40 Amazing Moon Tattoos with Meanings

The moon is representative of a variety of interests and expectations, making it a flawless tattoo option for anyone who assumes and beliefs in the influence of the celestial body, comprehends the vast night sky, or appreciates its aesthetic look. Regardless of the aim, it’s fundamental to comprehend the enormous analogy of the moon. In Greek mythology, Artemis was the protectress of maidens, mothers, innocent animals, and the hunt who became the luna goddess. In Christianity, the moon logo is used to highlight cosmic events, mystical epiphanies, and the ephemeral nature of life. Neopagans correlate the moon with the Triple Goddess, also known as the maiden, the mother, and the crone, who each designate a singular component of the journey of time.

The moon is also a representative of elegance because it mirrors light rather than providing its own. Whereas the sun will deliver its blaze near one goal with enthusiasm, the moon softly beckons our attention, illuminating our surroundings in a way that is more open to esoteric interpretation. Crescent moons, in particular, represent motherhood and fertility, though several different communities claim the symbol. There isn’t just one meaning behind a crescent moon tattoo. There is an enormous subculture of personalities who admire—or at least have a benefit in—things like sorcerers, moon phases, the mysticism, and other alternative customs who also discover tattoos to be the absolute way to formulate their artistic taste and enthusiasms.

The luna has a vast chronicle of connection with witches. Alchemists associated with the moon with silver due to its brilliant aurora of light. In Wicca, it’s considered that the moon emanates energy expressed as feminine and impressionable, also known as the power of the dryad. Wiccan view is that a waxing half-moon is ideal for causing something into your days, and a waning one is best for releasing something undesired.

 The general meanings of the two kinds of moons, waxing, and waning moos are different. The waxing moon expresses maturity, aesthetic sensibility, direction, and achievement. The waning moon, however, typifies a flowing nature, anticipation, and speculation.

Of course, while there is a gravity of meaning following any crescent moon tattoos, getting one doesn’t anticipate that you consider it. Since the symbol is small, it’s an ideal design to put in places such as behind the ear, on the inner wrist, or the ankles. Crescent moons also serve to be a basic design, so its worth to be fulfilled in, left as a contour, or contrarily remodeled makes it effortlessly customizable. The expressions of interest as one of the principal ideas people get crescent moon tattoos, she also remarks that seldom what entices someone to it is the peculiar artistic value.

When you examine the Moon, you should acknowledge the subsequent meanings:

  • cyclical nature
  • insanity/lunacy
  • feminine mystique
  • power of astrology
  • magic
  • fertility
  • creativity
  • growth
  • expulsion of negative energy
  • darkness/dark side
  • Wiccan beliefs
  • rarity
  • the memory of loved ones
  • Nature Lovers

moon design

In this one, the luna itself looks similar to tangerine or citrus fruit, speculating trees and all. This one is a plan focused on the nature lovers.

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  • Color Graded Tattoo Designs

moon design

A twilight moon- maybe, that’s what we can designate this outline to be. This pattern looks great- all because of its color grading.

  • Black and White Designs

moon design

This is probably a realistic view of the moon. If we could look at the mood with a much closer view, this is exactly what it would look like. Quite a realistic piece in that matter.

  • Moon Shadow Tattoo

moon design

What if there’s a shadow on the moon? Well, we can’t state anything about that, but all we can state is that our soul has unquestionably been joined to this blissful body.

  • Skipping The Sunlight

moon design

What about this one? A full luna dodging the daylight.

  • Galaxy in the Moon

moon design

This one looks like a speculum. Everything including our green planet and the Milkyway constellation has been speculated through it. It’s a whole galaxy inside the moon.

  • Geometrical Patterns

moon design

Every component looks excellent when it has a geometrical pattern imbibed in its design. And these geometric patterns make it look quite distinctive too.

  • Various Patterns of Moons

moon design

These are the different shapes of the moon over a period of time. Colors can be filled according to your own choice.

  • Flowing Down Designs

moon design

A very similar idea as above but distinctive design. What about the design which flows down the spine?

  • Moon and Stars

moon design

Even if the luna has still been escorting the stars, the definite star(one with no color) supplements increased shine. A remarkable design for sure.

  • Dark Moon

moon design

Crescent moon tattoos are absolutely popular among teh youngsters. This is all ’cause of its configuration- it looks distinct from everything else in the universe- the sky is a slender art.

  • Tiny Moon Ideas

moon design

The size of the moon, even if it’s small, doesn’t suggest that people are not going to discern them. Truly, smaller tattoos have a lot of weight in them when it comes to its significance. Therefore, a lot of work is put on them to make them flawless from every view conceivable.

  • Cat on the Moon Tattoo

moon design

The cat and the moon have also been associated with mystery and occultism. However, getting such a tattoo can represent your sense of mystery when it comes to the world or life in general.

  • Moon With Constellation

moon design

Unmistakably, the moon looks elated and carefree- for it makes the atmosphere fascinating. A comforting view.

  • Moon Outline


This is a very simplistic and indeed a minimalistic tattoo design, considering it is just an outline. The placement idea is super cool. It can be hidden easily if you let your hair down. IT is a great look for guys too.

  • Couple Tattoo


This is a very commendable couple’s tattoos. I am always cautious about pairing tattoos, but when it’s something less specific like these lovable tiny moons, I can get behind the concept a little more. I love that they’re both on the hand yet in distinctive areas. Let’s assume these two crazy in love can make it work.

  • Ankle Tattoos


The petite ankle tattoo! Forever a classic. It’s adorable, it’s thoughtful, it’s a conqueror!

  • Shoulder Moon Tattoo


I’m going to accept the fact that this one sort of gives me the chills. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the arrangement, and the dotted textural work, but something about that head protruding out just doesn’t seem appropriate. Although for others, this can be quite a suitable design.

  • Adorable Moon Tattoos


I’m so inquisitive about the selection of employment for this teeny tiny crescent. It’s fascinating to put such a tiny tattoo on a large area of skin – how would you determine? I like it, though. But I bet she couldn’t wear tight clothes while it was in the process of recovering.

  • Inner Wrist Tattoos


The inner wrist tattoo come here again! It’s not a highly innovative placement idea and rather a common one, but it’s still simple and cute.

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  • Sleepy Moon


If you believe in any of the folklore, be it early Catholic, German or Roman, the person in the moon was presumably imprisoned there for being a thief. Or for working on the Sabbath (God forbid! Ha!). Nowadays, everyone comprehends that there is no real man in the moon, because, of course, the luna is made of cheese. However, we love this sleepy little fellow on the back of her shoulder.

  • Moon Lady


This one seems more like a female moon. Traditionally, the moon is female, so that makes sense. I admire that she’s got eyelashes to flaunt.

  • Detailed Thigh Tattoo Designs


These people took the idea of an anthropomorphic sickle moon tattoo and chose to take it up a notch with supplementary features. This excellent thigh tattoo has a beaming face and abysses. It allows for a more genuine touch and also renders dimension. I adore the position.

  • La Luna Tattoo


This is a simple moon design perfect for a place like a wrist. It has ‘la luna’ written which is translated to ‘the moon’. The wearer probably has inscribed a date and maybe it’s her birth date. You can go ahead and get a special date inked like your own birthdate or of someone you love.

  • Smoking Stars


I love this design. If what I’m seeing is actually what was intended, then I would have to give it to them! That’s indeed so clever. The moon is puffing out stars! Smoking is still evil, boys and girls, but if you’re the moon, you can do what you desire. I adore the heavy lines of this luna tattoo, and the detailing is numerous. But why does he seem so hostile?

  • Whining Tattoo


Oh, moon, why you whine? How glorious is the shading on this item? I admire the extension of stars and a cloud, but I am dying to understand why he’s so pathetic. This is some great ink. Super sharp and satisfying installation.

  • Colorful Tattoo Design Ideas

moon tattoo design

This moon tattoo is very bright and vibrant and that is probably because of the cute blue and pink color tones. Adding colors to your tattoo designs always make a difference and makes them more attractive.

  • The Old and the Grave

moon tattoo design

This moon man looks like he is extremely sad about something. This tone of blue is also associated with sadness and grimness and t totally reflects his somber disposition. Probably he is just in some deeper thoughts.

  • Deadly Moon

moon tattoo design

This is a different moon tattoo where the “face” is really coming out of it rather than being a portion of it. You may or may not understand how I feel about skulls, but let’s just assume, I’m not a fan. This one is moderately cool, though, with its gaping jaws and black framework.

  • Hope Tattoo

moon tattoo design

Ok. This guy is just atrocious. Additionally, his “skin” is full of craters? Moon tattoos are exclusively assumed to be amicable and comfortable! This one is just a horror story expecting to happen. Of course, it is some truly nice work, great shading and use of tone.

  • Navel Tattoo

moon tattoo design

I discover that this tattoo is remarkably cute. I don’t realize if it’s the negative-space stars or the fact that it encompasses her belly button, but I presume it totally works. I don’t know why the moon is a spooky red skull, and I don’t really mind. I cherish it.

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  • Starstruck Lovers

moon tattoo design

This timeless style of ink is so incredible. The curls, the eyes, and the possibility that they look like they just might kiss. Phenomenal work! I particularly cherish the rosy cheek! So comely and feminine!

  • Somber Moon Designs

moon tattoo design

This tattoo is just perfect as it doesn’t only show a crescent moon but also symbolizes its relevance. Here the man is walking towards what probably looks like a water body. It seems as if he is into some sort of discussion with himself. Probably he is thinking about the deeper aspects of life.

  • Ornated Patterns

moon tattoo design

This tattoo and the one underneath are fairly alike in size, neighborhood, and plan. They are both embellished ornaments with a mix of lines, swirls, and dots. How can anyone not love it?! It’s marvelous how we have here two apparently identical ideas, yet in each of its execution, you come up with something distinct and novel. It’s all in the intricacies, right?

  • Colorful and Floral Crescent

moon tattoo design

This excellent, mature, colorful crescent is lovely. Totally unconventional from anything we’ve observed here. Love the use of coloring and floral layout.

  • Inked in Blue

moon tattoo design

I assume that this is going to be my pick out of every tattoo here in this group. I love that it’s done in blue instead of black. The blue ink definitely gives it a different feeling.

  • Thick and Thin

moon tattoo design

The placement idea of this tattoo is quite unique as many people tend to stick to the common placement areas like the wrist, neck or ankle. The inside of the moon is filled with beautiful patterns made out of thick and thin lines.

  • Classic Moon and Stars

moon tattoo design

This upper arm composition has some pleasing floral details, and I love the summation of the star.

  • Heavily Designed

moon tattoo design

This is a tribal design that has been incorporated in this luna pattern. However, the collaboration seems to be successful as this design looks amazing.

  • Girl Resting

moon tattoo design

It has the potential of being a character from something that I am not familiar of. But nonetheless, she’s a cute little elf who looks like she’s about to knock that spider out dangling off the moon. Quite appealing, isn’t it? Just wish I could recognize what body part this was!

  • An Angel Tattoo

moon tattoo design

What’s the deal with spirits and the moon? I don’t know but this is so attractive! I love that her outfit harmonizes with the sky and that her hair is all the hues of fire. It defines that even though she seems all sweet here, she might probably be pretty sassy too.

  • The Musical Chair

moon tattoo design

The hands and feet of this guy creep me out extremely. I also don’t know if this is deemed to be a famous artist, or maybe just someone this person really treasures? Anyway, I feel like there should be a small pond right below for him to dip his feet in. I cherish the use of white for highlights too.

  • The Whole Moon Kingdom

moon tattoo design

This is astonishing. Of all the moon tattoos, I think this one is the most uncommon one that I’ve seen. It’s like Agrabah on the moon. I’m just pausing for Aladdin and Jasmine to appear swooping out of the town on a magic carpet. I’m sure there must be a cool story behind this amazing tattoo.

  • All the Phases of Moon

moon tattoo

As we all know, the Moon switches shape every day due to its position as pertinent to the Earth and the Sun. The stages of our moon are new, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent and back to new. But did you know that it was assumed that the full moon caused people to act a little demented? Thus the word “lunatic.” So maybe these people have preferred to get the moon phases as a tattoo because they tend to dawdle from sane to crazy, and back again? Whatever the end goal is, as a matter of fact, they look super cool. This tiny chart is an adorable little ode to la luna.

So, what more motivation do you need to get yourself have a moon tattoo? And also don’t overlook moon tattoos meaning, they symbolize change. Just like a moon’s design, the human heart also experiences a lot of changes constantly, doesn’t it? In addition to that- never giving up is yet another message that the moon proliferates. Tell me, how many nights does moon have to live with half of its fabrication before being a full moon? And also, consolidating them with other elements means you can pile up your tattoo with a bundle of messages that you want to dispatch.

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