30+ Amazing Whippet Tattoos with Meanings

Whippets are a medium-sized dog breed that originated in England and belongs to the sighthound family. They are well-known for having the fastest accelerating speed. Whippets are well-mannered, non-aggressive dogs that make excellent companions. They also represent loyalty, devotion, honest, unconditional love, protection, guidance, balance, harmony, care, dedication, communication, playfulness, joy, happiness, excitement, and attachments. These are the most common reasons why people like to get themselves inked with whippet tattoos. There is an endless list of different types of whippet tattoos with their respective meanings and explanations. Here, in this article, you will know different whippet tattoos and their meanings.

'Whippet with the Crescent Moon' Tattoo

Meaning: It symbolizes growth, creativity, manifestation, dreams, purity, fertility, motherhood, intuitive powers, etc.  It also represents spiritual awakening and new beginnings in life.

  • 3D Whippet Tattoo

3D Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: The 3D tattoo’s main motive is to appear like real dimensional objects. It describes the nature of the wearer who might be creative, gentle, and joyful.

  • Whippet Skeleton Tattoo

Whippet Skeleton Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo represents overcoming the difficulties in life, protection, and strength. It is believed that those who wear this tattoo do not fear death and believe in living a practical life.

  • Mandala Whippet Tattoo

Mandala Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: ‘The circle’ is the Sanskrit definition of the word mandala. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is associated with a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. The mandala’s objective is to guide us on our spiritual journey. It also signifies balance, progress, peace, spiritual awakening, and good luck.

  • Sunset-Theme Whippet Tattoo

Sunset-Theme Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: A beautiful sunset theme is seen in this tattoo highlighting inside the potion bottle. If you like landscape elements like sunsets, mountains, etc., then this tattoo is best for you as it covers a beautiful aspect of nature which is the sunset theme. It also describes new beginnings, truth, and purity in life.

  • ‘Whippet with White Flowers’ Tattoo

'Whippet with White Flowers' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents peace, calmness, dedication, devotion, harmony, balance, creativity, tenderness, truth, spirituality, and guidance.

  • ‘A Fashion Freak Whippet’ Tattoo

'A Fashion Freak Whippet' Tattoo

Meaning: A whippet dog with a good fashion sense isn’t it a unique and adorable tattoo to be chosen for inking. It represents creativity, imagination, balance, commitment, and protection.

  • Whippet and Paw Tattoo

Whippet and Paw Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the paws of the whippet are highlighted which describes the nature of the wearer who might love his/her pet unconditionally. It also signifies bonds, memories, attachments, love, care, and harmony.

  • Whippet- Mouse Tattoo

Whippet- Mouse Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo represents protection, abilities, cleverness, guidance, tenderness, communications, adventures, and balance.

  • ‘Whippet wearing Hat and Sunglasses’ Tattoo

'Whippet wearing Hat and Sunglasses' Tattoo

Meaning: It signifies fun, entertainment, fashion, playfulness, balance, coolness, chillness, strength, intelligence, stability, freedom, and dignity.

  • Black Whippet Tattoo

Black Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Black inked tattoos are very famous and trend. The color itself symbolizes strength, courage, bravery, power, intuition, insight, and protection.

  • Illustrative Whippet Tattoo

Illustrative Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo consists of sun, stars, and clouds designed all over the whippet body. It signifies new begging, creativity, harmony, balance, and guidance.

  • Long Jump Whippet Tattoo

Long Jump Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes activeness, playfulness, enjoyment, friendship, companionship, bond, feeling, loyalty, honesty, trust, and innocence.

  • ‘Whippet with Arrow’ Tattoo

'Whippet with Arrow' Tattoo

Meaning: It represents power, quickness, playfulness, courage bravery, confidence, motivation, communications, agility, nobility, and guidance.

  • ‘Whippet with the Cup’ Tattoo

'Whippet with the Cup' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes loyalty, devotion, honest, unconditional love, protection, guidance, balance, harmony, care, dedication, and communication.

  • Sleeping Whippet Tattoo

Sleeping Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo signifies innocence, purity, tenderness, peace, calmness, and harmony. It highlights the nature of the wearer who might be sweet, patient, and determined.

  • Night-Theme Whippet Tattoo

Night-Theme Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Night-theme tattoos are mostly inked by that wearer who likes night aspects such as twinkling stars, moon, silence, shadows, cold breeze, etc. It also represents purity, focus, balance, and harmony.

  • Outlined Whippet Tattoo

Outlined Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: It is a simple tattoo that signifies kindness, enjoyment, playfulness, patience, loyalty, and creativity.

  • Geometrical Shaped Whippet Tattoo

Geometrical Shaped Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Generally, the geometrical tattoos are formed in different shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, etc., which signifies balance, stability, fertility, mystery, and puzzles. This tattoo symbolizes loyalty, royalty, and protection.

  • Abstract Whippet Tattoo

Abstract Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Abstract design is a unique kind of art that consists of different shapes, lines, and brushwork. It also symbolizes creativity, focus, balance, and imagination.

  • Line Art Whippet Tattoo

Line Art Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Line art tattoos are famous for their different line patterns. The tattoo symbolizes balance, harmony, and protection.

  • ‘Whippet with Flower Vase’ Tattoo

'Whippet with Flower Vase' Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes protection, freshness, guidance, harmony, care, dedication, devotion, courage, truth, calmness, peace, and commitment.

  • Sketched Whippet Tattoo

Sketched Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Sketched types of tattoos are famous all around the world. It also signifies creativity, imagination, and simplicity.

  • Floral Pattern- Style Whippet Tattoo

Floral Pattern- Style Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo consists of different floral patterns. It also signifies creativity, harmony, guidance, nobility, calmness, playfulness, and courage.

  • Whippet-Germanshepard Tattoo

Whippet-Germanshepard Tattoo

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes bond, protection, friendship, care, playfulness, communication, loyalty, and devotion. It also depicts the nature of the wearer who might have for these two pets by the name ‘BLUE’ and ‘LEO’ and love them unconditionally.

  • High-Five Whippet Tattoo

High-Five Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the whippet is doing a high five gesture that symbolizes friendliness, bond, attachment, family, affection, love, happiness, and protection. It also indicates the nature of the wearer who might want to capture this beautiful moment for a lifetime in the form of a tattoo.

  • Whippet Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Whippet Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the whippet has formed itself into the cherry blossom tree which represents mother nature, guidance, protection, balance, harmony, spirituality, new beginnings, purity, and devotion.

  • Whippet Portrait Tattoo

Whippet Portrait Tattoo

Meaning: Getting a portrait tattoo is a way to remember or cherish the best memory. The tattoo represents love, care, trust, protection, attachment, bond, and emotions.

  • ‘A Girl Hugging a Whippet’ Tattoo

'A Girl Hugging a Whippet' Tattoo

Meaning: In this tattoo, the girl is hugging the whippet which described their unconditional love, bonds, feelings, attachments, care, emotions, friendship, balance, and union.

  • Watercolor Whippet Tattoo

Watercolor Whippet Tattoo

Meaning: Colors add life to any object and getting a watercolor tattoo makes it more attractive. It also signifies creativity, imagination, positivity, and clarity.

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