ink Two R Tattoos

Tattoo: Under his roaring tiger tattoo, Kid has a bow inked on the lower side of his neck and both of its ends are inked with R on each side in an italicized font. Kid Ink released his first mixtape ‘World Tour’ under the name Rockstar.

“There’s “good luck” and two-letter R’s are on his chest as a reminder of his original rap moniker, Rockstar.”

35. ’86’ Tattoo

Kid Ink 86 Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his stomach there is a number ’86’ inked. It represents Kid Ink’s birthyear i.e 1986.

36. Demon versus Angel Tattoo

Kid Ink Demon verses Angel Tattoo

Kid Ink Angel on Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo: On Kid Ink’s left and right shoulder there are tattoos of an Angel and a demon inked, respectively.

Meaning: The tattoo is the symbolism of the concept that the world consists of both demons and angel and more specifically it represents the Angel and Demon that exists within each one of us.

37. Burning Tie Tattoo

Kid Ink Burning Tie Tattoo

Tattoo: On his cleavage, Kid Ink has a burning tie inked.

“I think some of my tattoos show my energy. I have a burning tie tattoo that represents my stance against the corporate world.”

38. Angels, wings, and Downtown Tattoo

Kid Ink City Scene Tattoo

“Here are angels with wings flying high inked at the center and the destruction in the city.”

39. Snakes and Grass Tattoo

Kid Ink SNakes and Grass Tattoo

In one of his interviews, Kid Ink revealed few of his tattoos which have always remained covered up. They include the snakes and the grass which are tattooed right above his pubic area.

40. Angel on Ribcage Tattoo

Kid Ink AngeL on Ribcage Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a big tattoo of an angel inked on the left side of his stomach.

Meaning: Though angels are considered to be the symbol of good luck, however, this tattoo is another addition to his tattoo of ‘City of Angels’

Face Tattoos

“I’m good (on face tattoos). I got two things on my face I felt represent me as an artist. They’re nice and symmetrical. I didn’t want it to be distracting.”

41. Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Kid Ink Lightning Bolt Tattoo

There is a lightning bolt inked under Kid Ink’s right eye which is the symbol of speed and also represents Greek God God, Zeus.

42. Bat Tattoo

Kid Ink Bat Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tiny black colored bat inked under Kid’s left eye.

Meaning: Bats symbolize happiness and a long life.

43. Roses and Word On Ribcage

Kid Ink Roses and Words

Kid Ink Roses on Right Ribcage

Under his right arm, there are two major light shaded roses inked followed by some word.

44. Bird on Right Forearm

Kid Ink Flying Bird Tattoo

Tattoo: Just close to his right hand’s wrist there is a flying bird tattooed.

45. Writing near Forehead and Ear Tattoo

Kid Ink Head Writing Ink

46. Tattoo on right side of his head

Kid Ink Head Tattoo

An angel lying upon the moon and twinkling stars are inked over the top of his right ear.

47. Other Half’s Initials 

“We’ve been together for six years. She’s got my last name tattooed on her. I let her tattoo her initials in a heart (on me). I let her do it herself. It’s a cool thing. I have a song called ‘Tattoo Of My Name.’ I was never into (significant other) tattoos. I think that puts pressure on a relationship. People who do it the first year, it’s like, all right, whatever. But having this relationship for so long, there’s a trust factor there.”

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