Andre Fili’s 32 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Andre Riley Givens better known as Andre Fili is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Featherweight division and is currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He made is debut on October 19, 2013. Fili has covered all his body with colorful tattoos that are kind of hilarious and have been received by him just for the sake of fun. Let us explore each and every piece of ink on his body.Andre-Fili

1. ‘Ware Wolf’ Tattoos

Tattoo: Andre’s left bicep and shoulder is covered with a huge art that had to be completed in two shifts. The tattoo shows us two aspects the one on the lower part is the face of an angry werewolf, whereas the upper part of the tattoo is also a wolf but, without eyes and his teeth are visible and look like human teeth. The tattoo was done by the tattoo artist Eddie Julian, Leviathan tattoo studio.

Meaning: Wolf is the symbol of loyalty and strength, however, two wolves tattoo symbolize the importance of family, as to how members of the family stick together and stand for each other with love and respect, in all the difficult times. Thus, it denotes the strength that the person has or should have to protect his family against all evils by their support. Andre’s decision to get this tattoo was to symbolize his deep concern and love for his family.

2. ‘Snake gulping rat’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre has got another interesting animal tattoo inked on his left arm. It shows us a huge snake gulping a rat into his mouth. The tattoo is wrapped around his left bicep.

Meaning: Andre’s reason for getting this tattoo was just his crazy thought of reflecting wildlife’s natural play which we are all aware of as to how the snakes often prey on rats. Snakes, however, are the symbol of transformation, rebirth, and knowledge.

3. ‘Weeping Clown’ Tattoo

Andre filli Forearm Portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s left outer forearm is inked with the portrait of a weeping clown.

Meaning: People get clown tattoo most of the time to depict their own personalities and themselves. However, this tattoo on Andre’s arm is believed to be the portrait of the famous American clown and circus artist, Emmett Kelly.

4. ‘Darth Vader’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left arm Andre has got the tattoo of the most famous Star Wars’ character, ‘Darth Vader’s portrait done. It also carries a quote that says, ‘your anger makes your stronger’.

5. ‘Galaxies and Stars’ Tattoo

Andre filli lEFT arm Galaxy tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s left inner arm is inked with the multiple planets, stars, and thus, a complete galaxy tattoo.

Meaning: Galaxy tattoos are considered to be mysterious and thus mysterious personalities. However, it is also the symbol for those people who are dreamers and are dedicated to living an independent peaceful, and well-contented life.

6. Portrait Of Elderly Couple

Andre filli Bicep MoM DAD tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Andre Fili’s right bicep has a colorful tattoo of an elderly couple sitting on a bench inked on it.

Meaning: Andre’s childhood was very painful and sad. His parents had a broken relationship where there used to huge fights and arguments. He once told that he always longed for their togetherness. But, his mother had to raise her kids alone as his father was jailed or behind the bars most of the times. Thus, to keep his childhood dream alive, he wears the tattoo of his parents on his right arm’s sleeve where they are seen sitting together happily.

7. ‘Pray for Peace’ Tattoo

Andre filli Head Tattoo

Tattoo: On the top left of his bare head, Andre has got a tattoo that says, ‘Pray For Peace’.

Meaning: This is another tattoo that shows us how bad and violent his childhood had been. The violent arguments and fights between his parents had affected him to such an extent that he developed a troubled heart. This tattoo is his dedication to his forever longingness for peace and calmness in his life and family.

8. ‘Black Cat’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Filli’s neck features a tattoo of a ferocious angry cat inked. Cat tattoos are the symbol of luck and to represent life after death however, it can simply be a symbol of the dedication of the pet who is no more.

9. Dog’s Head Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre features another animal tattoo that shows us a black Doberman dog who is holding the planet earth in his jaws. Along with the tattoo revealing post, he updated a quote on his Instagram that says, “You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis”

10. Immortal Flambeau/Torch Tattoo

Tattoo: On the center of his neck he has got the tattoo of a lamp inked.

Meaning: Lamp tattoos are the symbol of enlightenment and guidance. People who believe in helping others wholeheartedly mostly get this tattoo on their body.


Tattoo: The palm of his left-hand areas, ‘BEING ALIVE HURTS’. He revealed this tattoo in his Instagram post also mentioning the name of the tattoo artist, i.e. Sean from Texas.

12. ‘PROS & CONS’ Tattoo

Andre filli left hand tattoo cons

Andre filli Right hand tattoo 1

Tattoo: Across the knuckles of his left and the right hand he has got the tattoo of the word, ‘PROS CONS’, respectively.

13. Quote On His Head

Andre filli Prepare For War Tattoo

Tattoo: His right head has writing that reads, ‘PREPARE FOR WAR’ inked. The tattoo on his left that says, ‘Pray for Peace’ so this tattoo on the right side might have been in link to the one on the left.

14. ‘Disney Character’ Tattoo

Andre filli Right hand tattoo.jpg

15. ‘Star Wars’ Tattoo

Andre filli left arm tattoo

Tattoo: Besides the portrait of his favorite character from Star Wars, exactly under that, we see another tattoo inspired by Stars and Wars.

16. Elaborated Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre got a massive tattoo on his chest which seems to be the devotion of the Hindu mythology showing Goddess Kali and other aspects of her life.

Meaning: The tattoo of Goddess Kali symbolizes the death of the evil and ego and the initiative towards the enlightenment in life.

17. Animated Tattoo

On his stomach, there are some animated creatures inked. The creatures are connected to the tattoo on his chest that shows the representation of Hindu Mythology. This tattoo was done by the tattoo artists Shannonokeeffe and Factcattattoo916, as revealed by Andre on his Instagram.

18. ‘heartthrob’ Tattoo

19. ‘Beachside scene’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his lower abdomen Andre has got the beachside window tattooed.

Meaning: This tattoo is his tribute to showcase the importance of meditation and peace in life. Again, the tattoo and his focus on peace and meditation relate to his hardship to overcome the depression and bad memories he had due to his sad childhood under parents’ violence.

20. ‘Bad-ass Souvenir’ Tattoo

Tattoo: He got this Badass souvenir inked from Poland from his favorite place Dzikson Tattoos. He claimed in his post that he wanted a tattoo from this place for so long and thus, this time he managed to get one and that too a badass mask to act as the souvenir for him.

21. Portrait Tattoo

22. ‘Bill The Butcher’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre has another portrait on his body which is of Bill The Butcher. He got the tattoo done from Eddiie Julian, Leviathan Tattoo Shop.

Meaning: Bill the butcher was the leader of the Washington Street Gang, which later became known as the Bowery Boys gang. He was the main character of the film, Gangs of New York.

23. ‘Carnivore Flower’ Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a venus flytrap inked on Andre’s body.

Meaning: Venus flytrap’s are the symbol of denoting the ‘right place and right time’, moments of life. People get this tattoo to symbolize their strength, courage, will power, and also memorable events of life.

24. Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm Andre has got animated hand inked with a ghost-like creature inked on its palm. He got it done from the tattoo artist, Shauntopper.

25. Devil Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a huge devil’s face inked on Andre’s left leg.

Meaning: Devil is considered to be the symbol of evil and also, to reflect the evil and darker side of each individual.

26. Devil Spider Tattoo

27. Apple with Skull Face Tattoo

Tattoo: There is an apple inked on his body which has been shaped in the form of a skull. Along with the skull he gave a caption that, ‘One bad apple spoils the whole bunch’.

Meaning: In order to symbolize this quote he means to depict the evil side of the apple as to how if one apple is rotten it can spoil all the other apples of the lot.

28. Crybaby Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre himself is the staunch believer of the fact that boys never cry. He is known to be a courageous and strong person. Thus, the tattoo of crybaby on his body depicts his strong belief and a reminder to himself that he needs to move ahead in his life without crying over small losses and failures.

29. Monster Tattoo

Tattoo: There exists another weird and evil faced tattoo on Andre’s body. He got it done from the tattoo artist, Marc Nava, California.

30. ‘KungFu Frog’ Tattoo

31. Portrait Of Urijah Faber on his Leg

Tattoo: On his left leg he has got the portrait of Urijah Faber.

Meaning: Andre got this portrait inked as a tribute to Urijah as he shared a very close bond with Urijah Faber. He said that this tattoo is his dedication towards not only Faber whom he looked upon as his big brother but also a symbol of respect to the entire group of coaches and fighters he worked with at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento. When Andre and his mother had to live alone without their father who was almost all the time in prison, Andre joined Team Alpha Male which was started by Urijah Faber and thus, began his career in Martial Arts.

“It’s to pay homage to Faber but it’s also about the team in general. This group of dudes who raised me,” Fili explained when speaking to MMA Fighting. “I would probably be in jail right now if it wasn’t for Team Alpha Male. I was on house arrest when I got to Team Alpha Male.”

32. ‘Flying Rooster’ Tattoo

Andre filli Right Leg Rooster Tattoo

Tattoo: On Andre’s right leg we can see a tattoo of the flying rooster inked.

Meaning: Flying roosters are used as the symbol of showing one’s masculinity and also to symbolizes the personality of the person towards the fact that he is highly ambitious in his life. Thus, now we know why Andre wears this tattoo on his body.

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